Carribean Cruise Packages


This is one of the postcards I received this month of December and it is from Italia.  Rob sent me two cards in swap for the two cards I sent him.  Shown here is the village of Forio is Ischia Island in Naples.  Italy is one of the countries in my list that I wanna visit in the future.   There are so many historic countries out there that makes me curious.  I wish I can have an ample time to visit some historic villages and cities. Somehow one day, I have to spend the Christmas holidays getting immersed in another culture if I am not given a gift check for a caribbean all inclusive packages

. It is just a wish. I know this year will not yet be the right year for that, but maybe in ten years, I can make my first Caribbean cruise.

Wanna come? Then wish with me and let’s begin our travel plans.

Token of Hope

The giver tagged this token as a token of hope.  The Bisdak Bloggers had a quick meet last December 22 in Cagayan de Oro City.  It was suppose to be a big meeting but because of the tragedy that hit the cities of  Cagayan de Oro and Iligan, there were only a few of us that came and most of us were victims of the flood.  Few days before the final announcement, the founder advised that if possible all can attend, and never mind the tokens and the additional food. So, I did just that.  I had no extra to buy tokens that day.  My money was just enough for fare back and forth. But some of us have already prepared their tokens, so they gave out that night.

This lamp is a symbol of hope.  That as long as there is oil in it, the lamp will keep on burning.  Same thing with our blogging career, as long as there are stories to tell, as long as there are DA offers, as long as there is still life — one can still blog.  I have many mommy friends who consider blogging as their career.  A few of them I met personally.   It is Christmas and I wish to give them blogging trophies. But since financial situation is not very favorable, then I will better save up for next year. These hard working mommies really deserved to be awarded.

The lamp I received is green one and I placed it in front of the pc in my office.  At least daily am reminded that no matter how hard trials come to our lives, there is always hope as long as there is life.

Bisdak Bloggers Meet-Up

Yesterday, I took a whole day leave thinking that I would be going to Cagayan de Oro at an early time.  But at 6 am someone came to the house to inform my mom that there is no need for her to go and pick her pension.  That was my errand so that means I don’t have to leave early.

Yesterday was also slated for another Bisdak Bloggers meet-up at 5 pm.  The whole morning I spent washing dirty clothes  caused by the flood, and then I have to change clothes for city errands.  Fortunately, I never made it to the city because I just decided to walk from IIT to Kristine’s bakeshop.  Then I came back to the hospital to pay partial the colonoscopy at the Billing then went home.

I left Iligan at exactly 4 pm.  It was my first time go go places outside my home and the hospital after the flash that hit Iligan City last Saturday.  Oh my, there was air pollution when I entered the Tambo area.  My imagination went wild right away thinking that possibly there are some dead people in their mud that is why the strong smell of decayed flesh.  Anyway, I have to cover my nose so that I won’t feel nauseated.

I arrived Cagayan de Oro at a little bit past 6 pm.  Went directly to Peking House only to realized that it was LIGHTHOUSE not Peking House.  lol! I thought they are the same HOUSE!!!! hahaha Good thing Karen Sanchez arrived a little while after me and we went to Lighthouse together.   Mommy Ruby, Mommy Dharlz and sister were already there.   Then in a while, Jude came by, Karen, and then Atty Lenie, Wheng (sister of Sheila Worthington), and then Mommy Grace.  We were only few but we had fun listening to each other’s stories.

The bus left the terminal at around 12 midnight and I arrived Iligan at 2 am.  Took a taxi from the terminal to the hospital and my daughter was still up.  Slept right away after some self clean-up because I was really tired.  Imagine I was standing for almost like 3 hours.

Anyway, I look forward to another BB meeting early next year.

I will share later the tokens I received from BBs last night.

Take Time Just for You

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Busy women know how important it is to take a few moments out of each day for themselves. Being able to take a breather each day to focus on yourself will create a more peaceful state of mind.

Many women like to go to the gym or take a quiet walk around the neighborhood. This provides a quiet moment to reflect on the day, as well as gaining some well-deserved physical activity. Any type of physical activity can reduce stress and maintain one’s focus.

Many women find taking a class in yoga will not only reduce stress, but provide a healthy mind and body as well. Others like the physicality of running. Running can help clear your mind as well as keeping you fit. And who doesn’t enjoy the outdoors?

Music to Soothe You

Another activity that can provide respite from the day’s activities is taking a few minutes to listen to your favorite music. If the kids are down for a nap, put on your favorite music on either your home entertainment center or your personal music play, sit back and enjoy.

Many women enjoy online gaming as a way to leave behind their day-to-day routines. Multi-player games are a great way to interact with other players in a fantasy world. There are many different games, including those played individually that can provide a few minutes of entertainment.

Online casino gaming is also a great way to relax. You are playing games that rely on luck and chance, as well as a certain skills and strategies. You can discover many different types of games online, as well as sites that provide casino bonuses that make playing that much more exciting.

Stay in Touch With Friends


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Getting together with friends is always a great way to get away from your regular schedule. Consider a regular meeting time once a week. Get a group together just to chat and have some coffee. You may find yourself sharing ideas and solutions for different situations that may have arisen. Sharing your stories with others is always a great way to relax.

Make time to go shopping for something just for you. Even if you just spend a little time window shopping, you will be able to just focus on yourself. Try on some clothes, try a new perfume sample or make up — it will refresh you both inside and out.

Taking time out for yourself is important. Once you’ve had just a little time to yourself, you can refocus your renewed energies on your job and family.