Program Invitation

The striping caduceus investiture was out Wednesday afternoon and i was wowed of their their style and their theme color. It looks a bit “too much” for a very simple occasion. It was beautifully made though. I asked them where they had it made and it’s one of those shops in the city. I asked them if they have check out shops online like the one that makes baby shower invitations because if they did they they could have ordered a very simple one fitted for the occasion.

One of the CI’s just gave birth last month and possibly next month they will dedicate the baby in church.  They plan for a celebration and invite some friends.  So this shower invitation i saw is just so timely to be shown to them.

One day in December 2010

The dark clouds threatened us to leave the waters that early evening. But we prayed it would be driven away by the wind because the kids planned to have a bonfire later after dinner.

That’s my girl and her cousins. =)

It was a beautiful sunset although a storm was threatening.

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Thanks to the sky watch team for this great photo meme:

NosTalgia (my 22nd)


I saw these couple birds at the Paradise Island Resort in Davao City. Me and my bff stayed overnight in that wonderful place. We were walking towards our cottage and these two were so busy flirting with each other that they did not realized that we were around. They did not flew far away when we got near there.

Taken August 2006
Paradise Island
Davao City

OWM – Holding on to my nose

Our Weekend Memoirs

I looked forward to weekend because i know I am going to see my daughter in the school.

Then from their school i went directly to GM to pick some vegetables.

I had in mind to cook mixed-veges with tokwa.

I was not already feeling well when i went to see my girl. Friday night, i really feeling sick. Next day, i want to miss church service, but decided to fight back the sickness. I went out holding on to my nose because it loves runnin. (runny nose)

Here’s a photo of me:

Fake smile?

So tired.