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Thanks to the blackout at 11 am here at work that made me decide to do the errand for Byrne and that is to see the Registrar at MMA.  I arrived in the campus at exactly 12:10 so naturally the offices were closed.  I looked around, the campus seem deserted and for a moment I dunno what to do except maybe sat infront of the Admin building and wait for the in-charge.  Then i thought that the former Registrar’s home (the Paypas) is across the street so I decided to visit them.

It was great to see them – it’s been ages since the last time we said hi and said some catching up.  I spent lunch with them and Bon-bon prepared a very sumptuous meal.   After lunch, i really had to leave fast because I am still to report to work in the afternoon and that was almost 1:30 already.

When i arrived at the office, it was still closed but decided to see Sir Moscoso in their home.  So he came.  And so my transaction was done.  The documents are to be picked up today but i know i can’t make it.  Maybe i will pick it tomorrow or Friday.

Here are some photos i clicked while roaming around the Admin building and to the sides of the Ladies Dormitory.

I just love to see the lush garden.  During our time, this part was almost bare except for the bed of green grass.


– The Audie –

I can see myself and some more cadets squatting on the benches plus the loud voice of commandant.

The Ladies Home

My home for 4 years and my mom spent also her high school years in this same dorm.

Cottages across the lawn from the Ladies Home.
But i took note the signage that says “men are not allowed” in there.

The flower garden

This used to be at the back of the audie but now it’s at the side of the audie, in the lawn across the Ladies Dorm.
I can vividly remember that during Saturday morning, I go to the flower garden to pick some roses for the visitors that will attend our church service.


From the Junior Class 1993-1994.

Good for them there this bulletin board that bears their batch year and can be seen from one generation to another.  I don’t think our batch did donated one that still exist until now.


Mindanao Mission Academy – The School that Offers Something Better


The Admin & classroom building view from the gate.

I just love the cemented road. Hopefully one day, the road that goes around the campus will also be cemented.

It was showering a bit when i waited for the bus back to the college campus.  The bus that came along was full but i didn’t mind standing because i really have to be back asap.

It was a quick visit to MMA, my alma mater but it’s one that is also unforgetable.

By the way, Mindanao Mission Academy is located along the national highway in Manticao, Misamis Oriental.

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