More Nurses Means More Workers

Last weekend, the result for June NLE was out.  Congratulations to all who passed!  To those who failed, good luck for the next time.    There are more nurses now but at times too I wonder if there are available jobs for them.  That is why there are many nurses who turned into entrepreneurs because while they wait for nursing jobs to arrive, they try to fill their time by doing activities that will also give them income. Not all though become businessman and business woman. Some do apply for office work, call center agents, and some do accept Network Installer Jobs – just anything to occupy their time.

I love my job that no matter how small the salary is, I am still thankful I have a job.

Wishing am Somewhere

It is a long weekend yet am stuck to where I am now. It’s a perfect time to travel but the planned destination is not feasible. So I end up here. Whole day today, I was just home. I did not sleep the whole night last night so I ended up sleeping 7-3 today. The nice thing is that, I have done my daughter’s laundry and also my office clothes. Tomorrow, I still don’t have specific destination or activity, but I will surely go out.

Just want to share some self shots I made yesterday ^^

Some Tips in Finding a Girlfriend

I am a lady but I think it’s not easy as eating peanuts when a guy proposes his love intention to a girl.  That is why you can find so many tips in magazines and even online.  The sources are endless that all you have to do is read and try to learn something from what you read.  Right?

Please allow me to share with you some tips I got from my friend who thinks himself as love guru that is why so many ladies are after him.   I call him Mr. Love Bug.  He loves the name.

1.  Be yourself.   Don’t let your interest know a fake you.  Be real.

2.  Be confident.  No girl would like a guy who turns white when dining with her even in a public place.  Some even stutter and shook.  So find means to look very confident during the first meeting.  First impression last.

3.  Be friendly.  The first meeting is a meet and greet moment.  Initially that is the first time you try to get to know each other on the basics.  Name. Education. Interests.  And if you think the talk is going on smoothly, maybe job experiences can be shared.  Be friendly does not mean you monopolize the time.  You take turns in sharing.  Don’t be overly friendly, too sot that the girl will not think that you are so obvious in your quest to get a girlfriend. There are other guys who give you a “feeling close” impression and that is one way to lose your chance.

4.  Have an initial background check on the interest of the lady so as you will have an idea on types of stuff to converse with her and type of activity she wants.  Is she outdoorsy or loves an indoor adventure.

5.  Have a n eye to eye contact.  Though it does not mean that you have to stare at her whole through out the night that she might think you may devour her anytime.  Eye contact means you are serious in your intentions.

6.  Meet and greet in appropriate attire.  Be it anywhere, so dress appropriately.  If you go to a 5 star restaurant, for sure u won’t go in there in t-shirt and shorts, nor casual flats.  Together with this tip is be neat.  Be sure your nails are trimmed and clean.  Be sure you have taken a shower.   Of course you don’t like to go out and meet a prospective girlfriend you have just got back from the gym in sweats.

Oh well, I want to know more tips.   These are just the few shared by Mr. Bug.  He is going out now so this post will be continued next time.

Long Weekend is Coming!

August 29 and 30, 2011 are declared are working holidays!

Why a holiday?

August 29 is declared as National Heroes Day and August 30 is the end of the holy fasting of our Islam brothers and sister.

President Noynoy Aquino declared it through Proclamation No. 234, that August 30 as a holiday “to promote cultural understanding and integration, the entire Filipino nation should have the full opportunity to join their Muslim brothers and sisters in the observance and celebration of Eid’l Fitr.”

It is good to go out.  Weeks ago, I thought me and a friend can go to Bukidnon but the plan will be moved to September.  So hopefully by Sunday I can think where I would go for the next two days.  ^^

Off to Tinago Falls & Maria Christina Falls w/ IBS Members

The Iligan Bloggers Society in cooperation with the City Tourism will be going out on a Familiarization Tour tomorrow.  I don’t have a detail list of the places we are going to visit but surely we will be going to Tinago Falls and Maria Christina Falls.

I’ve already been to this places.  Twice in Tinago and I many times in Maria Christina Falls.  The only difference this time is that, I will be going with new found Iligan friendships.  Thanks to blogging or else I will never be able to meet and hangout with my IBS friends.

The last time i was at Maria Christina was last year when the ACSCU-AAI came to revisit for the Level II accreditation of the School of Nursing.

I’d like also to join this opportunity because as an Iliganon by blood, it seems it must be a must to be familiar with the places that will showcase the hospitality of the Iligan people.  All my life, i’ve grown in this city, but there are still many places in this city – far and near that I never ever set foot yet.  So, I am happy that this group, the IBS schedules trips like this and if I am available, I promise that i’ll surely tag along.

We have a good weather these days (no rain) and that also means the temperature is very high even before mid day.  So to protect my skin from the destructive rays of the sun, i might use the mineral foundation that a friend gave me. But I also want to look natural meaning not messy after a long hike, so i will see tomorrow what would really be my get up.

I am going to bed after this post because i have to get up early to prepare my food. We are going to eat our lunch in the NPC Nature Park —

over there…(pointing down to the right) ^^

I have a hard time looking for my Tinago Falls photos. It is just somehwere here but I don’t have much time to go through all my files.  Don’t worry tomorrow, I will be taking brand new photos — and surely I am going to share it with all of you.

Thank you DARE

DARE means Dietary Approach to Reduce Excess Weight.  A program made by the Nutrition and Dietetics Department of Mindanao Sanitarium and Hospital   Thanks to DARE because it is a fun way to bit by bit shed the excess pounds.  It is fun because it is done with friends.  We challenge each other to really stick to the diet plan.  So far am doing good.  My tummy size has shrink.   I am given 42 weeks and now am on the 40th week.  Two weeks has passed and still I haven’t gained back what I lost during the experimental program.  If i will couple this program with exercise I know that the effect would be more visible at a short time.  I now have a sauna suite that hasn’t been worn since i purchased it.  I also thought of buying a yoga mat so that i can do some yoga at home. I am still asking my other girl friends if they want to buy so that we can buy together.

I just turned 39 lately and I hope that by the time I reach 40, have lost most of the excess pounds. I like the thought of Getting Fit to Forty. ^^

Green Monday # 16

A glimpse of the city hall grounds one morning. I think it’s really great to go up there every morning for an exercise. ^^



–Me and my friends used to run up and down this stairs the last time we went there for an exercise.–


I love a place that there is much greenery.  It  helps in cooling days when the temperature is so high.  One of these places here in Iligan City is the city hall.  No wonder, many comes to this place to spend the afternoon to stroll and watch the sun set.