On Procrastination

The quiz result says that i should procrastinate because i work well with pressure and deadlines.  Yeah, in reality, deadlines motivate me to finish my work on time or if not days before the deadline. I just checked my email now and i received a renewal notice for the JIL domain.  I got 30 days… Continue Reading

4 Postcards on the Way

I dropped Philippine postcards at the post office the other day. They are off to the following: Ursula in Germany Anne in Finland Di Zhao in USA Geraldine in France I got a call from the post office last Friday that i got 5 postcards waiting there.  Hopefully I can pick them up tomorrow. I… Continue Reading

Meeting the Deadline!

Finishing touches for the report of my boss was at last done awhile back.  I thought i could not beat the deadline because we didn’t have power today from 9 am and the schedule was until 5 pm.  But thanks God,  the power was up at 3 pm. Another deadline to beat is to finish… Continue Reading

OWM – Feeling Tired & Mushy


I looked forward to a different Sunday today. But it did not turn out as planned so i spent long hours in front of this pc doing nothing – oh i did farming (harvesting and planting). I also did not make a single post. I have many things to say but my brain wont work… Continue Reading

A Long Day

I feel that today is a long day.  But when i woke up I thought it’s going to be a short one as i have something exciting to do for the day.  But since it didn’t out as planned, i ended up bored until I become tired in the office.  I should have used the… Continue Reading


Looks like we can feel the spring is also here.  Why?  Because there are some flowers that only bloom around this time.  Check this out – I dunno what’s the name of this flower but looks like it belongs to the Lily family of flowers.   I love taking photos of flowers but we don’t have… Continue Reading

Sleepless Night…

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not because i was researching for acnepril review but am nursing a very painful throat. My tonsils are inflamed yesterday morning and i felt that it got worst last night. I am suppose to take some antibiotics but did not do so instead i took some antihistamine pills because i ate some chicken and beef… Continue Reading

Thank You Card from Finland

I received this from Niduska of Finland, thanking of me the postcard i sent her. 🙂 I checked out my postcrossing stats and it says i can now send another set of 5 as all my cards had been received already.  One postcard to Germany is marked expired after 76 days.  I guess it’s already… Continue Reading