Post Crossings Update

Last Friday i received 3 cards.  One from Poland and one from Italy (a private exchange) and another one from Australia.  I love seeing my postcard collection growing.  I can’t believe that i can actively card exchange with anyone from around the world.

My collection started in 1995 and it was only between me and a girl in New York.  So i have tons of cards from New York.  She also sends me cards from her trips.  We actively exchange for 2 years and then it stopped.  Although our exchange stopped, I never stopped asking friends from other places to send me cards if they have time.  So discovering postcrossing the other year made me feel so lucky.  Unfortunately, i become a member of postcrossing but failed to send cards for a year.  It is just this year (3 months back) that i decided to be active again.

So far, i have received a total of 19 cards and the top sender countries are the following:

Germany – 4
Netherlands – 3
Finland – 2

I received a total of  21 cards and the top countries where i sent most of my cards are the following:

USA – 5
China – 4
Finland – 4
Germany – 3

I know more cards are coming.  And i know too that i need to scan some of the received cards to be placed in my wall.    Oh time time i just need time.

Weight Loss Envy

I envy many of my girls friends who lose weight naturally.  Give them lots of problems – emotional, financial, spiritual then in 2 weeks, they lost 10 pounds.  I think they are so great – it’s like they are using quick weight loss pills. But not me.

When i have problems in whatever forms – I look ok but i crave for comfort foods and most of the carb rich foods. I know it’s wrong to satisfy my cravings but just can’t say no at times when the food is already placed in front of you.

I am not depress today but i did enjoy this:


Meaning, depress or not, i enjoy pasta and the difference is that – i seem never to get full when i am not feeling well emotionally. Yay!  I should be more mindful of what ill be eating and how much now because am not getting any younger anymore.  And I still need to lose alot of accumulated unwanted weight that am having now.

Emergency Care

In the gym where i do my exercise, we have the TV and by the time i am on the treadmill local news starts.  One of the bad news this afternoon was a bus and trooper collision along the highway from Iligan City to Cagayan de Oro City – a tragic accident that killed 3 individuals, two of whom are children.  The accident happened in a place where tertiary medical facilities never existed.  According to the news, the victims arrived at the hospital dead already.  I think that maybe if they were subscribed to a medical assistance program then even while they are on the road, they will be given immediate medical care – if that is the case then who knows those children are still alive.

Knowing the story behind the collision made me think that the incident should be a lesson to all drivers out there – never  try to over-take another vehicle unless you are so sure that there is no upcoming vehicle especially in a one way lane or road.  I just feel sad for those who died because of a driver’s negligence.

Getting Better

For the past 3 years i have been having acne problems.  But since the time i’ve been using FC, my facial skin is improving and getting better and better each day.  Several friends have already commented that my skin looks good and they are asking what I am using.  So i told them that I am using one of the best day creams in the market today. It’s made in China and is very affordable. I used them on my skin twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening, but if i wash my face in-between and i got zits in the making, i can’t help but put on some more.  It’s not a greasy type nor it has a bad aroma.  It’s good actually and i am recommending it for anyone who is having acne problems.

I look forward to the time when i can get back this smoothness as shown in this photo:


I miss this kind of skin. lol! Yeah it was because of nice weather, so much fruits, so much green vegetables, and of course Olay – night and day cream.  Life was different out there.  All i have now are great memories of those times and my pictures.  Am in a different situation, different employer, different financial standing – so i have said goodbye to many vanities i used to have for those years.  But one day, if i will be able to gain it back – i would not mind having it again.

I Love Coffee

I love the smell of coffee and that is the reason why i can’t resist having coffee at times.  According to a healthy Christian lifestyle, coffee or too much coffee is not good for our health and that is the reason why i haven’t became a chronic coffee drinker.  I just drink coffee when it’s there although when i can smell the coffee i really want to have one.  There are only a few coffee shops in this town many many years ago.  But for now, i observed that there are many coffee shops with contemporary coffee tables that are sprouting. I think it’s because of the demands of life – too much stresses in life that people look forward to a quiet relaxation with friends at a coffee shop.

Weekend of Goodbyes

Our Weekend Memoirs

Id like to think that it is was a very lonely weekend because everyone was leaving.  How i wish i too would pack my bags and go away. hahaahaha.  Seriously i would do so if it is just ok.

Of the 47 ladies, there were only around 10 girls Friday evening. Thursday afternoon, my dorm partner left for a short fun vacation to Bohol. A dear friend left for Bicol early Friday morning. And i was left in a place where i can feel so much emptiness. Yet, the handful of girls and I went to church for vespers and the Saturday. I just missed the Saturday afternoon program because we came in late from our lunch rendezvous at the seaside.

Here are a few weekend photos to share:


a sky photo i took while going up to the dorm through the side door.
when i don’t feel inside, i look up the sky to hope for a positive vibes.

This was taken around past 5 and i was waiting for the sunset.  I enjoy the sky view from the fourth floor and i think last weekend is my last weekend to enjoy sky level view.  We are moving down to the old dorm this week and there will never be any sky view anymore.  🙁  Anyways, i did some ironing while waiting for the sun.  And after sometime — i can already see red streaks of sun rays trying to penetrate my pink/lavender curtain.  So i have to run outside the dorm lobby with my camera.

I clicked so many and this one is one of my favorites.  Taken at 5:54 pm.


I was really missing someone when i took those sunset shots.  I was even wondering if he was seeing the sky view i was enjoying that moment.  So i sent him an sms asking – if are we seeing the same sky because if so then for sure the world is just so small because we are seeing the same orange sky.  He replied that he is not seeing an orange sky because sunset is being blocked by a hill.  >> I think if there was no hill for sure the view would be very beautiful because that friend was out in the Lipata pier in Surigao.  They were off to the other side of the island at 7 that evening.

Saturday lunch, i was invited to go along with my boss and friends to have lunch at Hagohoy.

P5220358 500

A distant view of Iligan City.


I was still making this post earlier when the power was interrupted.  Now i want to get online from my lappy but it’s not connecting.  I really dunno what’s the problem.  So the few more pics i wanted to share is there.  I can use a usb but this office pc is pregnant with virus and I am afraid that my lappy will be infected if i will transfer files by using the usb.

So am publishing this post now and i hope that tomorrow i can add some more photos.  If not tomorrow, the next day or if not the next day, will post it on Sunday at the main blog.