Realizing His Will

Last Saturday morning, I was watching the story of Esther in a movie. Esther’s story is one of my favorite Bible stories. She’s like Cinderalla in the Bible setting. Now i realized that reading the story in the Bible and even in the colored Bible stories made me conclude that watching it in the movie looks more real and yeah there’s abit contradiction to the word for word description in the Bible.

In the movie, it was shown how did King come up to the decision to find a new queen – just because Queen Vashti disobeyed his orders to see him. The queen was not busy that day but I guess she jst was not in the mood to see the King. She did not realized that her simple lazy mood would mean the the detaching of the title “queen”from her and also the fact that she has to be sent away from the kingdom. There was not a struggle in Vashti’s part because she simply knew that disobeying the king was really a taboo in the Kingdom. It does not mean that since she is the Queen she can disobey king’s orders anytime.

For a long time, I thought that finding VAshti’s replacement was done nicely, like announcements were placed in the right places and all girls in the kingdom have the freedom to join, but in the movie it was shown that the girls were dragged from their homes. Esther was hidden by Mordecai because he was scared that Eshther will also be taken away, but even then, Esther was found and the goodbye was teary that i also ended up in tears.

When Esther found a favor in the King’s eyes, i can really see that VAshti’s disobedience was of God’s will so that Esther can be Queen to save the life of the Jews in the whole Kingdom as Haman plotted to kill all the Jews because Mordecai is a pain in his ass.
It’s really true that there may be some things that we cannot understand at the present which in the end, we can fully realized it is of God’s plan.

Child/ren & You – Tag


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Dimple and me taken last January 9, 2008 at Dela Mar Swimming Pool in Timoga. It was a sunday afternoon. This is a gathering with some of my highschool classmates and when we do gather, i always make sure dimpy comes along.

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Travel to 7 Continents

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Questions of the Week – June 25, 2008

1. Which do you dislike the most, pop-up ads all over your screen or spam e-mails?

2. When your plate has different foods on it do you usually mix all the foods
together, keep them all separate, or do you combine only certain foods?
when am in public places, i keep them all separate on all sides. but if am at home i combine some foods like the rice and the vianned.

3. Have you ever snooped in your significant others things? How does it feel?
Yeah I did and it was thrilling. LOL! He was inside the bathroom! I really don’t snoop but if that significant other acts like I should doubt, then i would snoop. LOL!

4. Describe your morning ritual to me.
Get up, comb my hair, picked my towel and wrap it around me. Grab my bag and laid it on the bed, open the locker to see waht clothes to wear. When all is at bed, i go out of the bedroom to the bathroom or to the table for breakfast first.

5. You run in to a friend while out shopping. Where are you?
Possibly grocery store or the bookstore.

6. Would you rather miss the beginning or the end of a movie? If you had to?
I should not miss a thing. If i come at the middle of the movie, after the movie, i have to start that again.

7. Which is worse? Being in a place that is too loud or too quiet?
Being in a place that is too loud. Surely i will have a high blood pressure.

8. Which is worse? Being under age or being over the hill?
Ay for now, being under age. My suitor now seem to always make my “young” age an issue. 😀

9. What kind of perfume do you wear?
I don’t wear one for now.

10. Would you rather change your past or know your future?
I’d rather change my past to become a better person.

More QOTW answers here.

Whatever Survey

Been looking for fillers and now I found one. Snagged this from Sheng.

Here goes:

Last website you logged into before this?
~ These Questions.

Do you hate back stabbers?
~ Not really hate. I just don’t mind them coz they really exist. I can’t do anything about that.

Give a four-letter word that starts with “F”?
~ Fave

Have you ever rode a rollercoaster?
~ Nope not yet but i hope to experience it before i grow real old.

Butterflies or Fireflies?
~ Butterflies

Do you own one of those havaianas flipflops?
~ Nope.

Last time you dined out?
~ Sunday night with friends and kids (invited)

Do you believe that love finds a way?
~ All the time!

Name a relative’s name that starts with letter S?
~ Susanne, a first cousin.

How many contacts do you have in your cell?
~ Too many to count. 🙂

Time you woke up?
~ 6:30 am.

What’s your wish at the moment?
~ That the day will just be fine.

Last book you opened?
~ The compiled Health and Home.

Is there really such a thing as “meant to be”?
~ I think so.

Do you have piercings other than the ear?
~ No. None even on the ear.

Do you turn the music player on before you sleep?
~ It depends on my mood.

Last person who called you thru landline?
~ In the office – Med tech department.

How about thru your cell?
~ The doc.

How often do you check your emails?
~ As often as I can.

Last thing you bought?
~ cotton buds & panty liners

Do you shop with friends?
~ seldom but i mall with friends.

Where was your default picture taken?
~ I doubt if i have one here in this blog.

Last cartoon movie you’ve watched?
~ I forgot na.

What are your plans after this?
~ Blog hop if i still can.

Are you alone in your room?
~ In the office? Nope. the student assistant is here.

Nice day everyone!

Babies Pictures
– smile – smile – smile

Debt Solution

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