Oldest Photograph of Maria Christinal Falls


This is the oldest photograph of Maria Christian falls that I saw ever.  Wanna see it too?  Well, you can find this being hanged at the wall of Iliganon in Pala-o Extension this city. There were so many memorablia of old times being displayed in the shop.  One of the IBS members mentioned that this photo was probably taken in the early 60’s. Oh my I still did not exist that time and my mom was still a very young girl.  ^^  Another old thing I saw on their wall decors is an old copy of the music piece – Iliganon nga Buotan.  The page looks old but it was framed and the paper is being preserved from thinning and withered by time.  I think they had the original copy undergo the document imaging machine to have that piece copied for framing purposes.

Spending time at Iliganon last night and seen visitors enjoying the tastiest Durian shake I ever had in my life, made me feel so proud to be an Iliganon.

Felt so proud to be an Iliganon.

Travelled Iligan City Today

Thank you God for the beautiful weather, the three-site tour today with the MBS5 participants was a success.  The first itinerary was the NPC Park, then the Macarael-Macapagal Ancentral Home, Mimbalot Falls, and then the quick viewing of Timoga swimming pool.  The weather was beautiful but it was already too hot for me.  I guess that the caused by not being so exposed outside during day time as my day work only confine me indoors.   At 2 pm, my strength was already drained that I did not go with the group in the mall and also in the city spots tour.  I just went out to meet them at 6 pm in Aruma.

Just a minute after I set foot at Aruma, the big rain came.  As I was leaving my home, I saw a storm brewing and the horizon looks so dark.  I can imagine a very strong rain that makes you wish for tornado shelters just to make you avoid being wet. But I was out in the city, good thing we were still having dinner when the water in the streets went up a bit.  We had to let the water subside to make us proceed to our next appointment at 8 pm.

Details for today’s tour will be posted in my travel blog at www.pinaytravels.com

Every Friday is a $50 Day!

Fabulous Friday!

I think I saw this Friday give-away last weekend but I was so busy that I forgot to join.  Today, October 28, I am joining and I really hope I could win.

The give-away is open until tomorrow evening.  So, check out My Tots Exactly to join!  It’s so easy as 1-2-3 because they are using rafflecopter.

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan # 26 – GFC

I am so thankful for this blogger-helping-blogger meme.   This blog is not a new blog, in fact this is one of my oldest blogs but there is no follower yet.  So am so happy for WBFC # 26 because I will have the chance to ask followers as well as I can also follow many other blogs.  In fact the home of WBFC is also new so I am also following her, in fact the first blog I followed as I made this post.  My GFC widget is at the middle part of the sidebar.  If your browser is Firefox Mozilla, there are times the  widget won’t show up, so use Chrome or other browsers, be assured the widget is there.  Thank you so much in advance for the follow.

There will be two lucky winners of $5.00 for this week.  This weeks sponsors are: Chika Bits and Dens Online.  I wish that one day too I’ll be one lucky winner of that amount. Five is five but no one is gonna give me any five anytime of the weekend. Right?  So, if you need GFC followers now, join us!


Blessed with So Much Blue Skies

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the city after work.  The sun was still high that the view of the sky from the post office looks glorious amidst the complexity site of wire and ends.  As I often mentioned, I love sky photos.  I always feel that light tug in my heart when I behold the vastness of the skies.  When I look up, It makes me forget that am thinking of unhappy thoughts or many worldly cares.

Here’s a couple of shots made yesterday afternoon:

I just love the blue skies with it’s fluffy white clouds.  I always pride the sunny weather of the Philippines but at times I really don’t enjoy the sun on my skin.

Hiking Uphill


It’s been many years since I had gone uphill hiking.  Not that I don’t want to but because of my weight problems I just don’t enjoy uphill climbing with too much people.  I feel that my slow pace will burden those whom am gonna go along with.

Last Sunday morning, me and two other friends went up a hill in Sitio Lake Apo.  Since I lost more than 20 pounds since summer, I was very confident I could make it to the top.  The terrain was in a gradual ascent but yet I took it slow because I have not done any exercise for long.  We were on single file during the ascent and the descent. First is the guide, then Lai the Pinay Travelista, then me, and then Alex, the Iligan Inquisitor was the last one.  Not that he walks slow but he was given the responsibility to see me if I will do alright.  We laugh at the thought because if ever I will fall, surely his size can’t prevent me from falling downhill because of his lightness.

The roads and trails in that area is just man-made. If not visited by men, there would be no roads formed for sure.  So if you go around alone, one might need a GPS just like the garmin gps for golf but this one is just on an elevated area.  Some parts of the road is really bad that you could wonder, how would a vehicle passes by the area.  There were so many big lump of stones in the middle of the road.  There were cracks big enough for a child to fall in.  I am big yet looking at the roller coaster type of trail, I feel scared.

The road looks challenging yet upon reaching up, it’s really worth the climb.

The Pulangi River (north view when you are already on top of the mountain)

More views from the top will be shared in my travel blog. ^^

Photo credits:

First photo is by Alex, www.theiliganinquisitor.blogspot.com

Hiking Buddies:

Lisa Marie (www.pinaytravelist.com)

Alexander (www.theiliganinquisitor.blogspot.com)

UK Team in Uniform

This year, during the kick-off ceremony of Hugyawan 2011-2012, everyone were in their uniform.  Not just the UK but also the China group, Brazil group, and Germany group.  The group was given the chance to pick their choice of colors and for UK we had blue and red.

This is the UK team before their turn to present their yells.  I belong to this group but I was the one who took the photo so I am not there.  The top was our only uniform.  Only the basketball team got the upper and lower cloth as uniform.  I ordered and now paid per my statement, but the uniform is not yet given to me.    It was an unforgetable night that night as everyone had fun.  Everyone looks good in their assgined shirt color.  Good thing there was none who came wearing a nurse uniform. Everyone who joined the yells were given important chance to be relieve from work just so to attend and complete the 20 -men cheering presentation.

Here are the groupmates after the end of the program:

Visit to Tinago Falls: 2011

Months ago, August 27 exactly, I made my third visit to Tinago Falls. The first time was in 1993. I was still in college that time and I was with friends and schoolmates who were working in the business office of Mountain View College. That time, there was still no descent stairs to go pass. The going down was okey but in coming up, we have to grab on tall and sturdy bushes. It was tiring but not as tiring as my second visit.

The second visit in 2008 and I was with my daughter and relatives. There were many of us and the kids loved their swimming time in the pool. For me, I just enjoyed the sides and taking pictures. I have shared a bit of the experience somewhere in this blog. On our way back, I went up with the first group. While others were still queuing in the shower to change, me and my daughter went up ahead. It was still okey. I was already big that time and the going was still manageable.


Photo taken: august 27, 2011

Then in August this year, the third time happen and it still looks like I went swimming because I was bathing in my perspiration. Still I enjoyed the moments with my camera while my friend enjoyed swimming and the gakit ride. When the whistle sounded that we have to vacate the place, I started going up. I am 50+ lbs overweight so surely I can’t make ten steps at a time so I have to go slow. Slowly and slowly. I walked alone and their was no one behind me nor anyone ahead of me that can see me in my slow steps. Luckily, I made it to the top! I smiled when I saw this:


I think I made 10 stops in the whole duration of my ascent. I know I should not force myself to hurry up when all my friends were still down and even if they were ahead, I will still use the pace that would be enough for my heart or else I will pass out and will cause unnecessary worries to my friends. 🙂

The third visit was made possibly by the City Government extended to Iligan Bloggers Summit.  Thanks to the people whom gratitude is due for in relation to my third visit to Tinago Falls in Barangay Ditucalan, Iligan City.