Post Crossings Update

Last Friday i received 3 cards.  One from Poland and one from Italy (a private exchange) and another one from Australia.  I love seeing my postcard collection growing.  I can’t believe that i can actively card exchange with anyone from around the world. My collection started in 1995 and it was only between me and… Continue Reading

Weight Loss Envy

I envy many of my girls friends who lose weight naturally.  Give them lots of problems – emotional, financial, spiritual then in 2 weeks, they lost 10 pounds.  I think they are so great – it’s like they are using quick weight loss pills. But not me. When i have problems in whatever forms –… Continue Reading

SWF – From a Distance


My mind was traveling far when i took these photos. Someone was very far but looking up at the sky gave me a comfort thought that we are looking up the same sky. 🙂 Photos for: Thanks to the sky watch team for this great photo meme: Klaus | Sandy | Wren | Fishing Guy|Sylvia

Emergency Care

In the gym where i do my exercise, we have the TV and by the time i am on the treadmill local news starts.  One of the bad news this afternoon was a bus and trooper collision along the highway from Iligan City to Cagayan de Oro City – a tragic accident that killed 3… Continue Reading

Getting Better

For the past 3 years i have been having acne problems.  But since the time i’ve been using FC, my facial skin is improving and getting better and better each day.  Several friends have already commented that my skin looks good and they are asking what I am using.  So i told them that I… Continue Reading

I Love Coffee

I love the smell of coffee and that is the reason why i can’t resist having coffee at times.  According to a healthy Christian lifestyle, coffee or too much coffee is not good for our health and that is the reason why i haven’t became a chronic coffee drinker.  I just drink coffee when it’s… Continue Reading

Weekend of Goodbyes

Id like to think that it is was a very lonely weekend because everyone was leaving.  How i wish i too would pack my bags and go away. hahaahaha.  Seriously i would do so if it is just ok. Of the 47 ladies, there were only around 10 girls Friday evening. Thursday afternoon, my dorm… Continue Reading