Green Monday# 13

I love shady places especially if the temperature is high. Yesterday i was out at a friend’s home and i like their front part of the house because there were several big and tall trees that it shaded their veranda.

I wish I am a bird perched on top this tree.  When I am, for sure I am not perspiring. ^^


This oil painting art hanged in the receiving room always get my attention.  I love the green in it.  For sure this is a bard and i can imagine the day is cloudy and i would love to lay down on the grass (face up) and paint a farm in the sky.  🙂  Don’t you love the green in it?  Looks so real.


NOTE: all photos are mine and not up for stealing.  please ask permission or link back you like to use them.  Thank you.

My Fashion Blog

Have you visited my fashion blog called – My Fashion Sense. It was not regularly updated but it was hacked last night. I bet it was detected early because not a single post has been removed yet. It is not an earning blog but I also don’t like it to be stolen just like that. Good thing my every great web host is so quick in fixing things and in just a couple of minutes my blog got back to normal.

In the coming days, I will be posting some of my new grabs – footwears! i love foot wears and i never get bored of them. I bought two last Thursday. I wish I am as slim as my daughter so that I can also enjoy hip hop clothes . My body size does not look nice with hip hop clothes anymore. My daughter is still okey but it’s not encouraged in their school. To me hip hop styles are nice for young boys.

Learning Online

Thanks to modern times, there are more opportunities now to continue one’s education or to get a degree.  All one needs is time and money.  If you have money but does not have the time then an online education is a nice choice.  You can take up online business degrees and can later proceed to Masters and still study online. If you don’t have enough money for online learning, then you can look for schools that accepts you for a part time study and part time work basis.

I worked all my way to college. Have been working even while still in High School. Working and study enabled me to manage my time wisely. So now, working from home and studying online can be a nice tandem.
So probably, after settling my INC at CU, will inquire more about this online education.