Bosch. They Want Life Easier for You

If you take a look in the garage or shed. Maybe under the stairs in the toolbox. Chances are you’ll find a Bosch appliance. From tools to appliances, you can find Bosch washing machinesBosch dishwashers, even Bosch wine coolers. They have fingers in a lot of pies and they have been around for a very long time doing it well.

Originally starting in Germany over 120 years ago, Bosch has always had an interest in the home. It’s where we spend most of our time, and for all the parents out there, you’ll see just how they work tirelessly to provide appliances that ease the burden for you. For example, every dishwasher they make comes with a 10 year anti rust warranty. That’s pretty sweet and shows a commitment to their work. They have also made the world’s more environmentally friendly dishwasher. It only uses 6.5 litres of water per clean. Considering we use up to 50 litres at a time then cleaning by hand that’s pretty incredible!

One thing I’ve discovered is that when you need to do the laundry, it will inevitably come at a time when the baby needs to nap. When the high pitched whine of the spin cycle kicks in, it can prove noisy enough to disturb them.  Which can be annoying, especially if it took the whole pre-wash and main cycle just to get them asleep!

Bosch have a clever spiral design in the walls of their washing machines. It also has improved sound insulation and shock absorbers. All this works towards giving you a very quite laundry experience. And hopefully, a still sleeping child.

They may be known for power tools, but Bosch can certainly provide the soft touch you need too!

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Each Moment

Life is marvelous, but you only get one. The ultimate point of living is to be 100% happy, and enjoy yourself, but how many people do you think actually do this? Not enough. You can’t blame people either, with life comes responsibility, and these responsibilities can lead to unhappiness.

To help brighten your life, enlighten you to the importance of each and every second of it, I’ve compiled a list of things to make you happy:

1. The Steve Jobs’ way:

“If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m about to do today.” Steve Jobs used to ask himself this each, and every, morning. When he had to reply “No” too often, he made a change in his life. That’s how important your everyday tasks are when it comes to overall happiness. So I challenge you to start asking yourself this, every morning, if you answer “No” more than three times in a row, you need to change something.

2. The bank of time:

“Time is money.” Ever heard that expression? It’s incredibly accurate. Each day, you are gifted with 86,400 valuable seconds. Use them wisely, please. Too many of us are worried about the future. We miss out on experiencing something awesome, because we’re worried about future consequences. Live each moment as if it’s the only one that counts.

3. The glass is always half full:

I bet you are starting to think that, hey, this isn’t possible. There’s no way you can constantly be doing things to be happy. Well, actually, you can. The thing you need to remember is that every cloud has a silver lining, and the cup is always half full. Not everything you do will lead to immediate happiness, but everything you do should lead to eventual happiness. That is the core lesson to take away here.

So to conclude, you should consider this: Happiness isn’t aways just a feeling, it’s a state of mind. It’s the perspective you have on life. These are all factors we control, so yes, you can control your happiness. If this has interested you then a Anthony Robbins coupon might be right up your street!

Following these tips obviously won’t release you from miserable responsibilities such as paying your bills, etc. but will help you realize that it’s not really all that bad. Paying the bills allows you to have electricity and gas etc. and don’t you enjoy these things? I sure do. So please, next time you feel down, remember the lessons learnt in this post.