Nostalgia (my 15th)


My first MBS experience was in 2008. I traveled to General Santos with Dimple because it was a sponsored trip. My sponsor was Paraiso Philippines and he also sponsored the the gasoline expense of one of the speakers from Iligan City so, there was a private car, so i tag Dimple along. 🙂 We both… Continue Reading

First Card from India


Golden Temple Anritsar,India A private swap.  I have waited for this card for more than a month.  The person whome i addressed my cards to was on vacation for 3 weeks.  Am glad she is back now and i can’t wait to receive more cards soon.

Travel Gifts

I saw two big vans carrying students of University of Mindanao (for sure from Davao City).  They passed by Cheding store to buy Iligan’s famous peanuts.  These guys were engineering students.  They crowd the shop and everyone was going having purchase.  A couple of guys at one corner were also taking about buying a watch… Continue Reading

Quick visit to the hilltop

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I was suppose to leave very early yesterday morning but instead of waking up at 3:30 i woke up at 5:15.  So i was sure that i can’t catch up the church service anymore.  I was just in there to some friends and of course to pick something from a friend.  I arrived on time… Continue Reading

The Importance of Rx

Thursday night, i went to the hospital pharmacy to charge a piece of anti-histamine.  I had friend chicken for lunch that day and i was feeling itchy that night.  I don’t have supplies of the said pill so i charged for one without prescription.  I inquired from some friends the next day about the medical… Continue Reading

Facial Care While Travelling

I avoid heavy powder or make-up on my face if i go travelling so that my face can breath.  Whn i travel in a very polluted city, after i check-in i wash my face right away.  I just can’t stand the feel of dirt so heavy in my face.  After the thorough facial wash i… Continue Reading

Nostalgia (my 14th)


My visit to the Yungang Grottoes or Datong Yungang Caves A World Heritage Site The trip was made in May 2005.  Just a few weeks off my schedule flight back to the Philipines.  This was a treat trip given by the school after finishing the whole school year contract.  So everything was free.  How i… Continue Reading

Holiday Gift Ideas

Yuletide season is just around the corner.  I am sure that each one of you have started making their gift list, cards list, shopping list and so on.  Some are making list of friends who will be sent greeting cards, list of friends who will be sent holiday gifts.  Maybe others are already looking for… Continue Reading