Diyandi Festival 2010!


That big day will then be tomorrow.  🙂

Viva Senior San Miguel!

Because of warnings i haven’t been out to the city these days.  If it was not my daughter’s birthday last Sunday and she wanted to be in Gaisano then for sure i won’t be able to see what Gaisano looks like inside few days before the fiesta.  🙂

Their lobby decoration can still catch attention:


The place is not really fully packed.  I dunno why.  Maybe they have other things going on at their homes or they are just being careful.

Sky Watch

It’s been awhile since my last skywatch post. Hopefully from now on i can regularly join because i don’t have any reason to be updated as i already have a new camera. 🙂 Thanks to the ‘riff!

A promise of a sunny tomorrow:


Trying to get a shot of the sunset while in a moving bus:


But then after a few seconds the bus increased its speed and so the photo turned out like this:


So wild!
I can outline a face of the dark. A bad genie!

Photos for:

Thanks to the sky watch team for this great photo meme:

Nostalgia (my 11th)


Stamp Collection

I was still in the fifth grade when i started collecting stamps. We exchanged stamps with schoolmates and classmates. There was even a time when stamp stealing was in that we have to label our stamps with our names. We wrote our name at the back of the stamps we are planning not to swap with anyone. I remember to have have two big envelopes – one for my collection and one for stamps that are to be given away or for swapping. During those years the only foreign stamps i had was from the USA, Libya, Saudi Arabia and other Arabian countries. That means some of my schoolmates fathers are working in the Middle East.

In high school, I was given a box of old (really old stamps) from my boyfriend. I can imagine they were collection of his mom. He gave it to me and the more i was so inspired to continue my collection.

I didnt stop collecting and i think i will continue this hobby until i grow old. hehehe Although the passion is not as much as it was in high school, yet I still grab and swap doubles from friends. And lately, i got these from a kababayan who relocated in Canada.

I so love this!

I think Emarene (online name) Emma (her real name) read in one of my posts that i collect stamps and she promised me that if someone comes home to Pinas, she would love to share some of her stamps. One day, in Facebook, she asked for my address and indeed i got a parcel. It was already home waiting for me. When i opened the cute parcel, omg! so much stamps gushed out of the envelope. All Canadian stamps.


Last year, i also got packet of them from Mommy Ebie and am just so happy.  I am also sharing my double copies to one of my colleagues.  He collects stamps and he even have them categorized.  Mine is still in heaps in boxes.  Hopefully one day i can categorized them and album them.

I wish there is a philatelic club here in my hometown, but there is none that i’ve known.  Buti pa sa Bacolod meron.  🙂  I was once a member of the Negros Occidental Philatelic Club. 🙂  That was in 1996.

Nationwide Fasting

On Saturday, September 25, there will be a nationwide fasting for the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Some students were asking what will they fast for? What will they pray for? I told them that we will pray that God will prepare the hearts of those who will be able to receive the message of hope through the literatures that will be distributed on October 2, 2010. One students, can we also fast and pray for personal matters? Of course i do think so. One of the girls last night was sad because her laptop won’t turn on anymore. It went bonkers when she badly needs it for her requirements. She felt so bad to the extent she thiniks it’s karma. She did some bad things so the Lord is asking her to pay back for the bad things she did. I really told her to erase those thoughts of her mind. Instead call her parents to ask if there is a student laptop insurance for her gadget. If so, then she can have it checked and fixed by professionals and charge the fee to the insurance.

I dunno if the laptop is fixed now but i hope she has done her powerpoint last night for her presentation this afternoon.