How to Avoid Pimples

I am allergy to too much protein and I know i have much of it because my skin breaks and pimples just will just grow. Not one or two but many. if untreated, it grows to acne size. So to beat off the allergy and inflammatory reaction, i eat any anti-allergy pill to combat it…. Continue Reading

Just Beautiful # 10


  I think taking the long zips in Bukidnon is just a beautiful experience. That is not me in the photo.  I was the one who took this but then i was wishing that moment that I will also be pictured at when i take my zip the next day. =)

Travelling Again Soon

I am going to travel again soon. Very soon actually. So I am doing all my tasks as much as I can so that my mind will be free from pending tasks. After work today, i went to GM to have my pedicure and i totally forgot about side-tripping to the Post Office. Since I… Continue Reading

Earlier the Better

A blogger friend is trying to convince me online to enroll my daughter for a life insurance.  Because I just can’t make a budget for it anytime, he mentioned to me about term insurance . I told him to come and meet me up and explain to me the details in personal because I experience… Continue Reading

A Heater is On

One thing nice about the accommodation at the Saddle Ridge camp was their bathroom have heaters that if you like bathing at anytime of the day, sun in sun out you will have a comfortable warmth of water. I haven’t checked on what’s the source of their heater, maybe they have infrared heater installed. Next… Continue Reading

Trip to Spain

A friend of mine traveled to Spain last February because their company joined in the product exhibit joined by 15 countries mostly from Europe and Asia.  He said that he has learned so much there and have gotten ideas on how to improve their product more so that it would please their customers more.  It… Continue Reading

Saddle Ridge Camp


If you like to have a break away from the huzz and buzz of the city, and enjoy the time with nature, then Dahilayan Adventure Zone is one of the places to visit when you are here in Northern Mindanao. Since the time i posted my photos at FB taken during the Spiritual Retreat, several… Continue Reading