Perfect Gift for Boys


I saw this yoyo while browsing online and I think they are perfect gift for boys this coming Christmas. They are not just simple yoyos but they are yoyojam atmosphere that is designed for speed and and stability for champions.  They are designed for expert players.

I thought of purchasing them in bulk so that I can give them out to boys during Christmas.  Christmas is still seven months away but I think it won’t matter because the yoyos will not get stale get destroyed if being stocked a long time.  Ordering it by bulk now is a great deal because you only have to pay $50 for all orders.

So get your order now! It’s a perfect gift for boys of all ages.

Recognition for Years of Service & Teams Awarding

One of the main highlights during the 60th Anniversary banquet was the giving recognition to workers who have rendered a specific number of years to Mindanao Sanitarium and hospital.

I think those who were called and given awards were lucky to receive recognition during that specific event.  Though every year, the Human Resource give out recognition to workers, but this year is really special because it is the 60th anniversary.

During the giving out of the recognition, each teams were also given their awards after the whole year of participation in the Hugyawan 2011. It was one of the moments each team awaited because they were awarded with a big check reflecting the amount their group won. Our team came in fourth and our prize was Php 10,000.00. It does not really matter if we come out fourth, third, or second, or what kind of trophies and awards they gave us. The important thing is that we have participate.

I Miss Blogging Contests

I’ve been slacking in many blog contests in the past months.  As much as I want to, I just can’t because of less time.  Joining contests is not just simply joining by blogging a contests.  Contests nowadays needs daily nurture like promotion on tweet, facebook, and other social medias so that you can earn points.  In my situation, all i can simply do is blog about it and just can’t do anything more than that except doing every step in rafflecopter – but only for one time.  So that will mean, I have less points to win any contests.

I miss those blogging days where I simply blog because I want to.  I miss those no pressure moments.  I really can’t say that it is easy to go back to those times.  I love the perks I am having now due to blogging, so I just can’t simply cancel (not renew) some other blogs to maintain one blog.  I know many bloggers can agree with me on stopping.

My wish for now is — time.  I wish I have more time to join contests.  Winnings in contests can really be an add on to income especially if they are cash prizes.  The last amount I won was $50 and that was in a blogging event in Manila last November.

Well well I should make time soon.

And I am also thinking of making my own contest. ^^ I still can’t decide which blog.