Bosch. They Want Life Easier for You

If you take a look in the garage or shed. Maybe under the stairs in the toolbox. Chances are you’ll find a Bosch appliance. From tools to appliances, you can find Bosch washing machines, Bosch dishwashers, even Bosch wine coolers. They have fingers in a lot of pies and they have been around for a very long… Continue Reading

Whispers in the Moonlight

That’s by Omar Akram. Discovered him yesterday at work and am so loving his music. I want to download each and have it saved in a CD. My type of relaxation music. My type of music doing the sojourn in life. I am missing someone now…so much.

Very Stylish Handbags – Dolce and Gabbana Replica Handbags

Dolce and Gabbana is the most important brand is the representation of excellence and perpetuity, and comfort for its clients. The Dolce and Gabbana presents products with elevated quality substances and stylish pattern, whether for the male or female who desires to appear best in all concert. Every product marketed the stimulation to each people… Continue Reading

Each Moment

Life is marvelous, but you only get one. The ultimate point of living is to be 100% happy, and enjoy yourself, but how many people do you think actually do this? Not enough. You can’t blame people either, with life comes responsibility, and these responsibilities can lead to unhappiness. To help brighten your life, enlighten… Continue Reading

Right Attire for Climbing

This is China Team! The first group that reached the finished line. It was so good to see them arrived first as the climb was not an easy one if one is not used to racing uphill.  They look good in their uniforms.  Most teams were in their uniforms except and they all looked good…. Continue Reading

First time at Submarine Bridge (passage to Mt. Agad-Agad)

Mt. Agad-Agad is the highest land body in Iligan City.  Barely a 5 kilometers from the bridge and back.  The challenge is that — it is an uphill climb right at the beginning, so it is a good place to to have morning walks for people with weight problems like me. Anyway, first thing I… Continue Reading

How to Make Injury Claims in Pedestrian Accidents

Image Courtesy of Flickr A pedestrian accident can happen in different ways at any time, in any place. Sometimes you get hit when you’re on your bike or walking with your bicycle. Even just by standing around while waiting for a ride. No matter how or when it happens, a pedestrian accident includes you and… Continue Reading

The Sea World in Orlando Package

@ $279.00 Good for two for 4 days and 3 nights! Sounds like a great deal and anyone who can make it must grab this. Yeah, my friend’s family are going there anytime soon.  I thought she did not know of the offer. I only discovered this when I was browsing through top 20 Orlando… Continue Reading