How to Avoid Pimples

I am allergy to too much protein and I know i have much of it because my skin breaks and pimples just will just grow. Not one or two but many. if untreated, it grows to acne size. So to beat off the allergy and inflammatory reaction, i eat any anti-allergy pill to combat it. So far, am doing good. And thanks to the article on how to get rid of pimples overnight that i’ve read or else until now am still having big as in big red juicy pimples on my face. lol!

For now, my dilemma is just on how to get rid of the scars. I still haven’t read about it.

Travelling Again Soon

I am going to travel again soon. Very soon actually. So I am doing all my tasks as much as I can so that my mind will be free from pending tasks.

After work today, i went to GM to have my pedicure and i totally forgot about side-tripping to the Post Office. Since I will be leaving this weekend I should check out mails at the post office. I have to complete my review tasks too like yok3d reviews so that the pressure would be less.

I love traveling as it destresses me. The effect of always on the go soothes my tired soul. May another visit to Cebu City this weekend will truly be a fun-filled one.

Earlier the Better

A blogger friend is trying to convince me online to enroll my daughter for a life insurance.  Because I just can’t make a budget for it anytime, he mentioned to me about term insurance . I told him to come and meet me up and explain to me the details in personal because I experience low data absorption when I am at work and multi-tasking. 🙂 He said the earlier I enroll my daughter, the lesser would be the premium depending on the category of maturity I will be choosing.

Personally, I am not enrolled in any life insurance. I have a couple of accident insurance though but he is telling me it’s not enough. Life insurance is better for the convenience of my family if we got to leave this world anytime. OH my gosh..when he said that, i feel my hairs stood up in its end. lol!

So later this week, we will meet up at Mandarin, GM.

Green Monday – @ Sunken Cemetery, Camiguin Island



The first time i set foot in this place was in summer 2008. The first thing that pop into my mind was “am gonna get married here”! lol! I love the greens. The area was wide enough for a big and elegant lawn wedding.

This place is at the sunken church/cemetery in Camiguin Island. 🙂  The sea and the cemetery is a few steps walk from this green lawn.

Thinking about that thought, i realized that I am not going to be married there anymore. There are so many great places for lawn weddings and everytime i see one, i wanted it to be at that place. hehehe

Fickleminded me eh.

A Heater is On

One thing nice about the accommodation at the Saddle Ridge camp was their bathroom have heaters that if you like bathing at anytime of the day, sun in sun out you will have a comfortable warmth of water. I haven’t checked on what’s the source of their heater, maybe they have infrared heater installed. Next time, ill come by, i will have it checked, not just at Saddle Ridge but also at the Pinegrove Hotel and the nearby resorts.

Trip to Spain

A friend of mine traveled to Spain last February because their company joined in the product exhibit joined by 15 countries mostly from Europe and Asia.  He said that he has learned so much there and have gotten ideas on how to improve their product more so that it would please their customers more.  It was only in that big exhibit that he saw Pop up trade show display and maybe in the next major exhibit they will do, he will make similar thing like that.

With his kind of job, he travels abroad several times a year. I think late this year he is slated to go to China to see trade exhibits related to interior designing and tiles.

I wish my job will also allow me to travel official. 🙂 For sure i would not feel burn out.

Saddle Ridge Camp

If you like to have a break away from the huzz and buzz of the city, and enjoy the time with nature, then Dahilayan Adventure Zone is one of the places to visit when you are here in Northern Mindanao.

Since the time i posted my photos at FB taken during the Spiritual Retreat, several people have been asking where was the place and how much to stay there.  To answer the inquiries, I am making this post.

Location: Barangay Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon


Cottage Rate: P1,500.00 good for 4 persons


~~New Buildking~~

Room Rate: P2,000 good for 4 persons

There is also this but i forgot to ask the rate:


They cater to big number of people just like our group.  But if you go in a small group like four persons, you can enjoy meals at Cowboy’s Grill.  Their menu prices are very affordable and I heard they have big and yummy servings.

There is also a little food shop just a few steps away from the gate of the Camp called Chef’s Favorite.  I looked at the menu written in their menu board, they serve food to satisfy your sweet tooth.

For more inquiries and reservation, you may call or text Nora in these numbers:

0922-8844856 or 63 922-8844856
0920-9615136 or 63 920-9615136