“I am engaged!”

I look forward to the time when i can really shout that 3-word complete sentence.  I wonder when will that be but I am sure it is going to happen.  Not in second life but in my life now.  I am engaged in the second life, and I am not sure if there would still be proposal in the second life.    Anyway, talking about my future engagement announcement, I am hoping that my beau would pick me a ring recommended in the makemyegagementring.com catalog. Their site offers advices that every couple should know. They advice on what is the right stone for her and her personality.

I am Lioness because I was born on a July 23. Anyone born from July 23 until August 23 is a part of the zodiac sign Leo which is symbolized by a lion. According to Zodiac meanings, leo people are very passionate, independent, and confident. I agree! I have known many Leo’s that are very passionate in something that they do.

My love should check out at that site the kind of stones that is advisable for a Leo person like me.  He has to chose from Onyx, Topaz, Sardonyx, Carnelian and Tourmalin.  My birthstone is Ruby so the engagement ring stone can be just any from the above mentioned precious stones with silver band.

I am imagining that day in the future, now..and it’s bringing a smile to my sleepy face.

Green Monday # 15

GREEN should be part of our daily diet.

Thanks to DARE! I had greens everyday for the last seven days. I so love my feeling. I got 42 weeks to go for me to reach my ideal weight. Right diet plus exercise the dietician is sure I could make it.

Tomorrow we will be presented during the morning devotional.

Forming a Green Habit

Everyone needs an orientation on the segregation of garbage.  I do appreciate those who does the segregation without being push and much encouragement because they themselves know that it’s one way to help our mother nature.   Here in our area, it’s not everyday the garbage truck driven by men who did some dump truck jobs before then landed driving that huge green truck. Since they don’t come by daily, each family can have time to still segregate their garbage. I even heard that instead of throwing the cut grass and twigs in the garbage truck, these natural elements can be buried.

Here in our dormitory, there is a janitor who daily throws out our garbage in one area.  They then segregate the garbage before another truck picks it up.  It may sound messy and yucky for some, but it’s better this way than swimming in a sea of garbage during flood time.

A Birthday Giveway

Someone is celebrating her birthday this week and that is no other than the Joanne Gonzales of Zowanderer. Because it is her birthday she made this little giveway to make her blog readers happy.

To join, the mechanics are so easy as 1-2-3.

1. Answer the question “Where is the name “Bebang” came from? and post it as a blog entry with a link to this giveaway. (5 points if you get it right, 3 points if not).

2. Subscribe to her feed. (1 point)

3. Like her FB page. (1 point)

4. Follow her blog through GFC. (1 point)

The price:

Winners will be picked randomly. I like to have the spray and that necklace thing. I thought i could have the puppy. Anyway, here’s my answer to her question before i drool over her prizes ~~

“Where is the name “Bebang” came from?

My guess is that “bebang” is a combination of you and your boyfriend’s love name for each other. Or when at the moment you saw the cute puppy, the puppy pooed! and you scream to your partner — BE, NALIBANG!

Birthdays always make me reflective. What are we doing to improve ourselves? There are lots of opportunities in the online world of education.   Get ideas at Guide to Online Schools and then check out how to apply for student loans. Maybe knowledge would be the best gift of all especially for me, whose birthday is also on July 23 and who did not enroll this semester. I better act now so that i can when second semester comes.