10 Things in My To-Do List:

1.  Resize the pictures i uploaded just now.
2.  Post those pictures in my photobucket account.
3. I need to blog about Dimple’s achievement this schoolyear in my wordpress blog.
4.  I need to post my entry to week-end snapshot and also Emerald Sunday.
5.  Oh it’s Thursday now so i also need to post Red Ruby entry.
6.  I also need to blog about self defense products so that if you think self-defence then take seriously of installing alarm systems in your home, or carrying a “gun”, and voice alert guns.
7.  I need to EC drop for all 3 blogs at least 2 or 3 times this week.
8.  I need to finish sorting the graduation clearance.
9.  I need to start going back to gym.
10.  Do at least an hour walk around the block during night time before sitting down to work in front of my pc.

And my list can go on more and more.  More 10 Things in this blog.

Graduation Venue



The venue of the 14th Graduation Exercises of MSH College was held at MSU-IIT gym because the place was bigger than what we have in the campus.  The space can accommodate so much without any problem.  It feels ok when you arrived at the place with so much space but if the place is packed with people then you could wish for huge ceiling fans all over the place, i mean including up above you. There were fans around but it was not enough to cool down almost 2thousand people in attendance and not yet settled in their seats. Good thing almost everyone bought a fan with them, so it was ok.

This year is the third time they held the graduation in this place yet this is only the second time i attended the program – because the attendance was checked and because my boss/bosses have parts.  So i need to be there. 🙂

photo credits: sunshineforlife using Olympus stylus