Everybody is a Star


Saturday 9: Everybody is a Star 1. Did you ever think that you’d be a star? If yes, doing what?   I never thought of that.  Maybe a star in the sky. 🙂 2. Tell us about the last time you had a romantic dinner.  I think it was in 2006. 🙂 3. Tell us about… Continue Reading


How do you pronounce that?  I can’t get it quite well now.  I haven’t checked the dictionary yet but that is the class name of the Batch 2010 graduates of this college.  Unique name huh and they are excited for graduation day to come yet they are also pressured to finish all their requirements.  Of… Continue Reading

Dancing in The Rain

The Dating Profiles Meme: Dancing in the Rain 1. Ever dance in the rain?  With a date?  Not yet but i hope to experience one. 2. Just Do It!  Tell him NO! 3. I am honest and I hope that you are too.  That we are the only one for each other now. 4. When… Continue Reading

Cheap Saviour

Since the financial crisis many people’s lifestyles were affected.  That even some important things in their life were forgotten that’s why many ended up in forclosed homes, sold cars, and other more means just to survive the crisis.  In spite of that, there are also companies who did not stop thinking for the welfare of… Continue Reading

It’s Another Weekend

How time flies.  January 2010 will be over the day after tomorrow.  Do you realize how time flies?  It means that February will be aruond the corner and once it’s past then it’s over.  I am wondering what would be the nice gift to be given to someone who deserves it?  I wonder if i… Continue Reading

Wet Saturday

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I woke up to a raining Saturday. Really a nice day for sleeping late but we have to be in church at 8:20 am. I had my menses and the pain is bearable so I it was a good feeling to be in church. There was a child dedication service during the Divine worship and… Continue Reading

10 Songs am Embarassed to Like

Huh am gonna crack my head now to think what are the songs that i like that the current generation or the general people won’t like because they are of the oldies. hehe but before that let me add the movies i watched after i posted the TT last week: – My sister’s Keeper –… Continue Reading

I Think We’re Alone Now


  Saturday 9: I Think We’re Alone Now 1. What celebrity in a fantasy would you like to be alone with?  George Clooney. 🙂 2. Have ever dated a good friend?  Yeah. 3. What is the most embarrassing song that you like?  I can’t think of one now. 🙂 4. What is your favorite tear… Continue Reading