Green Monday # 7

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The view that greets me when i go out of our cottage door. We are currently in a beach resort and tomorrow is our last day. The next day we will be traveling back to Mindanao.

Anyway here are more greens:

When you approach the resort, you will observe that the place is being covered with GREENS – trees here and there. That is why it is so relaxing and so pleasant here to be in the midst of nature.

Some of the green plants around:

Green Monday # 6

Yesterday, my daughter and I arrived in Cebu City from Cagayan de Oro. It was a planned stopover so my cousin decided for a quick tour in some places here in the city. We went to 4 different places and one thing that was so obvious was — it was so hot! As in scorching hot. My arms are slightly burned that it feels irritated when touched with dry hands.

Our last itinerary was the Imperial Plaza Resort and Spa and the site of green is just a welcome site to the eyes.  Coconut trees swaying with the wind.  It feels so coo. just to behold it.