Outdoor Moment

I spent some time here early part of the morning while the sun was not yet too hot to expose myself.  The water is still far so i decide to laze around here.  They have the mat but i forgot to borrow one of those Luxury towels they have so that the laxing would be… Continue Reading

Christmas Day 2010


Christmas Day 2010 was spent away from home. Dimple and I spent it in one of the resort islands in Bohol. Christmas night was spent away from the loud blasts of Christmas firecrackers that fills the city air. What i love about it was the simple but special dinner of fish steak and jackfruit salad… Continue Reading

12 Days and Counting

We are away from my hometown for 12 days.  Six days has already passed and we are counting to the 12.  How i wish time would stop so that it would be forever holiday and there is no work but just live a life with no pressure.  But life is not like that. It’s our… Continue Reading

Nostalgia (my 20th)

Christmas 2004 Location: Zhangjiakou Vocational and Technical College –school officials and students from other departments/schools were invited to witness the First Christmas program of the school and headed by the English Department. Each class presented a part to serve as their examination. The head of our Department, Penny Liu gave the welcome remarks.  She said… Continue Reading

Traveling from Cagayan de Oro to Cebu City

Daughter and I left Iligan City almost 6 in the evening.  Sounds quite late but the boat was scheduled to depart at 10:45 pm.  Dimple and I boarded the Rural Transit because there was no gray bus at the Super 5 station. We arrived a little bit before 8 pm so we just took a… Continue Reading

Sky Watching – December 10, 2010


I was in the sky that day. There was a storm before my flight at 4:30 that is why the flight was delayed sometime.  So the photos i will be sharing is of thick clouds.  I saw a bit of the sun beyond those thick clouds. 🙂 Photos are SOOC but resize. Photos for: Thanks… Continue Reading

Wholesale Pricing

I just came from Bangkok and i have seen that buy and sell goods like garments and fashion bags and shoes is a very good business venture.  The whole sale price is very low that when the product reaches here you still can gain even though you won’t let it in level with the mall… Continue Reading