Ideal Investment

One of the best investments to do while you are still alive and active working is to invest in properties. I really admire those young people at 35 who has already accumulated more than millions of properties. Real Estate just like Nicaragua real estate. I know not all of us are destined to be on luck right away, but with hard work and determination, one can realize his or her dream of having a comfortable twilight years when time comes.


Nicaragua is a coastal country so you can imagine that Nicaragua property deals with properties that makes you feel like you are in a paradise here on earth. Nicaragua real estate offers many beach front properties at very affordable prices.


Properties along the shorelines or the beachfront properties are best buys nowadays. And one of my friends is investing on it now. He likes the one that’s like Nicaragua beach property. There are similar properties here around, so maybe he will pick one like that as he said it’s not only for him but also for his future family’s family.
So thinking of grand investments? Check out Nicaragua Real Estate. YOu can either call the USA office or the one direct in Nicaragua.

Improved FBS Result

I still haven’t had anything since before 5 pm yesterday. I didn’t mean it then just at 7 pm when i was thinking of having my dinner, i remember that i should be on fasting because i will undergo FBS test this morning and guess what’s the result?

Am grinning because it’s down to 100 mg/dl compared to the 116 mg/dl 3 months ago. That’s normal!!!! yeheyyyyy!

I know it’s not much to be happy about because it’s still a hundred. But 110 is the step into the insides of the Diabetic Home eh. Well, i still got a long way to go but i am sure it will never go up that 100 again. I am working out to make it lower than than and also control my weight. But i never increased my weight again since 3 months ago though i still look chubby and hey i will never look bamboo thin ever — this is my structure. So those who would tell me that i should be skinny or what, then sorry na lang. You will never get your wish ever. You have to love me the way i am. 😉 oh diva?

Hey am off to to m breakfast now! I was NPO for more than 12 hours already. Am still ok though but i don’t like that it will come to the level of having low sugar na coz of hunger.

"Kano" "Kana"

If am not mistaken, people in Tacloban or Leyte, they call Cebuanos as “kana” for women and “kano” for men. I had the privileged of staying there for almost two months when i joined the first time student “canvassing” – canvassing of books or in simpler terms, selling books. We sold books printed by the Philippine Publishing House. Anyway, going back to the terms – they call us folks from Mindanao as kano or kana. We did not know that when they asked that they were referring to us. Because for us from Mindanao we refer to American woman for “kana” and American man for “kano”. Kana/kano from the word AMERICAN or AMERIKAN. So if we use that term here in our area, we are sure that you are referring to a person who is native AMERICAN.

Now we were wondering why us from Mindanao were called kano and kana. The first time we heard it we tried explaining that we are not “kano” or “kana” but we are Bisaya from Bukidnon. So there was sort of confusion later that they gave us the following explanation and it is somewhat funny.

KANA in cebuano is “that.” When we point at something or sharing the information of direction to someone, we use ther term “kana” in which am sure that term is not used by any waray.

KA/NO? or kano is an affirmative ending of a question like this — bisaya ka no? (are you bisaya?) which a bisaya will answer ” oo” or yes. Or like the following questions:
1. gigutom ka no? (are you hungry?)

2. katulugon ka no? (are you sleepy?)
3. Waray ka no? (are you waray?)
Well, i think i just heard someone outside askign someone a question with a NO at the end — so i thought about this. 🙂
Pleasant evening to all. Connection here is not that cooperative. 🙁


I Am coming back here!

Been thinking of this awhile. The other day, i posted a a paid post just before my MOVED entry and i really thought that was the last. But now, i think, that won’t be the last yet as i got another one today. I am happy but really — mixed feelings.

I just thought of moving this blog to another blog because i am having a hard time updating all the blogs at the same time. So in whatever way i can regularly update this blog, let me.

When i miss my friends in China, i browse over my albums at home and if am not home, i dig up my archive at photobucket, so let me share this one. One of my last photos there. I think this was taken a day or a day before the last day in school.


This is me with my boss, Penny (the one in curly hair & glasses) and Linda, one of the chinese english teachers. I think my eyes are not so obviously puffy. My last days there were spent packing, eating farewell treats from students & teachers & Admin (maka loka ang invitation here and there), and crying too. I can just imagine the stress am into the last days. 🙂