Shampooed and Trimmed


That’s my hair when i had the latest trimming at the hair parlor.

Looks straight!  They just had it shampooed, dried and then trimmed.  I ordered for trimming because it’s been almost two years since the last time i had it trimmed.  And thank God in spite of a few split ends, my hair still looks healthy.  The lady who took care of my hair even told me that my hair is still  a virgin. lol!  That means never been permed, rebonded, and curled.  I told her only colored bt the last was 5 years ago.    The only complain i have now is that my hair is thinning that i need some hair loss products. One of these days when i have enough money i will try for a hair spa and then hair treatment at least several times in a year.

Green Monday # 3


Some green scenes during my trip to Olongapo City last year.I was sleeping most of the travel time but woke up just on time to see this beautiful view. I really dunno what’s the name of this little mountain. I am not sure if it is Mt. Arayat or what but we passed this while on our way to Subic, Olongapo City.

I just love the green fields against the grey skies. A storm was threatening and yes it rained. That dwarfed the idea of swimming with Mitch and family and some of our Kuro kapatid.

Just a road side full of greens just before entering the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

Their healthy Chilli Plant. Mitch daughter told me that she eats chilli because she is Indian. Her daughter is really cute and talkative you will lose your shyness once she get comfortable with you. =)

IC Problem Solution

Since i came to stay inside the campus, the internet connection problem was a pain in my head.  It was a problem that I wish to solve right away but i don’t like to make drastic moves for it might cost me additional money – money that is not yet found.  Meaning i don’t like additional expense.  If i stay at home, the internet connection can just be reconnected as am subscribed to PLDT myDSL.  But I cannot have the same connection inside the campus because i don’t like to pull out the phone from home.

One of the occupants in the boys dormitory approached me last semester and told me that he is planning to subscribe to an internet connection with wireless routers. He then asks if I am interested to join in so that we can share the pay. I said yes of course and I hope that next week, as the Summer classes will begin, Jaymark will also work out his application with the internet provider.

I am so excited! But should keep my cool or else i might be jinxed.

Coin & Bank Notes Collection

I’ve been collecting these stuff several years back.  And it became so inspiring after i worked in China.  While in China, i received a complete set of coins and banknotes (100 Baht the highest) from Bangkok. For awhile it’s not being touched nor i put in some additionals.  Coin and bank notes collection is a bit expensive hobby because the posting costs more money compared to mailing post cards.  So when i read about challenge coins I have to read it right away because it it might be an additional tips on how to collect more coins from all over the world. Oh my when i checked it out it awed me. It’s a another type of coin collection. I wonder if each state of America got a coin that represents their state. Oh i’ll check with the customer service. Check it out as it is a wonderful collection.  It’s indeed a challenging type of coin collection.