Diyandi Festival 2010!

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That big day will then be tomorrow.  🙂 Viva Senior San Miguel! Because of warnings i haven’t been out to the city these days.  If it was not my daughter’s birthday last Sunday and she wanted to be in Gaisano then for sure i won’t be able to see what Gaisano looks like inside few… Continue Reading

Sky Watch


It’s been awhile since my last skywatch post. Hopefully from now on i can regularly join because i don’t have any reason to be updated as i already have a new camera. 🙂 Thanks to the ‘riff! A promise of a sunny tomorrow: Trying to get a shot of the sunset while in a moving… Continue Reading

Nostalgia (my 11th)

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Stamp Collection I was still in the fifth grade when i started collecting stamps. We exchanged stamps with schoolmates and classmates. There was even a time when stamp stealing was in that we have to label our stamps with our names. We wrote our name at the back of the stamps we are planning not… Continue Reading

Nationwide Fasting

On Saturday, September 25, there will be a nationwide fasting for the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Some students were asking what will they fast for? What will they pray for? I told them that we will pray that God will prepare the hearts of those who will be able to receive the message of hope through… Continue Reading

Signing Off in a Second

I just finished reading adult acne treatment review and it is very informative. It’s been several days now that i am checking acne related websites because I am trying to find an answer to my daughter’s problem. I did not ever imagine that one day her face will be full of pimple (big and not… Continue Reading

Make Us an Instrument


MSH College Chorales is the official chorale of the campus church. They had a short concert last night entitled “Make Us an Instrument.” It was a nice and cool evening of beautiful religious music. There are four dormitorians in the group. Two ladies and 2 gentlemen. And this Sweet lady, Sweet is one of the… Continue Reading

Sleeping Aid for Her

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We both can’t sleep early even if we want to. But of us two, she got the worst case. I am already snoring away and my roommate is still infront of her laptop doing whatever. Even if she is home in CDO, she said she still can’t sleep that she just entertain herself with her… Continue Reading

Trial Shots

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I can now click again! I got my new camera the other day. It was a 24 hours transaction with this guy – . I was so happy of the smooth and successful transaction. After the battery was charge, i took out my unscanned postcrossing postcards and have a shoot at them. So here… Continue Reading