Play Parks: Ideal for Kids

People love the parks because it is a place where they can relax amidst nature family and friends.  Usually the peak time in play parks or garden parks is in the early hours of the morning because they make the park as a best place to do their morning exercise.  Thinking of exercise, it always… Continue Reading

Motion Caught

It’s been awhile since I enjoyed clicking the shutter of a camera.  Asked me why, because my camera (CANON IXUS 120is) died a premature death last December.  I haven’t had it checked but I can guess there’s a big damage so I never mind about it.  Someone asked me if he can check it, so… Continue Reading

Julep for Beautiful Nails

Some men call the ladies vain because there are many things they need to maintain to look good and feel good.   Dress and shoes must be of the same color and if you have much, same color as the bag and other accessories.  To feel good, a lady can use as much as one… Continue Reading

In The Morning Light

Been browsing some Yanni Music since earlier and I come across this one instrumental that makes me want to go back to the scenic sky and sea view from Tagbilaran to Cebu.

Eyeing a Holiday in Turkey

Earthquake with an almost 7 magnitude hit central Philippines yesterday.  It rippled to coastal places in Mindanao too that the only thing I could think as after math would be a tsunami.  It was the first earthquake I experience that I really ran out of the building. Probably the number reason is that I am… Continue Reading

The Shortest Personality Test

I picked the picture that appeals to be best at the moment and this is what I clicked: And the result is: You are dreamy, peaceful, and young at heart. Optimistic and caring, you tend to see the best in people. You tend to be always smiling – and making others smile. You are shy… Continue Reading

AHP Retreat @ Cagayan de Oro City

I spent my weekend at Cagayan de Oro City with the delegates of the Adventist Health Professionals’ Retreat at SPUC compound from Friday evening until the lunch time of Sunday.  It was a great experience for me.  The messages and lectures were so inspiring that I can really say I am converted and hopefully could… Continue Reading