Funny Tshirts!

Weeks ago, I saw the release of Starbucks 40th Anniversary T shirt that costs $85.00.  With your money you will get a tee that has a fake coffee spill on the shirt designed by Alexander Wang.  It become a buzz in the fashion world and even with the coffee lovers themselves.  Many said that you are so out of your mind to buy that tee with that price unless of course you are sitting in a pot of gold. ^^

(photo: Nordstrom: internet)

Spilled marks alright.

In less than two months I am off to a blog meet-up in Manila.  November 22 exactly.  I’ve been thinking what would be the best giveaway for everyone.  I thought of funny tshirts but i don’t have budget for everyone. So I am planning to order 3 of these tees and will include it in the raffle.  But of course I will be carrying some 30 pcs of giveaways for the first thirty.  I already saw a prospect thingy in the Mugna the other night.  So if budget allows me this weekend, I’ll go and buy on Sunday night or maybe Monday night.



High Speed!


I will never dare this!

To me, this is the most scariest ride I witnessed the other night night, but it is one of the rides that has a long queue of people.  I then commented, people really love to feel the thrill of anything that is dangerous.  I cannot imagine myself going into this ride. The speed is so much that I wonder if the people standing with hands on the rails do breath while ride goes spinning and spinning.

Ann and I went to MUGNA last night to see the place.  It was the last night before the city fiesta so there were lots of people.  I have never been to Mugna before and this was my first time.  Thanks to the invitation of Kuya Levi, I was determined to see their store at the Mugna.  Indeed his store is one of the most crowded corner in the whole of the area.  They sell products that are not common in Iligan, so that explains why people come to buy his goods.

Today is the big day of the Diyandi celebration in honor of the Catholic church patron Saint Michael so I am sure that the place will be full of people.  I am thinking of going there later in the day, but if the plan of quick trip to Marawi will push through then I doubt.  But I will try.

Teenagers & Mobile Phone Addiction: Epidemic or Under Control?

Mobile phones have been extremely popular ever since their first inception years ago. However, with smartphones now being added to the mix, these devices’ popularity is at an all time high. The biggest fans? Well, according to most mobile phone reviews, it’s the teenagers. Perhaps “fan” isn’t a strong enough term however; “addict” seems much more appropriate.

Born and raised in the Digital Age, today’s teenagers rely heavily upon this technology to keep them connected 24/7. Calling is a thing of the past. Even texting is starting to become obsolete thanks to the latest social media outlets through which teenagers primarily communicate with each other. Mobile phone reviews written by teenagers keep companies on their toes, always needing to develop bigger, better and brighter mobile phones to keep up with this generation’s growing demands for advanced technology. Not to mention app developers and mobile phone service companies, all of whom are in fierce competition with each other to win over the teenaged population’s hearts and wallets.

Teenagers are gadget-oriented and thanks to the ever-growing power of social networking, mobile phone reviews have proven crucial influencing outlets for attracting and maintaining customers. Teenagers are open about their opinions and not afraid to share them, especially when their mobile phone reviews can potentially garner more “likes” on Facebook or retweets on Twitter. They are addicted to sharing information and opinions as much as they are addicted to their phones.

And with the plethora of options out there today, it’s hard not to obsess over our mobile phones. Smartphone technology has brought us amazing things, such as internet- anytime, anywhere- unlimited texting (there have been reports of many teenagers sending over 120 texts per day, and some sending well over 400 per day in severe instances), Facebook at our fingertips, hundreds of thousands of apps, and more.

Mobile phone reviews voice concerns that this is not entirely a blessing, particularly for this generation of teenagers. According to an article in Woman’s Day , “hyper networking” or “hyper texting” can lead to serious health problems, such as drug and alcohol abuse or even stronger tendencies to get into physical fights. Not to mention the growing anti-social attitudes among teenagers in general, due to their over-reliance on impersonal communicative forms of texting, emailing, and social networking.

So, mobile phone reviews have it right on two accounts. First, the technology which today’s teenagers have grown up with is exceedingly useful and simplifies a lot of things in our daily lives. However, like candy, these devices have become alarmingly addictive for our teenagers and ought to be used in moderation in order to prevent the health risks the mobile phones pose to teens.


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Kelly writes about mobile phone technology for Mobile Phone Finder, providing you with the best mobile phone comparison services online. 

$10 at Lucky Kayce’s Mini Giveaway

Ten is ten and if no one is gonna give you a ten dollars any time then you are ten dollar poorer.  I want to be ten dollars richer so I am joining Kayce’s Mini Giveaway.

She just launched her newest blog so she is inviting her friends and readers to join her giveaway.  It will be in this blog that she will share her passion on joining contests, giveaways, and any blog fun.  So let’s join in welcoming her blog to the blog world by checking out her contest page and then follow the easy mechanics.



Reforming their Lifestyle: Be Insured

Did you know that as of today, there were several fun runs being conducted nationwide?  Here in Iligan, for 3 successive Sundays, there were fun runs.  And i know that today there was a fun run Manila.  It makes me conclude that everyone is on lifestyle reform.  Not all people run but the fun being with the group gives a positive vibes on everyone who attends.

Aside from running and exercising, people are now conscious of what they it.  It means everyone wants to live longer. Living longer will become more satisfying if one is insured. Life insurance is a great investment for couples especially those couples whose children are living and working away from them. Picking the right insurance for you also needs some studying and contemplation. For most times, an insurance agent gives them a list of premiums with quotes to check on just like the quotes found at There are agents who are accommodating enough to explain to prospects the pros and cons of a certain a certain plan.

Personally I still haven’t decided on what insurance I should buy.  But I know of some friends who have already started paying their premiums that is why until now they kept bugging me to enroll.   But i have other priorities at the moment.  So I will table the idea for next time.

6 Random Questions

Revised from 11

1. Are you a busy person? Oh yes!

2. What were you doing this morning at 8am? I was having breakfast at the Nutrition and Dietetics Department of the hospital.

3. Do you care for your Facebook? I think so. Just like watering the plants. ^^

4. Any plans for tonight? Complete PF and Food Trip Friday and Food Friday hopping before falling asleep. Oh I will also check if I got ready work clothes for tomorrow.  If none, then iron first before sleeping.

5. Something you are excited about?  Trip to somewhere in the coming months.

6.  Describe your keychains? Office keys: Turtle

I am passing this tag to:  Mitch and MommyRuby.

My Favorite Source of Tag Questions

I checked out my last post on tags and memes in this blog and it was in 2010.  And there were only a few then.  I tried browsing through and most of these fillers are grabbed from Blogsilog.  Of course linking back to her site.  In the past weeks, I’ve been missing the traditional means of blogging or let’s say the old ways of blogging especially in building up up linkages.  I feel that long back there was still no crazy pressure to make a post. When writing, thoughts just flow out spontaneously unlike now when at times you have to crack your head to think of words to form up the topic that you “need” to write.  Earning bloggers, I call them that because not yet all earning bloggers are pro bloggers, understands why I said “need” – because earning bloggers do really have to write even when they don’t feel much like writing because the opportunity to be paid is there.

Anyways,  a bloggers life is really challenging these days.  Challenging and yet everyone is coping very well.  Yeah, I miss the traditional way but the thing I am loving the present time is the virtual bonding and relationship of many mom bloggers, and even non-mom bloggers are making.  I felt so lucky because fortunately, I belong to one of the strong groups in the online blogging world and that is the PMC or the Pinay Mommy Community and the Bisayang Blogger.  Thanks to FB, we find support in these groups.

Plus Size Bathing Clothing

Honestly, a woman like me who wears size 12 and above do have a hard time finding bathing suits here in the Philippines.  Reason?  Asians are normally small and thin framed.  So a plus size clothing is a category in any shop.  One of the places I go and try to find plus size section is in SM Mall.  There i tried scouring for plus size lingerie because women as we are no matter what the size, still loves to look and feel sexy in the privacy of the bedroom.  It does not mean that when you are a big sized person, you are just worth a cloth wrapped a round you.  There are many designers too that cater to plus sized designs and it’s very interesting to see catalogs of their designs.

I haven’t done any shopping lately because I am in the process of shedding the excess pounds.  Since summer until now, I have lost a total of 20 pounds and I know with God’s grace more are coming up.  So I haven’t done any major shopping yet because maybe 5 orf 10 more, I will change my wardrobe.  The only thing I got last month was a T-shirt I got from the UK shop.  5 pounds more then am off to buy a jeans.