Pre-war Postcards of Manila

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I met a few new friends during our meet-up at the Manila Central Post office last November 23, 2011.  One of them is Lawrence Chan.  It was a quick hi and hello but everyone feels like we were all long time friends.  Jonathan collects stamps and I guess postcards too and I sensed he is… Continue Reading

Jones Bridge

  According to Wiki: Jones Bridge is a bridge that spans the Pasig River in the city Philippines connecting the districts of Binondo on Rosario Street (Calle Rosario, now Quintin Paredes St) with the center of Manila. The previous bridge that connected the two districts was the Puente Grande (Great Bridge), later called the Puente… Continue Reading

Affordable Accommodations in Manila

Most if not all of my travels to manila are on budget travel so I seldom go and check in three  or even five  stars hotels and still I get to experience very clean and comfortable accommodation. Last week, my daughter and I checked in at the Mountain View College Guesthouse at the North Philippine… Continue Reading

My Name is An Lin

That is the Chinese name given to me by my friends. It means shower of blessings. I took a quiz and it gave me another name and that is NING with a meaning peaceful and tranquil, describes you at your core. You are steady. You avoid conflict at all costs. You’re content when things are… Continue Reading

4G Memory Card

Got it last Friday and right in the evening, I used it to take some videos of the Cherubims in concert. =)  I should have purchased 8G but was scared it might not be compatible with my point and shoot Canon IXUS 120is. Now am almost off to Manila without worries of having the mem… Continue Reading

Building Muscles Fast

Everyone wants to look good. Men and women alike, both have that inner desire to always look good.  Some people  are just so blessed with looks but not all enjoys having that beautiful body which everyone admires.  Men is visual so they all love beautiful body.  Not all women are visual although sexy men can… Continue Reading

GaGayMD: Page Rank and Birthday Giveaway

When a blogger passionately blogs, every PR is treated as a feather on a cap.  For some, it feels like winning a lotto.  But for my friend, to celebrate rank and birthday thankfulness, this is her giveaway. THE GIVEAWAY… THE PRIZE… 10 Page Rank Shirts A total of $360 PayPal cash 1 winner – $100 2 winners –… Continue Reading

World’s Seven New Wonders!

1.  Amazon’s Rain Forest 2.  Halong Bay in Vietnam 3.  Argentina’s Iguazo Falls 4.  Palawan’s Underground River of the Philippines 5.  Jeju Island of South Korea 6.  Komodo of Indonesia 7.  Table Mountain of South Africa   This is still a provisional result according to the New7Wonders Foundation.  The final list will be out early… Continue Reading