Dona Nobis Pacem (2010)

arlenes peace globe 2010 copy

Let there be peace in our world today and the days to come.

I am humming this song today – John Lennon’s IMAGINE.

Thank you Mimi of Bloggingham for untiringly hosted  Blog Blast for peace for many years now.  It’s my 3rd year and am loving the chance of sharing the peace greetings to others all over the world!

Please leave your link if you are joining this peace blast today so that i can visit you anytime if not today.

9 thoughts on “Dona Nobis Pacem (2010)

  1. @Anndi – it’s really possible especially if we start peace within ourselves. we think and act in peace, for peace, and peacefully. 🙂

  2. Found you from the Dona Nobis Pacem. I love your site. I’m going to poke around a little bit, but don’t worry I’ll put everything back where I found it!!

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