500 + Questions

I proctored one section of the Level 4 nursing students today. There were suppose to be 43 student but only 38 made it to the testing room. It was a diagnostic test and that 500 plus questions were divided into the following concepts: MCN which has 200 questions for OB & Pedia, then Psychia, and the last one was Fluids and Electrolytes. I know it was tiring because the questions were not easy. There were integrated questions that were taken up the moment you enrolled in nursing. So if you forgot some of them because one has learned it in Anatomy or Health Care 1, then there was no way of trying to recall them today as they are beating the time. They are given an hour and 30 minutes each test with 30 minutes break inbetweens.

When they passed their papers for the last concept (F & E) some said taht they feel dizzy and nauseus reading the questions.

My heart goes out to them. For sure i would be in the same situation had i not stopped schooling. This is actually my batch if I just continued my schooling in a 4 year nursing program. But i did want that time to take it up for 3 years plus i was hooked to working, then the nursing dream was totally forgotten.

Mitch Asks # 8 and # 9

AUGUST 23 > Has blogging become a part of your daily life that you can’t afford not to look at it even for a day?

My Answer:
I miss doing this meme last week-end due to the transfer so let me take this opportunity of answering it now.

My answer is YES. It’s always on my mind incase i can’t get to see it in a day.

AUGUST 30 > Was there a time in your life that you said “That’s it! I’ve had enough!”?

My Answer:
Yeah several times but the major one was when i decided it was all over for me and my husband. And that decision was made the moment i took the FX that will bring me to Manila and to the Pier. I waved goodbye and that goodbye means forever for both of us.

Actually it was all over before i left, but i still pressed on and tried to live with it. I have to bear it to the max, but when i had the chance to leave then that was it.

Camera Critters – August 31, 2008

This is my uncle’s buddy. Up in the mountains, horses and cows are the means of transportation if they need to travel for miles. See that cushion on his back? That is to protect the rider’s ass as the horse run faster.

I met this horse the other week at my grandma’s place. Me and my companions had a quick photo session with this horse. He did not complain a bit. 🙂

Sky Watch # 19

i just can’t help taking photo of the blue sky at almost 10 am. i took this in a moving motor vehicle but the shoot looks ok. seen that dark cloud? oh that made it rain at 3 pm and we were wet on our way home.

taken last week on a trip to my grandmothers place.

we used to post our weekly entries at Tom’s (visit them now) but now sky watch has its new home at skyley.

another of my entry here.

Attitude Equals Attitude

Being positive is not only important. It is crucial. It allows us to maintain equillibrium and regain control of our life. So everyone wants to reach a higher altitude, but how. some suggested the following tips on how to achieve high positivism:

1. WATCH YOUR WORDS. Get rid of unenthusiastic thought patterns and speech habits.

2. DO NOT WORRY SO MUCH. Unwarranted worrying can cause you to turn out to be bitterly negative and unwilling to work through things.

3. HOPE FOR THE BEST. Be geared up to correct things that go wrong, but not let fear of failure paralyze you.

4. FOCUS ON THE GOOD. Do not allow bad things to influence you.

5. STAY IN CONTROL. Use affirmations to amplify your self-esteem and postive vigor.

6. BE UPBEAT! Channel your energy to positive pursuits.

7. HELP OTHERS. Being a mentor enables you to pass along the positive lessons you’ve learned.

8. TAKE ONE DAY AT A TIME. Focus on the big picture and accept that the future will improve.

9. TRUST YOUR JUDGMENT. Appraise your options, make an executive decision and fasten to it.

10. HAVE FAITH IN GOD! It allows you to soar high and reach the higher altitude.

Birthday Contest!

Not for me huh. My birthday was just last month so surely this is not for me. But this is for Chikai of Blogsilog. Her main blog, Blogsilog is launching this birthday contest. I think it’s a giving away of gift for her birthday on September 2. We’re suppose to give her gift on her bday but here she is, she’s the one who will give away a gift of love. So nice of her. 🙂

So am inviting everyone to join this interesting contest.

The mechanics are as follows:

1. Blog about this contest. You don’t have to write a lengthy post. A few sentences will do. At the bottom of your entry, list down all her blogs and link them to their respective URLs.

2. Once you have published the entry on your blog, leave a comment in this post. You can earn one entry per blog so the more blogs you own, the more chances of winning!

3. All entries should be in by September 1 at 11:59pm (-7 GMT). The names of the lucky winners will be announced on September , her birthday. So what are you waiting for? Start posting this contest now and vie for the prize.


2 players will win $10.00 each.
1 player will win $6.00

These are all her blogs and i think each one deserves a visit now and on her birthday.

Cherry’s Comfort Zone
Thinking Out Loud
DigiScrapz: Captured Memories
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Fab Finds, Etc.

Getting to Know The Philippines More

Frankly speaking, am one of the Filipinos that is not yet very familiar with every nook and crooks of all the places in the Philippines. But i know for sure that the Philippines is dubbed as one of the paradise here on earth. So before venturing to tour other countries, i hope in due time, i can tour my own country. At least when someone asks me, have you been to the Boracay, or have you been to Baguio, Cotabato, Rizal, and many more then I could proudly say “yes”!

Thankfully there is now one site that brings Philippines to your access anytime of the day or let’s say day in day out. Especially the best places to visit if you come to visit this country. All these can be found at Paraiso Philippines. A site created for you and you and you. No matter what nationality you are, nor wherever you are located in this country Philipines, this site was created for you.

Come by and check Paraiso Philippines!