Sky Watch at the Divine Mercy Hills


This is the tallest statue of Jesus i ever saw in my life. If you are standing at the foot, this is the scene that you will be beholding —


I think it’s so breath taking. I wish my very small camera can capture all that i behold but it only captured a small portion of what i saw.

I also wonder how grand would be the view if i can go up the top of the statue.

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A Wedding Invitation

I am waiting for a wedding invitation to arrive.  I dunno when it will arrive but i hope there is one that will arrive.  A very sweet couple is now engaged and their wedding will be 4 months away.  4 months sounds so far yet if you have to live one day at a time you will realized that time flies so quickly.  So the guy browse online for tuxedo shirts and i guess he will be having his measures taken very soon. He wants the best for his wedding so every details are listed and being taken cared of by assigned attendants.

I am looking forward to this wedding. I wish them both a very happy future together full love and understanding.

I am a Proud Mom

My daughter graduated from the elementary school last Sunday.  Although it is still a simple milestone yet am so happy she has finished the course with flying colors.  Although she is not a very camera friendly child – yet, i was able to some memorable photos of her.  Allow me to share some of them here.


Marching down the aisle. 🙂 She is the class secretary.



A quick pose after receiving her diploma.  She’s now officially a graduate in this pose.  (see the tassle)



A smile for me. 🙂 Actually i think it is for the camera. hehehe



Dimple with Showers during the recessional.
She was all smiles.  🙂

I was so happy for her. But deep in me am also thinking how i wish her dad witnessed this graduation (first big milestone in the life of her daughter)

More photos here.

Will post more photos later in the blog ALL ABOUT HER.

Blackout in Awhile

The power interruption is scheduled at 9 pm later and it will last until 12 midnight.  Lucky are we are inside the campus of Mindanao Sanitarium and Hospital because they have the generator.  But for those outside the campus, they don’t have one.  I still want to stay longer to check out more on this super pump 250 review because it sounds interesting for those who are planning to tone their muscles. I’ve seen many guys in the gym these days whose concentration for toning are their abs muscles and upper arms. I don’t like my upper arms to be muscled but i just like it to be firmly toned.

So when the power will be off it means there would be no internet connection and it means i cannot surf more about that exerciser.  So will do it tomorrow morning.

Chinese Herbs

I remember that we have a neighbor long time ago that is fun of Chinese Herbs.  I think the couple seldom have painful ailments due to religiously taking tea as part of their daily existence.  When i was working in China for some years, i did not take tea as something that is beneficial to my being.  So i did not gave tea as gift to my brother who was using hemorrhoid cream for his hemorrhoids that time. When i confer with a Chinese friend, she told me that tea is really good for the total well being of the person health wise. So when i have time, aside from slimming teas, i really like to sip on tea for relaxation.

Sad Circumstances

I took a nap this afternoon.  I was so sleepy.  I slept so late last night and woke up so early this morning because we went serenading at Ma’am Lai’s house.  We had breakfast there after worship.  There were many healthy choices of food.  There were 5 of us who serenaded and all of us were trying to control our diet because we wanted a lower cholesterol result on our lab tests. Ma’am Lai is doing great on her “no rice” meals and she has lost a lot of pounds.

While trying to reach our ideal weight, we also try to manage our sugar and cholesterol level so that there would be no surprise attacks in the future.  Just like what happened to Pastor LT Nermal.  He is now unconscious in the ICU.  He looks so fit and healthy but he had an MI today while being wheeled to the ICU.  He was being revived for an hour.  For now we are praying that somehow there would be a miracle – that he will wake up once again to share a smile or a story with everyone.

I just can’t hold back my tears as the pastors annointed him with oil and prayers this afternoon.

Acne Solution

With so much work to do and i feel like time is not enough stresses me so much.  So my meals are not regular and i tend to eat the wrong kinds of food which results to acne problem.  Good thing they have discovered acnezine so my acne is being controlled. Actually i have not fully tried the recommended medication because am still using FC. Maybe later when things get worst i really have to use this.

If you want to check out my entry for FTF, click this.  Much of this food might cause acne. 🙂