Grabbing Cheap Holiday Deals

I have a big family but most of the time “my family” comprises me and my daughter.   With a meager salary, I can’t bring my whole family on a vacation abroad at one time.  So if time and money allows, and I can find some cheap holiday deals, then I want my daughter and I to fly in some Southeast Asian country for a holiday.  If  I have more, then my sis and her son can also tag along.

Cebu Pacific allows me to make trips to nearby countries and even will allow me to tour major destinations of the Philippines.  All I need is time.  I am only allowed 2 offical leaves for the whole year, so that discourages me to grab sale tickets every time it is on.

This year, am off to Vietnam and Malaysia and that is enough for now. With these two trips, I also hope I can managed a side trip to Puerto Galera.

Planning the trip makes me excited and wanted the time to come by faster than it should be.  Planning is very important for one to have a very memorable trip.  I will be travelling with my friends to Vietnam so for sure it’s going to be real exciting.   I cannot say that we are already 100% ready to take the trip.  There are still several important things to do before heading out to Ho Chi Minh and number one of that is save more money so that visiting Ben Thanh Market will not be a disappointment.  Thanks to cheap ticket deals because we can have more pesos to be add up to our allowances.


Saving for a Guitar and a Guitar Stand

My daughter have guitar and I do not like using it because it is hers.  So personally, I am saving up to buy my own guitar and hopefully when there is enough extra, I will also buy a guitar stand. There are sale guitar stands online but I can’t buy now since I still don’t have the guitar. What to do with a stand when I do not have the thing to be placed in the stand. Right? I also asked my daughter if she is interested if I will buy one for her, she said, not for now as she is majoring her piano lessons. She said, maybe next time. 🙂

This is a good pick for now as it is priced at $7 from the original price of $24.

That is one thing I like about my daughter.  Most of the times, she understands what is the priority and what’s not and then understand really if I got no budget for what she wants me to purchase for her.

Low Interest Rate Loan Online

Whether it is money needed for an emergency or something that comes up expectantly, we all need a little extra cash now and then. The quandary is how to find the money you need without taking on more than you can handle. That is where a low interest rate loan online can come in handy.

Image by @Doug88888 via Flickr

 Life tends to throw us off track at times. A lot of people suffer from financial problems even when they carefully plan and execute a good spending budget. Financial emergencies are unavoidable, no matter how careful you are. Luckily, there are places you can turn to when you need a helping hand such as

When deciding on how to handle your finances when something comes up, there are a few ways to make an informed decision.

Know What You Can Handle

One of the first things to consider is how much you can feasibly borrow that won’t hinder your finances when it’s time to pay it back. Take into consideration your current financial status and how much extra you can handle each payday.

Make a Responsible Decision about How Much You Borrow

Always borrow what is needed and don’t be inclined to take out more even if you can. If you don’t need it, don’t take it. Allow yourself a little leeway on what your payments will be so that you can plan for the extra you’ll need to have available.

Learn How Online Loans Work

Since you won’t be meeting with someone face to face such as you would in a bank or loan company brick and mortar storefront, you will want to read all the fine print when it comes to taking out an online loan. This is for your protection and so that you are not surprised if there are any small print items that need to be researched. Always check into what you are signing and keep in mind that electronic signatures are as binding as your handwritten signature.

As long as you do your research and borrow within your means, you can find online low interest rate loans that can help you out when you need it. Online loans can mean that you have the funds you need when you need them As long as you know everything there is to know about what you are doing, you can take care of life’s little emergencies without breaking the bank when it is time to pay the loan back.

Tinago Falls

It was in August last year that I visited Tinago falls last. It was a memorable trip going there because I was with my new found friends – the Iligan Bloggers Society.


When I long for an adventure within my hometown, Tinago flash in my mind right away. But one thing I can never do no matter how bored my life is, I can’t go down there alone. 🙂 It’s scary for me. I dunno if any woman out there would dare to go there alone, but me, no am not. Good thing, I have some photos that reminds, I was there sometime. 🙂

Homeworld Sale!

I just finished reading the newspaper and I was attracted to the sale advertisement of SM Homeworld – 4 pc. bedroom set le for a sale prize of  @ php 19K+.  That includes a queen size bed, bedside drawer, 3 door closet with 2 drawers, and a dresser with mirror and open shelves and cabinet and drawer.

If my current bedroom is just big enough to accommodate such furniture, then I will really find means to purchase this set. As of now my bedroom is not as neat and organize as it should be.  The only space that is unusable because of height is the top of the cabinet.  It is so high that I need to use a high stool just like medical step stools for safe climbing and reaching.  But I need a higher one, at least 3 steps up.   It would be a hassle if I am going to put up something there that I need to check out every once in awhile, so as of now that part is bare and all my other stuff are on 2 sides of my bedroom.

It is really hard to stay in a small house especially for those who are used to big houses or apartments. But to me, this is better than nothing else. This is better than those who lost their homes to the big flood last month. I am still thankful that we have a roof on our head to protect us from the sunshine and the rain, day and night.

Homeworld Sale! Better luck to me next time.

Newly Weds Wishlist: Pergola

I really have to check out the dictionary on what is Pergola.  And when I saw the meaning and the photo, I laughed at myself for why I am not able to know the exact word for this wonderful addition to a cozy backyard.  I have visited one of my well to do friend’s home and they got a regular size Pergola at the side of their home, in their garden with a little pond. Such a picturesque view from the inside as the side wall was made of glass. It was real nature paint one can witness daily as they leisurely dine in their dining hall.

A friend of mine is going to get married soon in California and I my eyes went wide when I saw that Pergola is in their wish list. Yeah, they are moving into their new home right after the honeymoon, and they want their new home very comfortable for both of them. They want their home a place they would love to come home to every day and a place they want to stay even on long holidays.

Both are romantic individuals and I can just imagine how they gonna decorate their pergola and what they gonna do there some of their quiet evenings.  I can imagine too that they gonna entertain some friends on that spot for a barbecue during the summer days.   Even though I want to make their wishes come true, I cannot give them this wish because it just way too expensive for me.  But of course, I am sending them something different – also something special for a newly wed couple.