Tomorrow’s Destination


I will be going with a group trip tomorrow.  It’s not purely fun but it would be more 101% responsibility for our students.  I will be one of the chaperons that will go along 300+ Rizal subject students and we will be off to– Dapitan to see/visit  Rizal’s Shrine Dakak Now am all set to… Continue Reading

Liar Liar…

1. What is the last “white” lie that you told? — Friday.  To mom’s friend. I told her to wait for the money in the afternoon though the money was already ready Friday mornin.  I was just trying to give her a bit of a hardtime. lol! 2. Can you forgive a liar? —  yeah… Continue Reading

Sky Watch # 41 {Iligan City Sky}


I took this photo 2 Sundays ago when i went out with my daughter to the mall for malling. Since we just went around, we tour the whole place. And this is the view from the 2nd floor.  The sky was blue that day so it was very hot.  After taking this photo we have… Continue Reading

Vacation Fun

I posted around last week about a friend who went to Aussie for a short holiday – meeting up her fiance and then they will fly back to the Philippines for a simple yet elegant Filipino wedding. My friend was looking forward to her Aussie trip with much excitement because she will be off city… Continue Reading

Arlene Needs…


I saw this in one of the blogs where i dropped EC.  It’s like a tag.  All you need to do is google the your NAME and needs like this = ARLENE NEEDS .  Then list down what you need.  Here’s mine: – Arlene needs some straightening out. – Arlene needs to get to her… Continue Reading

10 Favorite Ethnic Foods


1. Chinese Chow fan (fried noodles) 2. Chinese dumplings 3. Filipino Caldereta 4. Korean Kimchi 5.  Greek Yogurt 6.  Indian Chicken Beryani 7.  Mongolian beef/buffalo stew 8.  Mongolian Milk tea (salty) 9.  Filipino Steamed Buns (puto) 10.  Filipino beef steak

Do You Chat?

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There was a time in my life that i spent many hours online chatting.  That lasted for almost five years.  Those times were actually good although there were times it was also bad.  And those years of chatting ws only spent talking to one person.  Aside from my girlfriends online, my schoolmates and classmates, i… Continue Reading