GREEN is the Color of Love

February 25, 2011 was declared holiday for schools and i was so happy because Thursday is last day of work. When i heard that there is a tree planting on that day and open for everyone (non student) i volunteered to go.  At least i got something to do instead of just lazing up in bed until half of the morning is over.

I wanna share some photos taken that morning and let the photos tell its story although i may add some comments or description to tell the whole story.

A plant a Tree Save a Soul project sponsored by the Junior Commerce International.  This project is not just a tree planting project but they monitor what they planted until it is full grown.  This program wanted to tell the world through our communities that we should be environmental conscious to improve global warming.

The “plastic-free Iligan” was also being mentioned and i hope that will be materialized.  To support that program must start within ourselves.  What we do can cause a ripple effect so if ever we personally is environment conscious, people around us will get the idea and also will apply it themselves.  We can start it by using green cleaning products at home. In this way, we support environment friendly products.

A Mahogany tree seedling

– The tree given to me to be planted. Actually one of the trees. I had two. –

– Me planting my tree. –
Below that spot is a stream and two meters away from this spot is also a coconut tree. Down by the stream is a house.

I am hoping that in years time if ever i can have the chance to visit the place, i can still that tree grown big and strong.

Thank you JCI Iligan for the invitation extended to the schools.  We look forward to your next invitation. =)  Keep up the good work!

Just Beautiful # 3

A Wednesday photo meme that depicts something that is JUST BEAUTIFUL. Be it an old or new photo taken by you. Grab your mouse and join us by clicking the above widget. =)

I am still on my third. I missed this last week when my week was super busy. Anyhow, let me share to you one of the beautiful nature shots i took that Thursday:

If you have time to visit Maria Cristina Falls in Iligan, this is not the usual view. Last Thurday afternoon, i went along the group that brought our visitors to see the falls and also Timoga Pool. We were so happy to have one of the right persons who can request for a full blast of the falls, so we had this view for 1 minute only. It was so nice.

It was a rainy afternoon when we went out there so the place was foggy. Good thing the fog did not cover majestic view of the water.

Sick of my size

Almost. At times i thought am just okey with my current size but i realized now that it’s better off am smaller or let’s say fit. I think am so big now, the biggest in my batch. So sad. But i will have to see my doctor because she might have have any idea on what fat burners that work for me. For sure she will know if I need one now or i still need to lose a bit of weight through diet or exercise and then take on that pill. It is not good to just gobble any pill anytime. It’s not good for the heart.

The above scenario happened weeks ago when one of my galfriends came to me to share her thoughts. She is very depressed like me but of course she is bigger than me. I told her not to worry because I am with her and in spite of our huge size, we still look cute and beautiful. No one can take away our beauty and even our sexyness.

But really if this scene will continue playing in my mind, it convinces me that i really need to work out to lose weight. We are very prone to any obesity related diseases.

Oh we still don’t like to die young.

Presidential Suite

The fourth floor of the Annex Building is almost up for patient’s use.  That floor used to be our dormitory and now it’s almost ready to receive patients.  The rooms are called Presidential Suite and of course the rate lives up to its name.  When we had our bayanihan last month, I saw that they have used glass tile in their bathrooms that you could feel it is like living in a hotel. Very very nice. One day if ever i get to build my dream home, if i can’t have the whole place covered with glass tiles, at least the bathroom should be. I like my bathroom to be big because i like to have have a mini library in it – a cozy room to stay when all the other rooms in the house are crowded.

I dunno when would i start working for this dream but if ever it has to be in few years time, I will make sure that i hire a very responsible and professional architect and of course a qualified interior designer.

Nostalgia (my 25th)



My College graduation day was the last day of October 1994. I tried to look my best that day and this is just my best. I did not buy any new dress because it won’t still be appreciated because we will be wearing a toga.

Closing exercises begins Friday evening for the Consecration evening then the Baccalaureate Saturday morning and followed by Tribute to Parents Saturday afternoon. Graduates and parents and friends witness this special program of ours. The big day then is SUNDAY.

The photo above is a remembrance of “i already look my best” shot.” After this shot, i took my toga and went to the Alumni Church.

I have a separate album for my College graduation but i can only share a few here. I took a photo (macro settings) of my photos so please the picture is not really at its best.

Here are some more photos:

Me with Ma’am Melgar.  My ever kind shorthand teacher.
She is our shorthand teacher from basics to intermediate.

That is her grand daughter with her, Lorena.

With some business office ladies.

On my left is Melody Jumantoc and Ate Indai Caballero
They are my inspiration these times as my bf and I broke up during my last semester in College
On my right is Arlene Toledanes.  We have same names.
We worked together in the DSF office (me for my work education grade and hers as an SA)

With Vanni (Giovanni)

Thinking back, we were close during my last semester because we were classmates in one of the Bible or Health subjects.  He and Dexter Nermal were my buddies.  One thing i can remember about this time, i don’t eat so much because i was heartbroken so, Vanni used to borrow my meal ticket.  I really did not mind.

All the above photos were taken before the program started and after the program started.  I have many photos that day.  I was officially single but i thought that my heart still belongs to someone.  Feeling high though in spite we were not on because we have talked Thursday night before my parent’s arrival.

I have photos taken with my roommates, with my teachers, with my first love (he was there as his brother also graduated), the above guy, my buddy that time but turned out the father of my first child and also JM – the guy whom i thought my heart still belongs too.  Taking photo with JM was so funny.

Graduation memories — all nice except one.

Being a WAHM…a wish

This is a wish am making this year.  The thought of many of my friends working at home also make me sigh a wish that hopefully one day, I will be brave enough to quit work and then be a full time worker from home.  The only thing that makes me scared is my tech skills which up to this time is still below average.  Being a WAFHM makes me unfocused in blogging hobbies.  As there are times when the fun of doing things is not fun anymore because I am already pressured to really visit people to create enough traffic.

There are many friends i know who are working comfortably inside the comforts of their home but they are bright ones and is earning 3-4 digits salary every month and that is in dollars.  I still can’t do that.  Except for the sheriff tasks and the direct offers to do some reviews like hgh so I can say this is an additional income of which it can help me make ends met as my main salary is not that big.

I still need to go into seminars and have a one on one tutorial then maybe after that i can decide.  For now, my status is still a WAFHM.

Three Memes Missed

I missed two memes aw three memes for this blog this week.  One is the Nostalgia on a Wednesday, then the Just Beautiful also for Wednesday and the Sky Watching on Friday.

I really had a stressful week last week and as of now I am trying to enjoy a relaxing weekend.  I look forward to a less stressful week at work next week and I hope that i will take time to visit the gym.  For sure this time am gonna make it!

Looking Natural

Thanks to acne pills i tried before, i only got scars in my face. I only used them for a couple of months, with an effort to avoid fatty foods, sweet foods, salty and spicy foods. I think it did well on me. How i wish it also does the same with my daughter but she is still too young to use any acne pills. My wish for her is that one day, her face will look naturally sweet and acne free.

I took this shot while killing time at the airport’s ground last Monday.  Most of the time, being bored allows you to click and click the camera.  So this shot is one of them and then being filtered using photoshop.