Jobs to Do

My major task is still going on and hopefully tomorrow evening it will be done.  Then only a few more things on my list to be done.  My EDAD homework was put on hold but at least i have done already half of it.  Good thing i endorsed the motorhome repairs to my cousin to be checked. She said they just had their internet connection installed so by now she can help me on some tasks to be checked.

At least my to do list will become shorter now.

Nostalgia (my 9th)




I was one of the faculty/staff chaperons of an Educational Tour


~~Almost to reach our destination



~~ That’s our first stop. For lunch. The place feels like attending a debu or a formal party. hehehe


~~ After lunch, this was the next destination. A student activity that was suppose to be done in an hour but we stayed there for more than 2 hrs because many students wanted to reach the top.

Do you wanna know how many steps i made? Oh well, only 3 of that 3003. lol!


~~Here’s me after making that 3 steps. lol!


It was during this trip that i met up close and personal the Miss Earth 2008 winner Karla Paula
and the ladies that won Miss Air and Miss Water.
I think Miss Karla is very beautiful.

Next to that peak, we proceeded to Rizal Shrine in Dapitan.


A sunset view i took from the top of the Lovers’ Rock inside the shrine. I can imagine Jose Rizal and Josephine Bracken enjoy the sunset from that spot.


There’s much more photos to share about this trip so maybe i can post them next time as Part II.

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as i enjoy recalling those moments.

This is one of the memories that brings a smile to my face at the same time sad because this guy here —


left this world unexpectedly (through a vehicular accident. he was hit by a speeding car heeding to the airport catching a flight) 3 months later.   He was one of the persons that made this trip more lively and unforgetable for the students especially.

8 + 1 Postcards Yesterday

8 postcard exchange plus 1 direct swap postcards i picked from the post office yesterday noontime.  I forgot when was the last time i went there to pick my cards.  But obviously couple of the 9 have stayed in the postoffice for several weeks already because one card has reached me after 150 days and that is from Russia.

The 8 cards were from the following countries:

Netherlands – 13 days

Russia – 150 days

Finland – 25 days

Germany – 18 days

USA – 34 days

China – 32 days

Ukraine – 73 days

Belarus – 34 days

The counting of travel days begin from the day you requested for an address at postcrossing website until the day the receiver will register the card received.   Usually it only takes a maximum of 2 to 3 weeks if from long distance countries but due to traffic then that would caused the card to reach the destination much longer.

It’s my first time to get a card from Belarus and also from Russia.  And my third from China.


From Ukraine

polatsk belarus

From Belarus

Overnight at a Log Cabin

One of my wishes for an outdoor activity is to spend a weekend at a log cabin in a far away resort.  I wanna see different kinds of log furniture . Someone told me that there is a retreat house up in the Bukidnon area but i haven’t tried making a plan with my friends. The nice thing about Bukidnon area is the spring weather so am sure there are just many log cabins up there.

It’s nice going on a retreat out there with friends at work or with a special friend. 😉 And enjoy the warmth of the fireplace sitting in this wonderful upholstered wooden loveseat —


I can just imagine the cozy feeling!

Nostalgia {8th}



The first time i was there was in 1993 during the Holy week weekend. I was with my boyfriend (my long time college bf) 😉 To me it was an unplanned trip destination. I knew we were going somewhere but he did not disclose the destination not until we were already on the bus. I really gave him a face when i heard him telling the ticket guy our destination. I was mad inside. I was mad at him but can’t lash out because we were already in the public. So inside i was mad. I did not speak again until we reached the destination.


We took some nice pictures the next day.   They are in my album and in “our abum”, too but that “our album” is with him.  The photo am using here is one i took in summer 2008 but the view is the same view me and bf had as a background in 1993. My first memory of White Island, Camiguin is with my boyfriend.  Another thing i can’t forget are the three ladies staying in the same inn with us and they are vying for his attention.

On our trip towards Benoni, I was fuming mad because he sat between the two ladies and i was sitting across him.  And i can see the ladies intentionally making me jealous by sitting close to him and one other guy trying to rest her head on his shoulder.

After the trip, i told him, that next time or on our next trip, he should include me in the planning so that it would be more fun. I could also put in some suggestions to make the trip more memorable.

Note from Neitherlands

One of my postcards arrived in Netherlands after 17 days.  Mirjam sent me this note:

MirjamvanderBijl wrote you a message:

“Dear Arlene,
I love the Postcard you sent me! What a great festival!! I would love to see it sometime!
My sister in law comes also from the Philipines. She is now here for almost a year and she is married to my brother in law and she is so sweet. We have heard last week that she is going to have a baby, so that’s realy wonderfull!
I love the people from the Philippines, they’re very nice.
I wish you a nice day and a Happy Postcrossing.
God bless you!
Lots of greetings,
Mirjam van der Bijl”

I just love it when i receive heartfelt notes and responses from recipients of my postcards.

Check out to check postcards from around the world.

My First Skywatch Entry

My first was posted in March 28, 2008. That was two years ago and the host blog is Tom’s blog.

sky watch entry # 1

I am trying to recall where was this taken and what happened that day then i am remembering now — this is the day we buried the brother of my mom.

Please click here to see more photos taken and posted that day.

Photos for:

Thanks to the sky watch team for this great photo meme:

Nostalgia (My 7th)



It was November 2001. The flight was from Bacolod City to Manila. The plane ride was not the original plan. I was traveling to Manila from Cagayan de Oro City via Bacolod City to see a friend. Since i have enough funds for a Manila fare, my friend suggested that instead of getting a boat ticket, I should take the plane! I was excited but thinking of the “first time” the idea brought butterflies to my stomach.

The big day came and it was around mid morning. My friend and her kids sent me off and they did not left until the plane left. Bacolod Airport was not yet that strict that time that my friends can see me at the far side of the Admin building. They even saw me walking towards the plane and the kids shouted my name but i did not hear. My friend said i just walked straight and she can obviously sensed that i was sort of scared.

Really i was scared. And during the take off, I remember i closed my eyes but after a minute or two, i opened my eyes and started to get to the feeling and I was ok. The butterflies in my stomach was gone! I tried looking out of the window and it was a great feeling seeing the clouds so near.

The craft landed safely and I whispered a prayer of thanks to the Lord that the trip was alright and no untoward incidents happened.

I wish i had a photo of that first time!

Happy remembering everyone!