Perfect Gift for Boys


I saw this yoyo while browsing online and I think they are perfect gift for boys this coming Christmas. They are not just simple yoyos but they are yoyojam atmosphere that is designed for speed and and stability for champions.  They are designed for expert players.

I thought of purchasing them in bulk so that I can give them out to boys during Christmas.  Christmas is still seven months away but I think it won’t matter because the yoyos will not get stale get destroyed if being stocked a long time.  Ordering it by bulk now is a great deal because you only have to pay $50 for all orders.

So get your order now! It’s a perfect gift for boys of all ages.

Recognition for Years of Service & Teams Awarding

One of the main highlights during the 60th Anniversary banquet was the giving recognition to workers who have rendered a specific number of years to Mindanao Sanitarium and hospital.

I think those who were called and given awards were lucky to receive recognition during that specific event.  Though every year, the Human Resource give out recognition to workers, but this year is really special because it is the 60th anniversary.

During the giving out of the recognition, each teams were also given their awards after the whole year of participation in the Hugyawan 2011. It was one of the moments each team awaited because they were awarded with a big check reflecting the amount their group won. Our team came in fourth and our prize was Php 10,000.00. It does not really matter if we come out fourth, third, or second, or what kind of trophies and awards they gave us. The important thing is that we have participate.

I Miss Blogging Contests

I’ve been slacking in many blog contests in the past months.  As much as I want to, I just can’t because of less time.  Joining contests is not just simply joining by blogging a contests.  Contests nowadays needs daily nurture like promotion on tweet, facebook, and other social medias so that you can earn points.  In my situation, all i can simply do is blog about it and just can’t do anything more than that except doing every step in rafflecopter – but only for one time.  So that will mean, I have less points to win any contests.

I miss those blogging days where I simply blog because I want to.  I miss those no pressure moments.  I really can’t say that it is easy to go back to those times.  I love the perks I am having now due to blogging, so I just can’t simply cancel (not renew) some other blogs to maintain one blog.  I know many bloggers can agree with me on stopping.

My wish for now is — time.  I wish I have more time to join contests.  Winnings in contests can really be an add on to income especially if they are cash prizes.  The last amount I won was $50 and that was in a blogging event in Manila last November.

Well well I should make time soon.

And I am also thinking of making my own contest. ^^ I still can’t decide which blog.

Planning for a Winter Vacation

Whatever vacation a family has to take, it really takes long time planning.  Especially if it is a family with kids that are still very young.  Parents do want a vacation that as much as they want to enjoy the fun, the kids too can absolutely enjoy whatever activity they are going to do.

A friend of mine, whose kids are now fifteen and seventeen is set to come home next year.  They are suppose to spend summer vacation (July 2012) in the Philippines, but with very unpredictable weather, they move it to next year during the winter time.  They would love to experience the basking in the sun when their home back in New York is enveloped with snow during winter time.  Instead of making it to sunny Philippines this year, they are planning to take a winter holiday in Europe to let their children experienceluxury skiing for anyone who love skiing.  As early as now, they can find ski deals at lower price –


Skiing holiday in Europe excites the children.  I am happy for them, too.  Linda said that this might be their last trip winter trip together as family because next year they will have it here in the Philippine and the next year, the elder kid will be going away to college and  she is positive that Evan will not come back to stay long and spend another family vacation with them.

So far, this is my friend’s plan and last night she’s been browsing Supertravel Ski to get more idea which would be their exact destination to have the holiday.  It is still the middle of the year and they can’t wait for the winter time to come again.  As of now, they are still enjoying the feel of the sun.

How about you?  Any plans for the winter holiday?

 photo source: supertravel ski

Water Water Water

Summer is here once again and daily the temperature is so high that a liter of water is not enough to quench your thirst especially when you are travelling.  Be it on a private transportation or in a public one.  But in public transportation, people tend to crowd so it can’t be avoided that the more the humidity goes up.

We’ve been traveling the past days and for me, 2 liters of water is not enough.   Me and the daughter tend to drink and drink.  That is why when we see a body of fresh water like outdoor water fountains it just feels so refreshing. It is like any moment, we would like to pacify the heat.

Today morning, the sun was so high and it was really so hot.  But an hour before we left the Cabilao island, a storm was brewing Southern Visayas.  Good thing we were off to central Visayas and it can be seen that the skies were clear out there.  Indeed, when we arrived in Argao, it was not raining and the weather was just fine.

Right now, the daughter and I are heading back to Mindanao and guess what’s in one of our bags? Bottles of water!

Advisory tip for this summer? Don’t dehydrate.  Drink water as much as you can.  Water does not mean coffee, soda, and other tetra juices.  What I meant with water is really fresh water.

Goodbye Blue Skies

I was so overwhelmed with blue skies for the past days.  We arrived in Bohol Thursday morning and right away I fell in love with its clean blue skies.  The blue green deep waters are so inviting that even for someone who is scared of the deep longs to jump in the water and swim.


But today, I say bye to the blue skies because we are heading back to Iligan City – the original home.  I have made several adopted homes around the world but there is no sweeter home than the real home.

I guess everyone feels that way, too.

Music and Speeding Down the Coastal Road

I though we would not go to the mainland today.  But we did because we are going to pick a package at the LBC office.  After the pick-up we will go swimming at the other side of the island.

Since yesterday, i love the cruisin down the coastal road with the smooth upbeat music to liven the atmosphere.  The temperature is so high that it can drowse us to sleep.  Thanks to the music – a collection of English, Filpino, and German love songs.  What I love with the German songs is that – the tune is very familiar and so sweet yet I do not understand a word.

Auntie Babie’s car speaker is so good that it feels like I am inside a home theater.  I bet her speaker is similar to the kustom brands being on sale online this time. I am going to ask her tomorrow.


This is one of the places we passed by yesterday. How I wish we could stop so that I can go up the church to take more photos. =)