Play Parks: Ideal for Kids

People love the parks because it is a place where they can relax amidst nature family and friends.  Usually the peak time in play parks or garden parks is in the early hours of the morning because they make the park as a best place to do their morning exercise.  Thinking of exercise, it always reminds me why all Chinese parks are filled with elderly and even young adults.  It is their ideal place to relax and have fun with their friends.  And the other time is in the early evening where many people – young and old enjoy the lights and the lightness of the evening.  In great weather,. it’s nice to spend some evening at the Park.

A developer mentioned to a buyer that kid play sets at their recreation center can make the place child friendly.  That is why there are some big parks that have several nooks for play sets and they are intended for little children.  It is a corner in the park where you can hear the innocent laugh and shrieks of kids playing.  At one corner too you can hear a kid crying because maybe he or she got a bad fall from one of the swings.  But no matter what kind of misfortune these little kids experience at the park, they still look forward to the next time their parents bring them there to play.

If I am just that rich then I maybe I will donate a play set for our Pediatric lounge. ^^


Motion Caught

It’s been awhile since I enjoyed clicking the shutter of a camera.  Asked me why, because my camera (CANON IXUS 120is) died a premature death last December.  I haven’t had it checked but I can guess there’s a big damage so I never mind about it.  Someone asked me if he can check it, so tomorrow if I will not forget to carry the camera then Sir Q will check it up.

This post will not be about the broken camera.  But this is about some of the photos I took during an overnight retreat at Midway Beach Resort at INitao, Misamis Oriental. It’s there that particular Sunday I experienced my first banana boat ride.  The photos are not of the banana boat ride but of motion caught.




They are not perfect shots I know but with Esther’s point and shoot camera (Canon) I so like the result.   I am still saving up for a studier camera and I hope I can buy one first week  of April.

Thanks to my friend Esther for allowing me to use her camera as much as I can that day. ^^

Thanks also to the presidents of the IT and BSBA club of Mindanao Sanitarium and Hospital College  for inviting me as one of the chaperons in that activity.

photo credits: sunshinelene

Julep for Beautiful Nails

Some men call the ladies vain because there are many things they need to maintain to look good and feel good.   Dress and shoes must be of the same color and if you have much, same color as the bag and other accessories.  To feel good, a lady can use as much as one hour to prepare herself to go out because after bathing or shower, there would be layers and layers of cream to be applied on the face for the purpose of maintaining the elasticity of the skin.

One of the things ladies do regularly aside from the regimen I mentioned above is the pedicure after a foot spa.  We make sure that at least we do the pedicure once every two weeks.  Others even have it every week.  I do go to the parlor once in two weeks but I change colors as much as three times in a week.  I love nail polish.  I love to have a collection of colors at home as they can easily in the mall and some beauty shops.   I bought around 4 colors the last time I purchased nail polish.  I cannot use them at one time but I love to see them in a box together.

I have a person who does the pedi on me regularly and they do handle my foot with care.  I will be seeing them at the end of this week.  Since I love also shopping online for beauty stuff, I will also buy nail polish from Julep for a girl friend’s shower party.  She got a box of more than 50 beautiful colors and I love to add a new color to it.