Nostalgia (my 13th)



This is an old photo of my kids. I was the one who took this so am not in the picture. This was taken in summer of 2000 and i guess the only photo of the two of them.  Oh there were still so wee in this old photo and me? hmm i guess i was horribly big than i am now.  lol but it’s true!  I was bigger and ugly that time.

These two kids haven’t seen each other again since after that summer. Because of unfortunately events, i deprived myself of living with my son since that year and counting and went home to my daughter. It was not easy for me as a mom but i tried accepting the situation. My daughter though is mum about her feelings although there was a year that she wonders how her brother looks like until we got a photo of him in 2008. They have a few similar features but it was obvious am there mom. 🙂

In the next photo shows me with each of them them in two separate occasions. I wonder when would be the time the two of them could meet up again.

sept 26

For now i just wonder because I still dunno when.  I am a bit sad for missing the latest Cebu Pacific promo fare of P10.00 then we could have made it to Manila on January next year.

I am just waiting for the promo then for sure these two shall meet.  🙂

10 thoughts on “Nostalgia (my 13th)

  1. im touch sa situation mo.mothers love is next to gods love.pareho pala silang girl.sana you can make your trip soon,and i hope i could meet them too.ewan ko but i feel like i want to be your knight in shining armor to save you from that emptiness and separation sa anak mo. im just wondrin why i feel how you feel, maybe my being a dad too.but i still believe that our challenges in life will have a brighter tomorrow and the new dawn will prayers and wish you have all the blessings.namaste.

  2. sori ha kala ko girl din yong isa.yong palang profile pic mo ay boy and he is the one living in pampanga.

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