For Not to Worry About the Future:

Save.  Invest.  Let me rant about investment.  Investing!  I always think i am not saving because i got nothing to save.  So if i have nothing in savings how can i invest?  Right.  So some financial guru got this excellent formula for saving  —> INCOME less SAVINGS = SUSTENANCE FOR EXPENSES.

So for those who followed this formula, they were able to invest.  Each of the family members got a life insurance because they grab the chance of purchasing what they can afford.  How to do it?  They must inquire on instant life insurance quote – the latest one. They see it fits their budget, so they got life insurance.

Me and my daughter are not yet insured. I am still trying to apply in my finance management the above formula. Who knows by doing so, i could also have my kids insured at the same time also purchase health care insurance.

Sky Watch from St. Agustin Cathedral

One fine Sunday (Oct 25, 20o9)  Got this during the city tour of Cagayan de Oro.  This was our first stop – San Agustin Cathedral.

It was my first time to enter a Cathedral and see things at close perspective.

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The sun was up and a perfect day to do sky shots.


I think it is a must that each one of us should do upgrading professionally.  Why?  Because why might be excellent 20 years ago is already obsolete now.  That is why i knew of a group of dentists who are currently in Cebu for a tw-day convention.  And i am sure this Orange NJ dental implants will be taken up. So far here in my locality, implants is not yet available. But for big metropolitans, they are more ahead when it comes to technology.

Our teachers in this college, too are very busy in complying their requirements for their Masteral and Doctoral classes.   Sometimes i heard them whine that they are already tired and wanna gave up.  But i always tell them that just a little more and later they will harvest the good fruits of their labor and sacrifices.