Men’s Ring for Him

Jed’s ring My friend was tasked to scout the wedding bands for their wedding day.  But then he had a hard time buying the ring for the girl, so he decided to scout for “their” ring in Manila, in one of the jewelry shops.  That is then the time he discovered men’s wedding bands online…. Continue Reading

Speeding Up Work with the Right Tools

There are many places with “choke points”.  Choke points instead of check points.  Check points are just way better than “choke points.”  Why? Because choke points lengthen the travel time from an hour to two.  The reason of the one way lanes are road reconstruction or roads repair.  I wonder if they have the right… Continue Reading

Happiness is…#3

Getting a glimpse of Mt. Apo! Actually the one in view is not the summit. But with my three days in Davao, to be able to witness it, I was not lucky enough to see the highest peak.  This photo was taken while we visited the Mt. Apo Highland Resort (Hillside). I wish I had… Continue Reading

Getting to Know a Person Better

My daughter is now a growing up fast into a lady.  In few weeks, she will be starting her Junior year in high school.  Looking back to the time I was her age, I already have a boyfriend.  High school crushes.  I know it was not allowed in the campus yet I cannot remember much… Continue Reading

Food Tasting & Sight Seeing in Davao

I traveled to Davao Thursday evening to attend the Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2012. I was one of the more than twenty participants coming from places all over the Philippines. This is me during the visit to Tribu K Mindanawan Cultural Village located at the Davao Crocodile Park Complex.  We went there to watch the… Continue Reading

Free Game

I just took a risk taker test few minutes back and I answered playing casinos as a great risk and I don’t wanna do it. Well, what i mean is that, maybe I will go for a one time game just for fun and be with friends but surely I won’t get hooked with it…. Continue Reading

Time Can’t Erase…

There are always things not even time can erase. The best and the worst, the most wonderful and the most painful moments in one’s life are the things that survive in our hearts and become part of us. This quote caught my attention.  Nice thought and yes it is right.  There are just some things… Continue Reading