My Travel Personality


Tagged by Hailey. Why not check out yours here – What’s Your Travel Personality. I smiled at my result. I guess some day this will still change. I answered according to what i feel the moment. 🙂

Calculated Bow

I come across short info the other day and I think it is very interesting and I wanna share them with you. We see Japanese bow, and we take it as thank you. But it is not what it always meant for them. Each bow executed at different angles carries different meanings. Five degrees means… Continue Reading

Look of The Year

If you have the body, the age, and personality, why not check this Look of the Year. You might be the lucky one to win $10,000.00 and have the chance to work as a model in Milan, New York and Paris. This is an online contest and is open for everyone. All you need to… Continue Reading

Tuesday Toot – April 29, 2008

My TT for this the one here. This happened last Sunday (April 27, 2008). Although the couple are young, the lady is 23 while the guy is 33 – I still think that me at 35 am still too young and inexperienced to be one of their wedding sponsors. But that’s what friends are for…. Continue Reading

Scrumptious Sunday – Potatoes


MASHED POTATOES I love to make mashed potatoes this way: – Boiled and mashed potatoes (10 pcs regular size)– 3 table spoon mayonaise– thinly shredded 2 pcs carrots– a bit of raisins– a wee bit of salt– thinly diced red pepper image source: internet

Camera Critters # 2


I think she is very beautiful. I was trying to capture her closeup but this is all I could do. One man tried to capture this eagle close up too and I helped him let the eagle face front for a better shot and that man did got one perfect shot of this beautiful bird…. Continue Reading

Summer Entertainment

Summer is here and many of the students are on a break. Some students spend it on summer jobs, some are in art school or others trying to learn a skill or a talent and some others are just contented to stay at home and be entertained online. It can’t be denied that entertainment online… Continue Reading

Not So Good


Since the lab result the other day, I find myself not eating well. I don’t mean i don’t like the food, I just really don’t feel like eating. Last night, an aunt came to make a short visit and the first thing she said was, “wow, you lose weight! What did you do?” I said… Continue Reading