Sky Watch # 28


This is my first sky shot last October 24 when we were travelling towards General Santos City. We had a stop at Jolibee (Carmen Branch) in Cagayan de Oro City because one of our companion got a short meeting with some people there. I was enjoying my coffee when i looked up through the glass… Continue Reading

I Met Rosilie


Rosilie is one of my friends in the friends list. So when I knew that I can make it to the 2nd Mindanao Blogger’s Summit in General Santos, I right away left her a line that am coming and I hope to meet her and then maybe drop by at her newly opened boutique. Days… Continue Reading

That’s My World # 2


This is outside my home and some of our chickens. 🙂 I hate them early mornings coz they are noisy. hehehe – My city is nicknamed THE CITY OF WATERFALLS. This falls shown here is Tinago (Hidden) falls and that’s one of them. To go down there and coming back up adds to the thrilling… Continue Reading

Am back!

I was away the whole week-end. I missed all my blogs and i hope to be faithfully updating each of them from today. Got tons of stories and photos to share. I’ve been to some places for the first time and i hope to blog about it here as this is my travel blog, you… Continue Reading

Mitch Asks [oct 25}

on OCTOBER 25: Kindly explain or share your thoughts about this line, “if you have something to say towards someone special, say it now before it’s too late” I agree with that and always have that in mind but this is only applicable for me if the things i wanna say are good especially ”… Continue Reading

Sky Watch Friday # 27


it was a sunny but windy Sunday mornin last Sept 21, 2008. 🙂I took that photo above and this especially for sky watch. Join skywatch HERE.

TOT – Great Meals I Ever Had

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Hmmm let me see if i can remember them. So i will just answer the certain food or recipe that i consider great. 1. Spaghetti (vege or non-vege and with lots of cheese) 2. Peking Duck 3. Pizza (Hawaiian and Beefy) 4. Four Seasons 5. Garlic Bread with pasta 6. Vegetable salads 7. Chinese fried… Continue Reading