On Procrastination

The quiz result says that i should procrastinate because i work well with pressure and deadlines.  Yeah, in reality, deadlines motivate me to finish my work on time or if not days before the deadline.

I just checked my email now and i received a renewal notice for the JIL domain.  I got 30 days to renew it and possibly i will pay on the 29th day so that i would have the same deadline next year.  If i guess it right, April, May, and June – are months that i should be renewing my  blog domains. So i should reserve money in my paypal for that purposes. Meaning i should not withdraw them all for life insurance quote presentation kit because the kit is just for free. I need to withdraw my earnings for my monthly bills. Thank God my electric bill this month is very minimal. I just have a bill of more than P300.00 and just imagine the sweltering heat!

I don’t like to procrastinate in paying my electric bill because when the second bills comes surely it will be with a notice of disconnection.  I hate the process when applying for reconnection so i should better be faithful in paying my electric bills early.  How about you?  Are you an on time payer of bills or you procrastinate, too?

4 Postcards on the Way

I dropped Philippine postcards at the post office the other day. They are off to the following:

  • Ursula in Germany
  • Anne in Finland
  • Di Zhao in USA
  • Geraldine in France

I got a call from the post office last Friday that i got 5 postcards waiting there.  Hopefully I can pick them up tomorrow. I totally forgot about it this morning when i had so much time — but it was just too hot to really go out in the sun plus am wearing my Monday uniform.  When i asked someone to mail the cards for me I also forgot to tell her to pick the cards.  Haiii am getting so much forgetful these days. (sign of old age?)

Meeting the Deadline!

Finishing touches for the report of my boss was at last done awhile back.  I thought i could not beat the deadline because we didn’t have power today from 9 am and the schedule was until 5 pm.  But thanks God,  the power was up at 3 pm. Another deadline to beat is to finish the pronexin reviews that am asked to do. I still need to make additional readings so that it would be more convincing. The friend whom i asked for a favor to do the reading for me is now busy at her work unit in the hospital so i really have to do this. Later then.

Anyway, after this, i have to download the photos i took during the presentation of the Operation Smile – International team this morning.

OWM – Feeling Tired & Mushy

Our Weekend Memoirs

I looked forward to a different Sunday today. But it did not turn out as planned so i spent long hours in front of this pc doing nothing – oh i did farming (harvesting and planting). I also did not make a single post. I have many things to say but my brain wont work on what words to use. In other words i was blank. Am so glad i made the move to go back to the dorm to rest (i thought of taking a nap but eventually did not). I did rest (reading with music, my chinese fave songs in the background)..then almost 2 hrs later i was out in the room to appreciate the sky.

I’ll just share one of the few shots i made of the late afternoon sky:


– the sun was mellowing –


–but when i touched it, it is still so hot! So,


I just took a photo of me.  Do i look tired to smile real?  Oh i should smile for the camera. 🙂

Even i feel this way, all in all it is still an unforgetable weekend. 🙂