Charlie’s New Vintage Look

My friend tried to salvage the old car of their family. It’s one of the models in the nineteen sixties but some body parts is still worth salvaging.  So he tried to work on some parts for the past year.  At times, he also browse online on stores in which he can have a discounted purchase on some items.  I don’t have his list but i know that he checked out Mopar performance parts to make some comparison. He sent my aunt a picture of the new vintage look for their vintage car and it was really a head turner. He named it Charlie. 🙂

TWThW & a Freebie

This Way Thurs-Way

A Thursday meme of roads & its signs, signages, paths, passages, street scenes & the like. Hosted by Tink.


I want to think that this is the biggest centavo i saw along a sidewalk. This is how a Philippine (old) centavo looks like. This is the head side.


This is the back part. How i wish i had photo beside the coin but i was alone on an errand so i just had the liberty to take photos of it. I never minded some of the stares coming my way.

Good news for the weekend! My cousin was able to get a nordictrack coupon while she was doing her purchase of a treadmill. So the coupon made a huge discount on her purchase. She is working out her weight for the upcoming summer season.

3 Cards at One Time

1 postcard is Netherlands, the other 1 is from Israel and the last one from Stromberg.

This is the one from Israel:

Acid-base Balance 010

Note at the back:

Shalom Arlene! I am sending you this card because it is full of the Israeli nature and even contains the Israel “ship of the desert” – a camel and its traditional Beduin gear. Wish you all the best! Vera

This is from Stromberg:

Acid-base Balance 011

Note with it:

Hello Arlene!  Here you have a view over wonderful Stromberg, a small villae, 3000 inhabitants.  Iit’s always funny: we live on the top of the mountain.  Looking down on the people living downtown. hahaha It’s so great to live in such a small town.  I don’t like big cities.  We’re got wonderful nature around, next city is about 6 km always.  I love living in Stromberg.  Greetings from Germany!  — Alexandra

Acid-base Balance 009

Note with it:

Hello Arlene, this is an old sanatorium build by Duiker.  He was rather famous Dutch Architect.  The town where i live has still lots of buildings restored by him so that they are still there.  All the best!  Anan

My card to China has reached Beijing in 19 days.  And Sophie left this comment in the notice mail: “Thanks for your postcard. The view is really beautiful! And I have a plan of travelling to Philippines next year. I will not miss this :-)”

I can’t wait to get my next set of postcards. Next week am scheduled to send another set of postcards.

His Name is Joseph


I know that i have better photos to be shared than this but i just can’t forget the plight of this child.

Yesterday, the PASAP- Iligan Chapter went out to Gregorio T Lluch Memorial Hospital to distribute some goods in their OB Section (the ones that gave birth and about to give birth). We prepared 18 bags of little goodies (diapers, water, baby clothes, and small bed mat) and all was given away.

We still have enough bottled water that we were able to give away 2 bottles at the pedia ward and also single bottle at the medical wards. If you want me to describe a city hospital, oh well, there are really patients sections that i can’t help but hold my breath or just cover my nose or else what’s inside my tummy will be out. Yesterday made me think again that for sure i’m not destined to be a nurse.

Going back to Charlie, he was mentioned to us when we were about to go. The one who donated the diapers also gave a cash donation of P1000.00. Before Ma’am Cleo told us about the amount, Ma’am Joy (i think she is one of the supervisors, she went with us in going around) told us of Joseph. She told us of a patient (a child) in the isolation room, naked, no parental care and looks like a HEPA case. We of course can’t go into the room because there was also a TB case in that isolation room. Hearing her described the situation, our hearts went out to the child that we decided to use the cash for donation for a 1 unit of blood for him.

Since we can’t go into the room, we asked a nurse to go in for us and have his photo taken. And the photos she took could really touch you like you have to think over that the life you are having is so precious. After sometime, Joseph came out the room with his mother. I really dunno if that was the mother because she looks ok. Joseph looks so messy and soooo yellow. I have to hold my breath because it was an unpleasant sight.

Since the money was not enough and the blood will be purchased at here in my hospital, so i was given the task to find means that we can purchase the blood with that 1,000.00. To make the long story short, 1 unit of blood costs 2,200.00. Not 1500 as the nurse at the city hospital said. I have 1500 because i solicited 500. But since the blood will really cost me 2000, i have to see the HR secretary to tell me what i can do more. She then texted our own social worker and we were able to borrow the remaining balance to be refunded on Monday after we can process for the charity donation.

At past 11 last night, the nurse at the station texted me that they got the blood and thanked us for the help.

Oh, before i end this post, let me share a snapshot of us:


— the 5 of the 6.  Am the 6th but was the one taking this photo. hehehee


– In action at the pedia ward.


– Before saying goodbye to each other.  (Jay taking the photo)

I am sure all of you had a great weekend!

An entry for:

Our Weekend Memoirs


I was texted by the nurse Carol today morning.  Joseph passed away last night (Feb 22, 2010).  We still went back to the hospital to get this records then i read he died at 10:10pm last night.

But at least he is now resting in peace.