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New look! As you can see i got a new look and most of all i got a new host. That’s the reason why this blog is out from www in the past two days because the hoster was working on it….

I am leaving now…i will be coming back tomorrow evening and i hope i can do a follow up post when i get back.

Am off to ozamis!

Am Missing Beijing

I think because it’s new year out there, am deeply missing my Chinese friends.

Beijing Welcomes You is a song for the Olympics and was sang during the opening night. When i saw this video it made me miss some of my favorite Chinese singers. There are many in here. Though i missed F4 in the group. A Do is here too and he was so famous the time i left Beijing.

Check out too this MTV of the song “Forever Friends” (Chinese version). There is also an English version sang by a duet of Coco Lee and Sun Nan.

Tell me which one you like best…the english or the chinese version? I love the Chinese version better.

Ten on Tuesday

Last week i did not make an entry because i cannot relate very much. Actually ive only been to a few sports match in real location even on TV. Real locations i attended were just here in my country and the sports i watched on TV that make my butt off the couch for many times was the World Cup in 2004 and the Cricket Cup where India won in 2007.

This week’s theme is clothing article:

1. Blazer

2. Slacks

3. Sheer long dresses

4. Winter Scarves

5. Winter Hats

6. sleeveless tops

7. sleeping clothes

8. Casual dresses

9. long skirts


MM – I know i Need to Be Inlove

Wow LJ i also feel Carpenters today — 🙂 I thought i will miss posting because there was no internet connection. It just came back now after 4 days of being off. ?Wehehehehe am happy.

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. One simple rule, leave ONLY the actual post link here. You can grab this code at LJL Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

Happy Chinese new Year, everyone!

California Places

In a months time, an uncle will beflying to the US. He will still be staying for sometime in Washington because that would be his US address once he get there, but later he will be flying to California to spend sometime with his 2 children and maybe meet up his ex-wife. I know it will be a nice reunion and am sure they will go around California. So i will suggest to them to take a day or two in Pasadena. Maybe during the week-end to attend Sabbath services there. If he decides not to stay with friends he can check out what are the available hotels in the area.

I have never been to America yet but i know one day I will be stepping on California soil. Reason? Because i have a some relatives there and i have tons of school friends, church friends, and just friends out there and ohhhh also blogger friends. So id like to think that California would just be like Philippines because i would see a lot of Filipinos out there. In Pasadena itself, i have so many friends. But surely i would like to try checking on Pasadena Hotels in case i can use it in the future.

Today’s Flower # 17 & CC

Camera Critters


Here’s my entry for Camera Critters >>see something there? a black one 🙂<< at the same time my entry for Today's flowers. :-)

These are the flowers outside the Admin building and took fancy of them for my shutterspeed mood this week.

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