Pre-war Postcards of Manila

I met a few new friends during our meet-up at the Manila Central Post office last November 23, 2011.  One of them is Lawrence Chan.  It was a quick hi and hello but everyone feels like we were all long time friends.  Jonathan collects stamps and I guess postcards too and I sensed he is very familiar with the museum that he picked a book (stamp catalog) showing me an old stamp of Maria Cristina Falls.

One of the things he showed me from his collection are these pre-war postcards:

These are pre-war postcards of Intramuros and the Jones Bridge.  I think this is really a treasure.  These were shared to him by some members of the philatelists who meets at the museum every third Sunday of the month.  If I am just staying in Manila, I’d surely love to attend the monthly meetings.  Who knows I will also receive treasures such as Jonathan have.

Jones Bridge


According to Wiki:

Jones Bridge is a bridge that spans the Pasig River in the city Philippines connecting the districts of Binondo on Rosario Street (Calle Rosario, now Quintin Paredes St) with the center of Manila. The previous bridge that connected the two districts was the Puente Grande (Great Bridge), later called the Puente de España (Bridge of Spain) located one block upriver on Nueva Street (Calle Nueva, now E. T. Yuchengco St), the span considered to be the oldest established in the Philippines.

Jones Bridge was once hailed as Manila’s queen of the bridges.[citation needed] Some recent improvements on the current bridge were the addition of street lamps and replacing the old pole railings with stone railings reminiscent of the first Jones Bridge.

I have seen this bridge many times while working in Manila and sometimes visiting Manila. I’ve seen this bridge but never walked on it every not until Wednesday afternoon after a short time meet-up with postcard/stamp collectors at the Manila Central Post office museum.

I feel happy to finally set foot in it.  The bridge is not that very long and it does not have a very impressive arch but it is obviously a bridge.  I wish i can take a photo of it from below by the side of the river so that i can take the angle of the arch — but maybe next time.  Though there was no time to do the leisure walk but me and my daughter had a a photo taken there with that familiar  building as background.

More info of the bridge, check this out.

Affordable Accommodations in Manila

Most if not all of my travels to manila are on budget travel so I seldom go and check in three  or even five  stars hotels and still I get to experience very clean and comfortable accommodation.

Last week, my daughter and I checked in at the Mountain View College Guesthouse at the North Philippine Union Compound.  It is always the place I call for a reservation ever since I stepped foot in Manila.  While I was still working there, I had the chance to stay in one of the guestrooms for three months together with a friend who was processing for her papers to the US.   Since then, I always like their guestrooms.  So last June, when we already had our tickets, I called up right away for a reservation.  Good thing I reserved early or else we would miss the place because it is a week of meeting and conventions over there and the house is full.

Years back, I had the chance to stay in a posh  hotel somewhere in Ermita and one thing I observed was that it was so close to the casino hotel.    But my friends and I did not tried going there because they were already playing casino online. They said that playing it online is more cheaper compared to going really to the site. But in my mind, if we went there, we could have a first time experience of the place.

What I like in that hotel is the very convenient distance to Robinsons-Manila and the Luneta Park.  We frequent Rizal Park the time we were checked in there.  Last week, we did not stay in Ermita but still we took time to see Rizal Park last November 23. 🙂

My Name is An Lin

That is the Chinese name given to me by my friends. It means shower of blessings. I took a quiz and it gave me another name and that is NING with a meaning peaceful and tranquil, describes you at your core. You are steady.
You avoid conflict at all costs. You’re content when things are calm. You are very intuitive, and you go with your gut. You make good decisions easily. You are protective of those closest to you. You look out for people. The meaning is nice but the name and the sound I really don’t like much.

It is much the same with this report engine that tools allow IT professionals to create sophisticated production reports that can be deployed for server based, or desktop based applications. Now if I have to read more, I will get a headache. Report engine sounds easy but the core of it is very hard. It is not a pleasant sound to the ears of non-techy persons like me. We need IT guys to understand this thing for us. It has been my problem ever since. I need to have this brain overhauled to be able to understand codes even the simple html codes.