Nostalgia (My 18th)



I got this Christmas decor from a friend who went to England to study. When he came home to visit in 2004, he came to visit me in my apartment and gave me this. So cute and I still have it until now. What i find funny was that thing got a stamped with a sticker that says: Made in China. He bought it in England and brought it home to China to give it to me. 🙂

I find made in china exported stuff more durable than their products for local use.

5 thoughts on “Nostalgia (My 18th)

  1. haha! that is funny! markets around the world are flooded with products made in China. actually, my young nephew once asked if Santa Claus lives in China because all the toys he received for Christmas were made in China. LOL

  2. That is what I noticed too. Everything seemed to be made in china. You can find imported stuff in ukay-ukay. lol. That was thoughtful of your friend who gave you such beautiful gift.

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