10 Things that Scares or Freaks Me Out!

1. If my kid is lost in the crowd.

2. When am running late for a flight sked or train sked.

3. Mom’s BP shoot up or plummets down plus heart pain then we are far from the hospital.

4. The idea of snake inside the house or even within the area.

5. War between rebels and christians here in my hometown and nearby.

6. If me or any of my family is bitten by poisonous animals.

7. Flood and we are unprepared

8. When i missed an important phone call or messages.

9. Bad threat to anyone in my family.

10. Fire within the building am in.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Limonda, Opol, Misamis Oriental

I had the chance to make a quick travel to my mom’s hometown for some important transaction. It was a supposedly postponed trip to be done this week but we were informed that meeting between land owners, tribal officers as well as barangay council and the investors will have a meeting 11 am. So my aunt and I left home around 8 am last Thursday.


On our way up, as usual we rode the motorcycle. I took it much better compared to the first time. I think am getting used to it. It’s my third time trip up the mountains since April this year. The driver was not someone my aunt knows but he was recommended by a relative that he can drive well up and down very bad roads, worst roads compared to the road to our destination. So, it was only my aunt and I and no big loads compared to the 2nd time i went there when my butt has something to sit on which was really bothersome and painful after getting the motor.


It was a good trip up. He was a good driver too, i think. But he has more swerving styles which made me scared at times.


I call this place red lands but its name is actually Digkilaan. I dunno what’s the english meaning of that word but that’s the name of the place in the Higanunon tribe. Minutes before this location is a very bad part of the travel but around 10 minutes more travel from this area is our destination.

When we arrived at the place, there was a lady selling puto. It was 5 pesos per piece so my aunt and i had a piece and we also coached the driver to pick one.


See the puto, it looks yummy and that dog is the woman’s buddy. Such a very friendly guy but when i took this photo i was busy eating my share so i never tried to photo him facing me. the woman was excited when i tried to photo her dog.


One of the subjects i aimed to take photos at that time were kids. I said to myself that any kid that will come near me, i will take photos of them. And of all the few shots i made this is my favorite one. Their smiles are just so sweet. —




I was able to take photos of some flowers and also the horse i saw last time. I met him again and am saving the photo for sunday critters. And of course endless photos of the skies for sky watch friday and maybe some wordless wednesday entries. But let me share here a 2 more pieces. One is of the stream we trekked so that the investors can check the area then one of the sky pics.



In this photo, it seems like my aunt is so near me. Or it seems she is in level with me. Well, yeah we are in a way but to get to her location, i have to step 2 meters down (trackless bt just slide down the mud) and then go up around 4 meters so that i can reach her spot. I did reached her but the moment i arrived, they then start to go downstream. I ventured down because they said we will trek up or trek down the stream but they changed their minds so we have to go back the trail we made in coming over to this location. I was the first out to the road and guess what i saw gawking at me — a horse! I will show her on Sunday.

To go down the road to our piece of the land area, the beautiful sky is always an inspiration. To the left is a big bamboo tree and right beside that spot is where my grandpa is resting. 🙂

ON our way back later in the afternoon (early evening), we did not rode the motor down to the town but we hitched a ride in the businessman’s Hilux. I rode at the back for photo purposes though the sky was darkening. But later i have to get in because it rained.

Oh well, this is all for now and I think i will be visiting up there more often soon.


Ten on Tuesay – Great Things that Happened Last Summer!

Summer in the Philippines was April and May and let me see if i can still remember some of the great things that happened this summer 2008. 🙂

1. The trip to Bohol last April with my classmates.

2. Seeing Tagbilaran City, Bohol clearly than before.

3. Seen Chocolate Hills, Loboc River Cruise, the biggest Phyton in the Philippines, in real.

4. Have visited Mountain View College, my Alma Mater during the congress and bonded with some schoolmates and also was able to bump into someone i haven’t met in almost 6 years.

5. May was one of the unforgetables in my life as a blogger (thanks to Eon) hehehee

6. Then also in May (labor day) went with the Gen Educ faculty for a week-end in Camiguin Island. You may like to see some photos here and also here.





hmmm i can’t remember more details. but all in all i had a good summer. Not just me but my daughter as well.