Green Monday # 7

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The view that greets me when i go out of our cottage door. We are currently in a beach resort and tomorrow is our last day. The next day we will be traveling back to Mindanao.

Anyway here are more greens:

When you approach the resort, you will observe that the place is being covered with GREENS – trees here and there. That is why it is so relaxing and so pleasant here to be in the midst of nature.

Some of the green plants around:

Green Monday # 6

Yesterday, my daughter and I arrived in Cebu City from Cagayan de Oro. It was a planned stopover so my cousin decided for a quick tour in some places here in the city. We went to 4 different places and one thing that was so obvious was — it was so hot! As in scorching hot. My arms are slightly burned that it feels irritated when touched with dry hands.

Our last itinerary was the Imperial Plaza Resort and Spa and the site of green is just a welcome site to the eyes.  Coconut trees swaying with the wind.  It feels so coo. just to behold it.



Nostalgia (my 29th)




I dunno if i have already shared this photo her in nostalgia.  But since it’s spring time in many parts of the world today I’d like to share this.  This is my favorite spring photo.  Taken in spring 2004 at the Chinese Botanical Garden in Shijiazhuang City.

I am glad i was taken a happy smile here but during this time I was sad because I was missing someone terribly.

I am Not Pregnant!

But i think I look like pregnant for many years now.  The result of mounting fat pads down there made my tummy looks like am having a baby.  Being medium built,  i feel so conscious of my tummy fat pads.  But in spite anxiousness, I have not done much effort in toning it.  And since my medium built looked like am large, i stopped buying jeans.  I just feel that jeans takes the breath out of me so I settle on dresses and one of my weakness are maternity clothes . There are just so many stylish maternity clothes that i love its fit on me.

Sample cuts are the follwing:


I love the simple cut and this costs $39.00.  How i wish i haven’t sucked out every dollar in my Paypal account.


This on sale now @ $29.00


Okey, let me get this straight, I am not pregnant yet i love maternity fashion. =)

Green Monday # 5


The rice fields of Mindanao Mission Academy,
my high school Alma Mater,


my daughter’s current school.

The fields at the back of the cafeteria.

In my four years stay in the campus, i’ve stepped foot there once only, and we saw rattle snake.

These photos are taken by my daughter and these are SOOC. Straight out from the Camera.  Never edited except for the size.


Saving Formula

For several times, I am told of the golden saving formula which is is INCOME LESS SAVINGS = EXPENSES.  When most of us use Income less expenses then what remains is for savings.   I know of many and even me myself cannot follow the golden rule of saving.  But i know too of people who faithfully apply this formula in their every life and they are doing great.

One downpoint why people are having a hard time doing the savings and what’s left is for the paying up of bills is — they don’t live within their means.  At times they they spend more than what they earn and that is a majority weakness.

A friend of mine complained about the mounting of bills.  Both she herself and her hubby are using their credit cards endlessly.  They have 3 cars and with the bills mounting and less income, they thought they will let go with one of the cars.  Just for their cars alone, they have to spend thousand of dollars for insurances and gas.  Luckily thought she is subscribed to one of the cheapest car insurance offered. So that cut out a few hundreds in their budget for transportation expenses.   Cars in the US is not a luxury.  It is a necessity.  It is not a sin though if you think of your several cars as your luxury as long as you can afford them.

Now, I am always whispering a prayer for my friend because of her stress, she and her husband is always on heated arguments.  Poor Sandra!