Perfect Gift for Boys

I saw this yoyo while browsing online and I think they are perfect gift for boys this coming Christmas. They are not just simple yoyos but they are yoyojam atmosphere that is designed for speed and and stability for champions.  They are designed for expert players. I thought of purchasing them in bulk so that… Continue Reading

Recognition for Years of Service & Teams Awarding

One of the main highlights during the 60th Anniversary banquet was the giving recognition to workers who have rendered a specific number of years to Mindanao Sanitarium and hospital. I think those who were called and given awards were lucky to receive recognition during that specific event.  Though every year, the Human Resource give out… Continue Reading

I Miss Blogging Contests

I’ve been slacking in many blog contests in the past months.  As much as I want to, I just can’t because of less time.  Joining contests is not just simply joining by blogging a contests.  Contests nowadays needs daily nurture like promotion on tweet, facebook, and other social medias so that you can earn points…. Continue Reading

Planning for a Winter Vacation


Whatever vacation a family has to take, it really takes long time planning.  Especially if it is a family with kids that are still very young.  Parents do want a vacation that as much as they want to enjoy the fun, the kids too can absolutely enjoy whatever activity they are going to do. A… Continue Reading

Water Water Water

Summer is here once again and daily the temperature is so high that a liter of water is not enough to quench your thirst especially when you are travelling.  Be it on a private transportation or in a public one.  But in public transportation, people tend to crowd so it can’t be avoided that the… Continue Reading

Goodbye Blue Skies

I was so overwhelmed with blue skies for the past days.  We arrived in Bohol Thursday morning and right away I fell in love with its clean blue skies.  The blue green deep waters are so inviting that even for someone who is scared of the deep longs to jump in the water and swim…. Continue Reading

Music and Speeding Down the Coastal Road

I though we would not go to the mainland today.  But we did because we are going to pick a package at the LBC office.  After the pick-up we will go swimming at the other side of the island. Since yesterday, i love the cruisin down the coastal road with the smooth upbeat music to… Continue Reading