Ten Fave Athletes

That is from Ten on Tuesday but since i don’t have that long list so i would miss TOT this week.

I was chatting with a family friend the other night and she mentioned that her family is in a big problem now because their eldest brother is into drug problems.  They are trying to look into a drug rehab that is near their location so that if ever there the bro will have problems, immediate family can go and see him right away.

As we were talking, i tried to imagine that quiet boy long time ago.  We call him Art and i thought he was a shy boy.  She went to another here in this city and when I went to the Academy i just never heard details about him, not until the other night. I bet if drugs or some of his medications are not easy to get then i am sure he will not be hooked on those drugs.  I told Amy to check government programs like ERIC to educate her and her family on said programs and psychological principles in Drug Abuse Education.  Am sure it will made them more aware in a way that they can help their biggy brother back to a normal life.

Viva Iligan!


Greeting my Iliganon friends, happy fiesta!

We are on a holiday for 2 days because of the s celebration of the feast of Iligan Patron Saint, Senior San Miguel!

The feast is weeklong with the highlight of the Dyandi and Kasadya dances.  Been in this city for more than 30 years but never had the chance to witness these activities.  Am now at the age where i can go if i want to but for safety purposes I just prefer to be stuck at home.  🙂

The other day (27th) I went to the city to buy some food for my daughter’s birthday celebration so i was able to see how busy the streets along the Cathedral.  The sky seems colorful and yeah the people look festive.


Maayong Iligan!

Healthy Practice

Some of my co-workers enrolled in a detoxification program this morning. A few of them tried the recommended colon cleanser called colonetix so that all the toxins in their body will be flushed out. Colon cleansing should be a health practice that everyone must do twice or thrice a year. The procedure cleans our body from toxic materials that we have incurred from the food that we ate.  At the moment of this writing, i looked at my bulging tummy and thought that me too should enroll in the detoxification program sponsored by the Dietary Department of the hospital.