“I am engaged!”

I look forward to the time when i can really shout that 3-word complete sentence.  I wonder when will that be but I am sure it is going to happen.  Not in second life but in my life now.  I am engaged in the second life, and I am not sure if there would still… Continue Reading

Green Monday # 15

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GREEN should be part of our daily diet. Thanks to DARE! I had greens everyday for the last seven days. I so love my feeling. I got 42 weeks to go for me to reach my ideal weight. Right diet plus exercise the dietician is sure I could make it. Tomorrow we will be presented… Continue Reading

Forming a Green Habit

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Everyone needs an orientation on the segregation of garbage.  I do appreciate those who does the segregation without being push and much encouragement because they themselves know that it’s one way to help our mother nature.   Here in our area, it’s not everyday the garbage truck driven by men who did some dump truck jobs… Continue Reading

A Birthday Giveway

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Someone is celebrating her birthday this week and that is no other than the Joanne Gonzales of Zowanderer. Because it is her birthday she made this little giveway to make her blog readers happy. To join, the mechanics are so easy as 1-2-3. Mechanics: 1. Answer the question “Where is the name “Bebang” came from?… Continue Reading

Re-posting Best Sky Watch Photos

I just got back from the main blog of sky watch photos and i read that they are encourages members to re-post their old “best sky photos”… That made me think yeah it would be good but for sure it will take time for me to do that since I have made 117 posts plus… Continue Reading

A Skywatch Come Back? (SWF # 118)

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I checked out my category on Sky Watch and I discovered I have 117 posts. So it means I posted 117 times sky photos for SWF. Honestly, I miss doing this. The last post was in March this year and just eventually stop because of unreliable internet connection. This meme is well loved by many… Continue Reading

Tripping to Hindang Falls

Awhile ago, some of my friends started a trip to Hindang Falls.  One of Iligan waterfalls listed in its directory.   I could have gone if I am not on the diet program.  Our breakfast today was vegetables, tomato salad and 2 pcs of toasted bread.  Their would be a two hour hiking during the trip… Continue Reading

Travel Aid

I overheard my friends talking about their driving experience in the United States of America. A couple did not ever plan of driving there because they are not scared as the vehicles there ran so fast and they were used to 60 miles per hour here in this country where some people are not so… Continue Reading