10 Things in My To-Do List:


1.  Resize the pictures i uploaded just now. 2.  Post those pictures in my photobucket account. 3. I need to blog about Dimple’s achievement this schoolyear in my wordpress blog. 4.  I need to post my entry to week-end snapshot and also Emerald Sunday. 5.  Oh it’s Thursday now so i also need to post… Continue Reading

Today’s Flowers

These are some of the flowers that were used during the week-end closing exercises of the Scelto 2009. They were used from Friday evening until Saturday morning at the gym.  They are young chrysanthemums (medium bloom) and a Calla Lily. I hope everyone had a nice week-end!

Graduation Venue

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The venue of the 14th Graduation Exercises of MSH College was held at MSU-IIT gym because the place was bigger than what we have in the campus.  The space can accommodate so much without any problem.  It feels ok when you arrived at the place with so much space but if the place is packed… Continue Reading

Sky Watch # 45


Last Monday, the graduating class convened in the 4th floor of the AB Building (multi-purpose hall). Before it started, i took some time to enjoy the blue skies. In spite how humid the place is but the sky view is breathtaking. Wanna see skies from other parts of the world?  Check out Skyley.

Gaisano Mall Iligan Greetings


This is what greets you if you enter the lobby of the biggest mall in this small city of Iligan.  I was there this high noon to buy a new umbrella (folding). I lost my big umbrella last night at the paid baggage boys at the front of the mall.  Since i was on a… Continue Reading

Yes You Can!

I do not know how much water you consume if you take a bath or get ready yourself for work.  I am living in a country where it just feel so uncomfortable if you go to work without taking a bath because of the hot weather.  So even without water, we go heaven and earth… Continue Reading

10 Things I Like Doing on Vacation

1. Travel somewhere 2. Sleep late 3. Read endlessly 4.  Play with my daughter 5.  Go hiking daily 6.  Movie marathon if not doing # 2 & # 3 7.  Bond more with friends 8.  Take more photos 9.  Cook and feast 10. Sleep