Ideal Investment

One of the best investments to do while you are still alive and active working is to invest in properties. I really admire those young people at 35 who has already accumulated more than millions of properties. Real Estate just like Nicaragua real estate. I know not all of us are destined to be on… Continue Reading

Improved FBS Result

I still haven’t had anything since before 5 pm yesterday. I didn’t mean it then just at 7 pm when i was thinking of having my dinner, i remember that i should be on fasting because i will undergo FBS test this morning and guess what’s the result? Am grinning because it’s down to 100… Continue Reading

"Kano" "Kana"

If am not mistaken, people in Tacloban or Leyte, they call Cebuanos as “kana” for women and “kano” for men. I had the privileged of staying there for almost two months when i joined the first time student “canvassing” – canvassing of books or in simpler terms, selling books. We sold books printed by the… Continue Reading



I Am coming back here! Been thinking of this awhile. The other day, i posted a a paid post just before my MOVED entry and i really thought that was the last. But now, i think, that won’t be the last yet as i got another one today. I am happy but really — mixed… Continue Reading

Mitch Asks # 4

On July 26 “What would you do if you ever caught your partner flirting online?” Honestly i can say “i dunno.” Since i started an online relationship (isa lang ha) that never cross my mind. Maybe it was because of my naivity or maybe i was just thinking that this guy is right true for… Continue Reading

Winter Vacation

Summer is just here but have you thought about where would you like to be for the Christmas vacation? Maybe for some, they are off the the skiing slopes and those who does not have plans yet, maybe if they check out Whistler Accommodation, they would ops to go skiing too. Though it’s just summer,… Continue Reading

on JULY 19>> Do you allow your partner to go on a night out alone (means without you around)? My answer is: if you have asked me this question long time ago i mean fresh from college or before i got married, maybe my answer would be no. But after experiencing several failed relationships, and… Continue Reading


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What ive been to… Earlier i went downtown to pick some postcards from the bookstore and then drop them at the post office. Those postcards are off to Finland, USA, and Germany. For whom? well, they are for postcrossing members. Do you love postcard exchange from people all over the world? Well, Postcrossing is also… Continue Reading