Sky Shots During My Birthday {SW 61}




My birthday was just like any other working day.  It was suppose to be a me time but i have to work.  That day we were busy preparing the stuff to be used for the weekend’s cooking so we went to the city 2 times that day for some grocery shopping.  In almost every stop we made, i made some sky shots. 🙂  It was a sunny day so sky seems beckoning to me to take photos. 🙂

I hope everyone will have a sunny and fun-filled week-end!

Quickie Post

Am at work to do some correction on a major mistake in the printing of the programme/invitation of our anniversary program.  Really sad.  But before i do that, i saw this accounting systems that will surely help the efficiency in  running our new grocery store that will be opened in the new building we will be inaugurating on Sunday afternoon.   Because I’ve seen in many big malls that cashiering using these high tech systems can cause less short and long in cash sales.

I guess in every event bloopers are always present but the one that is happening now is sort of a major one.  So am off to do it and do the Saturday 9 later in the evening when am back here.

A Glimpse of a Farm Town {SW60}



I have lots a line of coconute trees in my own farm in farm farm town.  Been playing FT for a month now and am quiet hooked to it.  It made me always wish that one day i will really have my own real farm.

The photos above is of a farm area not far from the pool we spent a night at in Initao, Misamis Oriental.

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