An Evening Shot

I enjoy the beauty of Christmas lights.  So i feel so fascinated to see that there was a Christmas decor up in the hilltop.  It’s 2009 and way back my time 1990-1994, i’ve never seen a Christmas decor as grand as what i saw that Saturday evening. I wish am able to capture the whole… Continue Reading

10 New Year’s Resolution

I am not really a maker of resolutions because i failed to stick to them. Maybe i was just too serious in my past resolutions. I don’t have plans to make one this 2010 but listening to a TV program this morning – i promise to make a manageable resolution this year. And the ten… Continue Reading

The Final Week of 2009 Meme

Yay good thing am not altogether missing this meme! Yahoo here i come with my answers. Today we ripped this meme off a blogger named Nik Dirga at the blog Spatula Forum. Nik is an American journalist who now lives in New Zealand with his kiwi wife and son. He does not say where he… Continue Reading

To Everyone…


Brrrryyy Cold!

One thing i love about MVC is the weather.  Spring weather all year round except on evenings and early mornings when the temperature really drops so low that you just would like to snuggle in bed and miss breakfast and morning classes.  I guess am a warm-blooded person that i love cold weather.  I think… Continue Reading

SS on a Wednesday

Today we ripped this meme off a blogger named Stacy at the blog All Stacy, All the Time. She states that she stole it at Lola’s blog Lola’s Diner. Lola wrote this herself! We had searched for a holiday meme, but only found two that had already been played by a zillion players. We were… Continue Reading

Feeling Good!

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last time i went to the gym. So today morning, i decided to go there. The best fitness equipment for my weight problem is the treadmill. As of now the one they have are all non-electric ones that i long for the powered one we all love… Continue Reading

10 Great Things About the Holidays

1. Relatives and families visiting each other. 2. Friends get together (reunion of school batches) 3. gift giving (exchanging of gifts) especially for the kids 4. Beautiful decorations (Christmas) 5. Cool to cold weather 6. Holiday break from work 7. Break from school for the kids 8. New toys/clothes for the kids 9. Christmas music… Continue Reading