Nostalgia (my 15th)



My first MBS experience was in 2008. I traveled to General Santos with Dimple because it was a sponsored trip. My sponsor was Paraiso Philippines and he also sponsored the the gasoline expense of one of the speakers from Iligan City so, there was a private car, so i tag Dimple along. 🙂 We both had a great time.  It was our first time seeing a bit of General Santos City.  We traveled from Iligan City to General Santos via Bukidnon, North Cotabato, and Davao Del Sur to General Santos.  There was a nearer route upon reaching a part of North Cotabato but since it was already past 6 pm we decided to go the long route by going to Digos.   After this event, i promised myself to attend the yearly summit.


The third summit was held at Cagayan de Oro City hosted by the cdobloggers. I went alone because there was the registration.  I did not mind not being sponsored because Cagayan de Oro is just a neighbor city.   There were several politician guests that graced the event.  The sunday activity were divided into two – a group went white water rafting and the other group went city tour.  I went with the city tour group as i’ve never been to places that we went to.  Been always to Cagayan de Oro all these years but never set foot inside Xavier University, never been inside the Cathedral, and never been to the huge image of Jesus at Divine Mercy Shrine in El Salvador.

Now, the third experience is still to come.  In two hours i will be off to Zamboanga City with my daughter and another two companions to attend the 4th Mindanao Bloggers Summit.


I have so many pictures of the past 2 summits i attended but i don’t like to fill this post with them.  Probably will share them in the future after i made summit 4 pictures.  🙂

I look forward to this summit because it’s a fun experience.  It’s meeting old friends and making new friends at the same time you feel closer to one another because we share one thing in common — we blog for Mindanao.

Happy reminiscing everyone!

Travel Gifts

I saw two big vans carrying students of University of Mindanao (for sure from Davao City).  They passed by Cheding store to buy Iligan’s famous peanuts.  These guys were engineering students.  They crowd the shop and everyone was going having purchase.  A couple of guys at one corner were also taking about buying a watch and i dunno if they also want to scout for a document management software at another store. One of their instructors interrupted their talk by telling them that they have to hurry as they are still going to drop by Lim Kit Kai Center to check if the said software is available there. I admire engineering students. I guess they are so good in sciences. I suck in math and science so it is my hope that when it’s D’s time in college, she will not have a hard time passing her maths and sciences subjects.

I was at the store to buy peanuts for some friends am going to meet this weekend in Zamboanga City.

I got one more to do and am off to sleep…even a few hours before taking a bath.

Quick visit to the hilltop

I was suppose to leave very early yesterday morning but instead of waking up at 3:30 i woke up at 5:15.  So i was sure that i can’t catch up the church service anymore.  I was just in there to some friends and of course to pick something from a friend.  I arrived on time when the speaker started and oh my he spoke for almost 2 hours that the 12:30 date with friends at the under the pines was doubtful.  So i went out to see Ate Sardale to inquire of the activity.

Some pics i took while traveling up to MVC on a motorbike.  🙂

oct 23 mvc trip collage 1

Anyway, i went to see Paul at the under the pines at past 1 and we talk a bit.  There were also some friends there and before the rain started we decided to move to the Jubilee Park.  I was glad because in spite of the short time i will have the chance to take photos there.

oct 23 mvc trip 2 500


I think it was good to be at the Jubilee Park when it was not so crowded with visitors.  But one thing i observed, it’s not so Jubilee Park anymore as it was in my time or even before my time – i long for the great view of the plains beyond and the endless sky.  For now, that’s the case anymore.  It’s more like this:

oct 23 mvc trip 4 500

I left MVC with Ma’am Apple and company at a bit past 5 and was on my way to CDO at 6:00.  Before the clock strikes 12, i was already inside the office dorm.  I jump with glee because i can imagine i would turn into a zombie if ever the clock strikes 12 and i was still outside walking towards the dorm. lol!

Though the time was limited, i had a great time meeting for a short while some friends.  Hopefully in the soon future, i can go back there and have a weekend stay at Jabby’s room. 🙂

friends collage 520

The Importance of Rx

Thursday night, i went to the hospital pharmacy to charge a piece of anti-histamine.  I had friend chicken for lunch that day and i was feeling itchy that night.  I don’t have supplies of the said pill so i charged for one without prescription.  I inquired from some friends the next day about the medical aid and they told me that meds without Rx or prescription will never received a corresponding medical aid.  So that is why i saw one worker with a long list of medicines in an Rx. Most of the meds were for her arthritis and i was sure that it has the glucosamine sulphate in there. She’s in pain most of the cold nights and if ever she eats food that triggers the pain.

Now i should always remember for the Rx everytime i get some meds for me in the pharmacy.

Facial Care While Travelling

I avoid heavy powder or make-up on my face if i go travelling so that my face can breath.  Whn i travel in a very polluted city, after i check-in i wash my face right away.  I just can’t stand the feel of dirt so heavy in my face.  After the thorough facial wash i then use one of the top wrinkle cream or any night or face cream for sale in China market. This is one thing i missed about working and living in China. Beauty and healthcare products are very affordable for everyone.

If water closet is not available nearby or if there is one but the odor is so much that i’d rather sleep unwashed than go in there and wash, i bring wet tissues.  It serves the purpose.  My face feels fresh and clean and soft to the touch.  🙂

I am going to travel later. 🙂

Nostalgia (my 14th)


My visit to the Yungang Grottoes or Datong Yungang Caves

A World Heritage Site

yungang 1

The trip was made in May 2005.  Just a few weeks off my schedule flight back to the Philipines.  This was a treat trip given by the school after finishing the whole school year contract.  So everything was free.  How i wished everyone in the department went with me to the trip.  But it was impossible because we did it on a working day.  It was a two day trip.  Destination, Datong City, Shanxi Province.  I’ve stayed there for 3 years but this was the only time i ever stepped outside of Hebei Province excluding plane transfer at HongKong and  Shenzhen when i took a vacation the year before.

So, there was only 4 of us.  Me, Penny (the woman in the pic with me) my boss, Liu Bin, the FAO, and the driver, Mr. Ma.

The highlight of the two day tour was the visit to the Yungang Grottoes  which holds 10,000 Buddha and the largest Buddha measures approximately 19 meters and the smallest one 2 cm.  This  was the first place we went when we arrived there.  After the tour there, we had lunch, checked into a hotel.  In the afternoon we visited a nearby temple and the only 9 dragon wall, glazed type, and the only one in the whole country.

I think this will be  a first one of 2 or 3 parts.  So here are a few photos of me and my companions during the travel.

weathered in time

A Buddha weathered in time.  🙁   The neck is almost gone. Blown away by the wind.

yungang 4

Three Buddhas? 🙂

biggest buddha

Now this is the biggest Buddha in the cave.  The one that gets plenty of attention.  The one that is being picture.  The only one too that can be touched in the face though it was very very tall and so huge.

yungang 3

See! They let me touch it.  Penny got one like this, too.

Reminiscing this trip makes me yearn so much to go and visit my friends over there.  Maybe next week i will share some places we went to see during the afternoon.  Please don’t be bored. ok? 🙂

Holiday Gift Ideas

Yuletide season is just around the corner.  I am sure that each one of you have started making their gift list, cards list, shopping list and so on.  Some are making list of friends who will be sent greeting cards, list of friends who will be sent holiday gifts.  Maybe others are already looking for best fruit cake recipes so that they can make their own cakes to save money.  Maybe others are already for their holiday travel.  Oh well, on gift matters, it is wise to check out the holiday gift basket ideas for they might be of help for those who really want to have a very memorable holiday. I know many moms out there, even the dads, are happy that there is an answer to their holiday problems online.  Thanks to the internet world!