Sunset & Paseo del Mar

It was a very humid afternoon.  The sun was so bright yet it was so cloudy that the sunset was not that glorious.  I hope you will enjoy the following photos:

IMG_2851 watermarked

The sun  was still abit bright but surrounded by the grey skies.
Camera set to sunset mode.

IMG_2872 watermarked

The weather was cloudy during the 4 days we were at Zamboanga City.  We were not able to take a very nice golden sunset yet we had wonderful time seeing places within the city.

These were taken at Paseo del Mar
Zamboanga City

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Thanks to the sky watch team for this great photo meme:

Holiday Diet

I never heard of holiday diet before.  But now, several of my friends will go on holiday diet by avoiding eating too much  food that causes skin allergy .  Filipino cook so much food during Christmas parties and so much parties happen during the Christmas season, but then they are advised by the doctor to avoid protein so that her skin disorder called eczema will eventually heal. She’s been medicated since the other year but she can’t help herself stop eating the yummy foods offered to her. One of the best foods of her that she can’t say no yet it will really make her skin reddish when the allergy attacks is the shrimp and crabs. She loves sea foods but her system seems does not love sea foods. So this holiday season they will be on a diet but feed themselves with fresh fruit juice and lots and lots of vegetables.

During the travel to Zamboanga last month, i tried not to eating chicken every day because I was scared my skin itches and blisters.  I knew very much what food causes allergic reaction so I am trying with all my might that i won’t get tempted to eat friend chicken or any recipe of chicken or sea foods three times a day.

Wishing for a Smooth Facial Skin

Five years ago, i was able to have my skin go back to a smooth silky one.  After a bout with acne, i was medicated to treat my acne.  One of the things i should always avoid is the too salty foods, too sweet foods, spicy foods, and oily foods.  I had acne the recur when i came back so now i don’t feel that my face is as smooth as in this photo:


This is a post-acne stage

When i came back to the Philippines, my acne recur and now it’s gone but i don’t feel that my face is smooth.  So I am going to check out this therapores review because it might help me keep my facial pores shut and help me a smooth looking facial skin. 🙂  I have a moderately oily skin so my pores is not that smooth.

Nostalgia (My 18th)



I got this Christmas decor from a friend who went to England to study. When he came home to visit in 2004, he came to visit me in my apartment and gave me this. So cute and I still have it until now. What i find funny was that thing got a stamped with a sticker that says: Made in China. He bought it in England and brought it home to China to give it to me. 🙂

I find made in china exported stuff more durable than their products for local use.