Shampooed and Trimmed

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  That’s my hair when i had the latest trimming at the hair parlor. Looks straight!  They just had it shampooed, dried and then trimmed.  I ordered for trimming because it’s been almost two years since the last time i had it trimmed.  And thank God in spite of a few split ends, my hair… Continue Reading

Green Monday # 3


  Some green scenes during my trip to Olongapo City last year.I was sleeping most of the travel time but woke up just on time to see this beautiful view. I really dunno what’s the name of this little mountain. I am not sure if it is Mt. Arayat or what but we passed this… Continue Reading

IC Problem Solution

Since i came to stay inside the campus, the internet connection problem was a pain in my head.  It was a problem that I wish to solve right away but i don’t like to make drastic moves for it might cost me additional money – money that is not yet found.  Meaning i don’t like… Continue Reading

Coin & Bank Notes Collection

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I’ve been collecting these stuff several years back.  And it became so inspiring after i worked in China.  While in China, i received a complete set of coins and banknotes (100 Baht the highest) from Bangkok. For awhile it’s not being touched nor i put in some additionals.  Coin and bank notes collection is a… Continue Reading

Just Beautiful # 6

    can anyone tell me the name of this beautiful flower? I bet there is a white of this, too.  A common plant but i dunno the name.

Comfortable Sleeping Quarters

When I am home I make sure that my sleeping area would be a comfortable place.  As a coastal city, it cannot be avoided that almost everyday humidity.  Humidity gets worst when there are blackouts because their would be no fan nor airconditioner.  All we can grab is a fan and then wear some clothes… Continue Reading

Nostalgia (my 27th)

This is one of my “DURING SARS” photos. I was in mainland China when SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) broke out there.  It was one of my unforgetables of that country particularly Shijiazhuang City.  We were out of work for 3 months.  Our employer , Paul, was so pathetic that he cut our contract 3… Continue Reading

Good Bedroom Lighting

Since i moved in my current corner of the bedroom, I have insufficient lighting for late nights study or work.  The ceiling lamp is not above directly my bed nor my table, so when i work or read late my eyes often gave me the thought that i need to buy a table lamp. Not… Continue Reading