GREEN is the Color of Love

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February 25, 2011 was declared holiday for schools and i was so happy because Thursday is last day of work. When i heard that there is a tree planting on that day and open for everyone (non student) i volunteered to go.  At least i got something to do instead of just lazing up in… Continue Reading

Just Beautiful # 3


A Wednesday photo meme that depicts something that is JUST BEAUTIFUL. Be it an old or new photo taken by you. Grab your mouse and join us by clicking the above widget. =) I am still on my third. I missed this last week when my week was super busy. Anyhow, let me share to… Continue Reading

Sick of my size

Almost. At times i thought am just okey with my current size but i realized now that it’s better off am smaller or let’s say fit. I think am so big now, the biggest in my batch. So sad. But i will have to see my doctor because she might have have any idea on… Continue Reading

Presidential Suite

The fourth floor of the Annex Building is almost up for patient’s use.  That floor used to be our dormitory and now it’s almost ready to receive patients.  The rooms are called Presidential Suite and of course the rate lives up to its name.  When we had our bayanihan last month, I saw that they… Continue Reading

Nostalgia (my 25th)


GRADUATION DAY! My College graduation day was the last day of October 1994. I tried to look my best that day and this is just my best. I did not buy any new dress because it won’t still be appreciated because we will be wearing a toga. Closing exercises begins Friday evening for the Consecration… Continue Reading

Being a WAHM…a wish

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This is a wish am making this year.  The thought of many of my friends working at home also make me sigh a wish that hopefully one day, I will be brave enough to quit work and then be a full time worker from home.  The only thing that makes me scared is my tech… Continue Reading

Three Memes Missed

I missed two memes aw three memes for this blog this week.  One is the Nostalgia on a Wednesday, then the Just Beautiful also for Wednesday and the Sky Watching on Friday. I really had a stressful week last week and as of now I am trying to enjoy a relaxing weekend.  I look forward… Continue Reading

Looking Natural

Thanks to acne pills i tried before, i only got scars in my face. I only used them for a couple of months, with an effort to avoid fatty foods, sweet foods, salty and spicy foods. I think it did well on me. How i wish it also does the same with my daughter but… Continue Reading