Not my blog but me…am movingto another office. =)  Not sounds really bad because that office was the first office that i worked with when i was accepted to work here in this institution.   Worked there for almost 2 years.  I never thought i’d be moving there again but since there are reshuffling of several workers, i was the one picked to be assigned there.

Because of this move, i have so many things to do – saving of photos in my online album, sorting my personal file here and placed them in a box – the box i will be carrying to the other office.  I don’t have all the time now so am hoping i could do much on Saturday evening and Sunday evening.  Tomorrow which is suppose to be my last day will be spent in Cagayan de Oro for the Statistic seminar-workshop.  So will do all my personal stuff the weekend nights.  After this post i will also be checking out this iphone insurance and share it with my friends who have iphones.  They should know that they can inquire about insurance before they buy an iphone.

Iphone for me? In my dreams.  Maybe in the next 30 years – when i am already happily retired. =)

Thick Clouds Just Before the Rain


We need umbrella to sheild us from the heat of the sun.  Fan to cool ourselves.  Humidity so thick.


Suddenly…we heard thunder!

Opps we need the umbrella for the soon coming rain.


The white clouds starting to turn grey.

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Thanks to the sky watch team for this great photo meme:

New Songs

I’ve been listening to very nice songs this afternoon.  They are new to me because i only heard them today.  Some are cute and lovely and a few let that heart that is in love flutter like butterfly wings.  =)

I also discovered that youtube can play music on and on without me clicking on the particular song.  All i need to is click on the auto play on to make it play on and on.  One of the songs i enjoyed this afternoon is of Kelly Chen.  I so heart Love Paradise.

I dunno when i would find true love and felt that love in paradise but I know it will come one day – in God’s time.  Wanna listen to the song?  Then check this out.

Lack of Sleep

July 20 is already an unforgetable day because it is my mom’s birthday.  But for this year, something depressing happened that the more i will not forget the July 20 of this year.  First was the news that i will be transfered to another department and the second was the discovery that i lost 7 months of blog entries in two of my blogs.  The latter was more heavier than the first so i was sleepless for several nighst that caused me to have dark under eye circles (meaning dark circles under my eyes) that is not so nice to be seen. So for two days now i put on heavy concealer to cover the dark circles.

Just few minutes ago, i discovered some way to retrieve the lost posts by googling using the direct url – and i already recovered some. Woe unto those that i have not really taken down (except for the paid posts) so this problem will just be solved in some days. I really wish to take a leave to spend the whole day in an internet bar to do this thing. But i doubt if i can do so tomorrow when there is a scheduled faculty and staff meeting. So i will try over the weekends. I know i should do it the quickest before the i will be emailed for a refund.