Men’s Ring for Him


Jed’s ring

My friend was tasked to scout the wedding bands for their wedding day.  But then he had a hard time buying the ring for the girl, so he decided to scout for “their” ring in Manila, in one of the jewelry shops.  That is then the time he discovered men’s wedding bands online. They tried to order online but since the delivery date won’t fall before the wedding date, they decided to just buy from the mall in Manila especially the one for the bride.

Photo is not mine. 

Speeding Up Work with the Right Tools

There are many places with “choke points”.  Choke points instead of check points.  Check points are just way better than “choke points.”  Why? Because choke points lengthen the travel time from an hour to two.  The reason of the one way lanes are road reconstruction or roads repair.  I wonder if they have the right equipment or tools because it is really taking them eternity to finish the project.

I just arrived from a trip to Siquijor Island and with a place that is not overly populated, we admire the roads.  99% of their roads are asphalted or cemented.  The highlands of the island is made up of sharp rocks and I wonder what were used to cut them to make way for roads.

Now there is what they call diamond saw blades just intended for slicing or cutting diamond stone. It is said that to speed up work and do the quality cut, a cutter should use the right kind of tool. That is what it should be.  People with right minds should believe this.

Happiness is…#3

Getting a glimpse of Mt. Apo!


Actually the one in view is not the summit. But with my three days in Davao, to be able to witness it, I was not lucky enough to see the highest peak.  This photo was taken while we visited the Mt. Apo Highland Resort (Hillside).

I wish I had all the time to sit on the bench and watch the clouds engulf the peaks at the same time be mesmerized by the cool fresh air!  So free from air pollution.


Getting to Know a Person Better

My daughter is now a growing up fast into a lady.  In few weeks, she will be starting her Junior year in high school.  Looking back to the time I was her age, I already have a boyfriend.  High school crushes.  I know it was not allowed in the campus yet I cannot remember much anymore how a guy courts a lady. lol!

My girl is already into crushes (actors and celebrities) but nobody yet from school.  It makes my heart smile deep inside.  Though I don’t want her to go into any relationship while still studying but I would also love the thought that someone likes her.  lol! Bad bad me (they said).  Anyway, if ever one day, in the next two or six years, someone will court her, then for sure I would like to know the guy better.

How to know the guy better? Aside from having a back ground check I would also make friends with him and invite him at home for meals or just to relax with their other friends. I will also tell him that our home is open for his visits on days when they don’t have classes.  I will also remind them that they should prioritize their studies first.  Love and friendship is fun during high school days but when there are love quarrels, it affects the studies.  So better not be so serious in love relationship while in school.

Honestly, I wish my little girl will always be a little girl so that she won’t discover the world of love and attraction of the opposite sex.  But this is life!  All of us pass that stage which is just normal.  This will really be a challenge for because am a single parent.  I hope she won’t give me a headache later in life.  Hmm I really don’t think so.  I am raising a good girl. =)