Oldest Photograph of Maria Christinal Falls

  This is the oldest photograph of Maria Christian falls that I saw ever.  Wanna see it too?  Well, you can find this being hanged at the wall of Iliganon in Pala-o Extension this city. There were so many memorablia of old times being displayed in the shop.  One of the IBS members mentioned that… Continue Reading

Travelled Iligan City Today

Thank you God for the beautiful weather, the three-site tour today with the MBS5 participants was a success.  The first itinerary was the NPC Park, then the Macarael-Macapagal Ancentral Home, Mimbalot Falls, and then the quick viewing of Timoga swimming pool.  The weather was beautiful but it was already too hot for me.  I guess… Continue Reading

Every Friday is a $50 Day!

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Fabulous Friday! I think I saw this Friday give-away last weekend but I was so busy that I forgot to join.  Today, October 28, I am joining and I really hope I could win. The give-away is open until tomorrow evening.  So, check out My Tots Exactly to join!  It’s so easy as 1-2-3 because… Continue Reading

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan # 26 – GFC


I am so thankful for this blogger-helping-blogger meme.   This blog is not a new blog, in fact this is one of my oldest blogs but there is no follower yet.  So am so happy for WBFC # 26 because I will have the chance to ask followers as well as I can also follow many… Continue Reading

Blessed with So Much Blue Skies

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Yesterday afternoon, I went to the city after work.  The sun was still high that the view of the sky from the post office looks glorious amidst the complexity site of wire and ends.  As I often mentioned, I love sky photos.  I always feel that light tug in my heart when I behold the… Continue Reading

Hiking Uphill


  It’s been many years since I had gone uphill hiking.  Not that I don’t want to but because of my weight problems I just don’t enjoy uphill climbing with too much people.  I feel that my slow pace will burden those whom am gonna go along with. Last Sunday morning, me and two other… Continue Reading

UK Team in Uniform

This year, during the kick-off ceremony of Hugyawan 2011-2012, everyone were in their uniform.  Not just the UK but also the China group, Brazil group, and Germany group.  The group was given the chance to pick their choice of colors and for UK we had blue and red. This is the UK team before their… Continue Reading

Visit to Tinago Falls: 2011

Months ago, August 27 exactly, I made my third visit to Tinago Falls. The first time was in 1993. I was still in college that time and I was with friends and schoolmates who were working in the business office of Mountain View College. That time, there was still no descent stairs to go pass…. Continue Reading