Weight Loss Envy

I envy many of my girls friends who lose weight naturally.  Give them lots of problems – emotional, financial, spiritual then in 2 weeks, they lost 10 pounds.  I think they are so great – it’s like they are using quick weight loss pills. But not me.

When i have problems in whatever forms – I look ok but i crave for comfort foods and most of the carb rich foods. I know it’s wrong to satisfy my cravings but just can’t say no at times when the food is already placed in front of you.

I am not depress today but i did enjoy this:


Meaning, depress or not, i enjoy pasta and the difference is that – i seem never to get full when i am not feeling well emotionally. Yay!  I should be more mindful of what ill be eating and how much now because am not getting any younger anymore.  And I still need to lose alot of accumulated unwanted weight that am having now.

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