Post Crossings Update

Last Friday i received 3 cards.  One from Poland and one from Italy (a private exchange) and another one from Australia.  I love seeing my postcard collection growing.  I can’t believe that i can actively card exchange with anyone from around the world.

My collection started in 1995 and it was only between me and a girl in New York.  So i have tons of cards from New York.  She also sends me cards from her trips.  We actively exchange for 2 years and then it stopped.  Although our exchange stopped, I never stopped asking friends from other places to send me cards if they have time.  So discovering postcrossing the other year made me feel so lucky.  Unfortunately, i become a member of postcrossing but failed to send cards for a year.  It is just this year (3 months back) that i decided to be active again.

So far, i have received a total of 19 cards and the top sender countries are the following:

Germany – 4
Netherlands – 3
Finland – 2

I received a total of  21 cards and the top countries where i sent most of my cards are the following:

USA – 5
China – 4
Finland – 4
Germany – 3

I know more cards are coming.  And i know too that i need to scan some of the received cards to be placed in my wall.    Oh time time i just need time.

Weight Loss Envy

I envy many of my girls friends who lose weight naturally.  Give them lots of problems – emotional, financial, spiritual then in 2 weeks, they lost 10 pounds.  I think they are so great – it’s like they are using quick weight loss pills. But not me.

When i have problems in whatever forms – I look ok but i crave for comfort foods and most of the carb rich foods. I know it’s wrong to satisfy my cravings but just can’t say no at times when the food is already placed in front of you.

I am not depress today but i did enjoy this:


Meaning, depress or not, i enjoy pasta and the difference is that – i seem never to get full when i am not feeling well emotionally. Yay!  I should be more mindful of what ill be eating and how much now because am not getting any younger anymore.  And I still need to lose alot of accumulated unwanted weight that am having now.

Emergency Care

In the gym where i do my exercise, we have the TV and by the time i am on the treadmill local news starts.  One of the bad news this afternoon was a bus and trooper collision along the highway from Iligan City to Cagayan de Oro City – a tragic accident that killed 3 individuals, two of whom are children.  The accident happened in a place where tertiary medical facilities never existed.  According to the news, the victims arrived at the hospital dead already.  I think that maybe if they were subscribed to a medical assistance program then even while they are on the road, they will be given immediate medical care – if that is the case then who knows those children are still alive.

Knowing the story behind the collision made me think that the incident should be a lesson to all drivers out there – never  try to over-take another vehicle unless you are so sure that there is no upcoming vehicle especially in a one way lane or road.  I just feel sad for those who died because of a driver’s negligence.