How to Avoid Pimples

I am allergy to too much protein and I know i have much of it because my skin breaks and pimples just will just grow. Not one or two but many. if untreated, it grows to acne size. So to beat off the allergy and inflammatory reaction, i eat any anti-allergy pill to combat it. So far, am doing good. And thanks to the article on how to get rid of pimples overnight that i’ve read or else until now am still having big as in big red juicy pimples on my face. lol!

For now, my dilemma is just on how to get rid of the scars. I still haven’t read about it.

Travelling Again Soon

I am going to travel again soon. Very soon actually. So I am doing all my tasks as much as I can so that my mind will be free from pending tasks.

After work today, i went to GM to have my pedicure and i totally forgot about side-tripping to the Post Office. Since I will be leaving this weekend I should check out mails at the post office. I have to complete my review tasks too like yok3d reviews so that the pressure would be less.

I love traveling as it destresses me. The effect of always on the go soothes my tired soul. May another visit to Cebu City this weekend will truly be a fun-filled one.

Earlier the Better

A blogger friend is trying to convince me online to enroll my daughter for a life insurance.  Because I just can’t make a budget for it anytime, he mentioned to me about term insurance . I told him to come and meet me up and explain to me the details in personal because I experience low data absorption when I am at work and multi-tasking. 🙂 He said the earlier I enroll my daughter, the lesser would be the premium depending on the category of maturity I will be choosing.

Personally, I am not enrolled in any life insurance. I have a couple of accident insurance though but he is telling me it’s not enough. Life insurance is better for the convenience of my family if we got to leave this world anytime. OH my gosh..when he said that, i feel my hairs stood up in its end. lol!

So later this week, we will meet up at Mandarin, GM.