Just Beautiful # 3

A Wednesday photo meme that depicts something that is JUST BEAUTIFUL. Be it an old or new photo taken by you. Grab your mouse and join us by clicking the above widget. =)

I am still on my third. I missed this last week when my week was super busy. Anyhow, let me share to you one of the beautiful nature shots i took that Thursday:

If you have time to visit Maria Cristina Falls in Iligan, this is not the usual view. Last Thurday afternoon, i went along the group that brought our visitors to see the falls and also Timoga Pool. We were so happy to have one of the right persons who can request for a full blast of the falls, so we had this view for 1 minute only. It was so nice.

It was a rainy afternoon when we went out there so the place was foggy. Good thing the fog did not cover majestic view of the water.

7 thoughts on “Just Beautiful # 3

  1. I went to the timoga pool because my relatives are from Kolambugan but we were not able to get to that beautiful Ma. Cristina Falls, sigh visiting here through bloggers exchange

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