Charlie’s New Vintage Look

My friend tried to salvage the old car of their family. It’s one of the models in the nineteen sixties but some body parts is still worth salvaging.  So he tried to work on some parts for the past year.  At times, he also browse online on stores in which he can have a discounted… Continue Reading

TWThW & a Freebie

A Thursday meme of roads & its signs, signages, paths, passages, street scenes & the like. Hosted by Tink. I want to think that this is the biggest centavo i saw along a sidewalk. This is how a Philippine (old) centavo looks like. This is the head side. This is the back part. How i… Continue Reading

3 Cards at One Time

1 postcard is Netherlands, the other 1 is from Israel and the last one from Stromberg. This is the one from Israel: Note at the back: Shalom Arlene! I am sending you this card because it is full of the Israeli nature and even contains the Israel “ship of the desert” – a camel and… Continue Reading

His Name is Joseph


I know that i have better photos to be shared than this but i just can’t forget the plight of this child. Yesterday, the PASAP- Iligan Chapter went out to Gregorio T Lluch Memorial Hospital to distribute some goods in their OB Section (the ones that gave birth and about to give birth). We prepared… Continue Reading

A Birthday Gift

guess what’s inside? well, my friend who passed the recent nursing board examination had her birthday celebration last Monday. One of the gifts that caught her eye is this. Can you guess what’s inside? Or you want me to tell ya – well, inside was a cutie brown teddy bear holding an “ilove you” heart… Continue Reading

Valentine’s Morning


The sky i saw the moment i stepped out of the side door in the dormitory on Valentine’s day. It was an hour before noon. I can almost feel that the light is very glaring that my eyes can’t handle. 🙂 An entry for:

TWTh – Divisoria View & This Way at CU

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A Thursday meme of roads & its signs, signages, paths, passages, street scenes & the like. Hosted by Tink. I was on an official trip to Cagayan de Oro the other week and i had breakfast at Mc Donalds Divisoria. After eating my breakfast, i then too the time to enjoy the view. Actually while… Continue Reading

Tuesday & Thursday

These two days are slated for physical education time for regular workers here in the college and hospital.  It then means they can leave office as early as 4:30 and since they are out early, I have the option of going out at 5 pm too to join the gym time.  Some regular workers especially… Continue Reading