Funny Tshirts!

Weeks ago, I saw the release of Starbucks 40th Anniversary T shirt that costs $85.00.  With your money you will get a tee that has a fake coffee spill on the shirt designed by Alexander Wang.  It become a buzz in the fashion world and even with the coffee lovers themselves.  Many said that you… Continue Reading


  High Speed! Beware! I will never dare this! To me, this is the most scariest ride I witnessed the other night night, but it is one of the rides that has a long queue of people.  I then commented, people really love to feel the thrill of anything that is dangerous.  I cannot imagine… Continue Reading

Teenagers & Mobile Phone Addiction: Epidemic or Under Control?


Mobile phones have been extremely popular ever since their first inception years ago. However, with smartphones now being added to the mix, these devices’ popularity is at an all time high. The biggest fans? Well, according to most mobile phone reviews, it’s the teenagers. Perhaps “fan” isn’t a strong enough term however; “addict” seems much… Continue Reading

$10 at Lucky Kayce’s Mini Giveaway

Ten is ten and if no one is gonna give you a ten dollars any time then you are ten dollar poorer.  I want to be ten dollars richer so I am joining Kayce’s Mini Giveaway. She just launched her newest blog so she is inviting her friends and readers to join her giveaway.  It… Continue Reading

Reforming their Lifestyle: Be Insured

Did you know that as of today, there were several fun runs being conducted nationwide?  Here in Iligan, for 3 successive Sundays, there were fun runs.  And i know that today there was a fun run Manila.  It makes me conclude that everyone is on lifestyle reform.  Not all people run but the fun being… Continue Reading

6 Random Questions

Revised from 11 1. Are you a busy person? Oh yes! 2. What were you doing this morning at 8am? I was having breakfast at the Nutrition and Dietetics Department of the hospital. 3. Do you care for your Facebook? I think so. Just like watering the plants. ^^ 4. Any plans for tonight? Complete… Continue Reading

My Favorite Source of Tag Questions

I checked out my last post on tags and memes in this blog and it was in 2010.  And there were only a few then.  I tried browsing through and most of these fillers are grabbed from Blogsilog.  Of course linking back to her site.  In the past weeks, I’ve been missing the traditional means… Continue Reading

Plus Size Bathing Clothing

Honestly, a woman like me who wears size 12 and above do have a hard time finding bathing suits here in the Philippines.  Reason?  Asians are normally small and thin framed.  So a plus size clothing is a category in any shop.  One of the places I go and try to find plus size section… Continue Reading