SAIS Swimming Pool

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When someone invited me last week for an overnight swimming in Naawan, i thought we were off to Naawan beach.  But when we went there i discovered we were going away from the beach.  We were going up to the mounain area then we reached a spring pool. The entrance fee cost P20.00 for adults… Continue Reading

The Pill

Are you on a pill?  I know of one who is on a pill but a contraceptive pill.  Anyone who tried weight loss pill?  I have never tried one although many ads sounds very tempting.  Here is a reliable list of weight loss pill or pills and i showed it to my cousin and order… Continue Reading

World No Tobacco Day!

May 31 is World No Tobacco Day and i hope that everyone — smoker or none smoker will make this day successful.   I hope you support this cause in whatever way you can.  If you don’t smoke, encourage a smoker – brother, father, hubby, uncle, relative or friend to stop smoking even for a day. … Continue Reading

The Monkey Meme


I saw monkeys last Wednesday — a family of monkey up the high trees while we were white river rafting down the cagayan de oro river. Wish ive taken photos but we did not carry our own cameras.  So it was only for our eyes. It is now time for the thieve’s meme: the sunday… Continue Reading

Small Talk Six # 1

3/28 – 6 things you would like to do naked if you lived alone 1.  Cook 2.  Clean the house 3.  Do the laundry 4.  Dance 5. Find the best acne treatment online 6.  Relax on the sofa after cleaning — This is my first time to join the meme.  Thanks to S9 so i… Continue Reading

S9 – Uninvited


Cool theme this week! Hahahaha 1. Do you mind people to show up uninvited? Not really because for some i mind but some i really DO mind. 🙂 2. Last person you talked to on the phone? My aunt.  But the call was cut off. 3. Last person on your missed call list? Another aunt… Continue Reading

Food Galore Week

This week was a busy week because of several actiivities that happened.  I said food galore because there were many foods served on the table in all those times and i was sure i did taste each of them. : Hmmm meaty foods!  I guess i need to consider Colonix review so that toxins in… Continue Reading

Sky Watch # 53


I was invited for an overnight retreat to a place 20 minutes drive from our place. Almost all invited guests have kids so i was lucky that my daughter was able to tag along. We stayed there the whole night yet i was able to hold my camera to take pictures was already around 9… Continue Reading