Not my blog but me…am movingto another office. =)  Not sounds really bad because that office was the first office that i worked with when i was accepted to work here in this institution.   Worked there for almost 2 years.  I never thought i’d be moving there again but since there are reshuffling of several… Continue Reading

Thick Clouds Just Before the Rain

We need umbrella to sheild us from the heat of the sun.  Fan to cool ourselves.  Humidity so thick. Suddenly…we heard thunder! Opps we need the umbrella for the soon coming rain. The white clouds starting to turn grey. Photos for: Thanks to the sky watch team for this great photo meme: Klaus | Sandy… Continue Reading

New Songs

I’ve been listening to very nice songs this afternoon.  They are new to me because i only heard them today.  Some are cute and lovely and a few let that heart that is in love flutter like butterfly wings.  =) I also discovered that youtube can play music on and on without me clicking on… Continue Reading

Lack of Sleep

July 20 is already an unforgetable day because it is my mom’s birthday.  But for this year, something depressing happened that the more i will not forget the July 20 of this year.  First was the news that i will be transfered to another department and the second was the discovery that i lost 7… Continue Reading

My Card Arrived in Austria

The latest card i sent to Austria arrived yesterday.  Not my first card to Austria but what i love about this is the comment she sent ~~ “Dear Artene, Thank you very much for your super-beautiful card of the Alburquerque church in Bohol! 🙂 What a really lovely view, I appreciate it very much! Yes,… Continue Reading

Happy Birthday, Ma!

credits: background paper – ZPBD Glow paper 1 & 2 – Mathilde Scrap Orange Juice Photo paper background – Laetiscrap Luca and Nathan Add ons – Mathilde Scrap Orange Juice Bubbles – Honey Designs Welcome to China Template – Latham # 15 It was mom’s 68th birthday yesterday.  This should have been posted in my… Continue Reading

Blue Sky & Blue Waters


We visited the pool again last Friday and it was at Timoga Spring Pool. We didn’t go up the huge pool because there were lots of kids in the clan. So for the children’s safety,TSP was a great place. Photos for: Thanks to the sky watch team for this great photo meme: Klaus | Sandy… Continue Reading

Excited for the Weekend

I am excited for the weekend to come because aside from resting from work, i have several things in my mind to be done this weekend and that includes the posting of weekend photos at our weekend memoirs blog, get pedi ( i badly needed one), start the a new blog, and of course not… Continue Reading