Calculated Bow

I come across short info the other day and I think it is very interesting and I wanna share them with you.

We see Japanese bow, and we take it as thank you. But it is not what it always meant for them. Each bow executed at different angles carries different meanings.

  • Five degrees means a simple greeting like “good day.”
  • Fifteen degrees is a common salutation, but a more formal form of “good morning.”
  • Thirty degrees means a respectful bow indicating appreciation for a kind gesture.
  • Forty-five degrees is used to convey deep respect or apology.

Look of The Year

If you have the body, the age, and personality, why not check this Look of the Year. You might be the lucky one to win $10,000.00 and have the chance to work as a model in Milan, New York and Paris. This is an online contest and is open for everyone. All you need to do is send our your best pictures to them and who knows you are the one picked. If i am still very young and have the body and still at the required age, surely would join the fun.

Tuesday Toot – April 29, 2008

My TT for this the one here. This happened last Sunday (April 27, 2008). Although the couple are young, the lady is 23 while the guy is 33 – I still think that me at 35 am still too young and inexperienced to be one of their wedding sponsors. But that’s what friends are for. right? So with that, i sort of think that it was a baptism for me to become a certified adult. (that’s my own opinion because there is no law in the land that says that one can be truly a certified adult unless he or she become this or that. right? That day i was just not one of the sponsors but accidentally turned also to be the program coordinator. It was a scary experience but i made it to the end of the wedding and went home wiht an empty stomach. Just can’t swallow food. Too much butterful in my stomach thinking that I would emcee the Reception program. 🙁

Hope am not yet too late for this meme.

Summer Entertainment

Summer is here and many of the students are on a break. Some students spend it on summer jobs, some are in art school or others trying to learn a skill or a talent and some others are just contented to stay at home and be entertained online. It can’t be denied that entertainment online is addicting – no matter what kind of entertainment it is. My cousins in the States confessed an online casinos addiction which is one of the most addictive activity online. Well, I guess it’s a bit normal for boys, but for ladies hmmm “maybe.” These cousins am talking about are ladies and in their late teens. At first they find online casino as a thing to do when bored or when being grounded for coming home late nights, but now they are going around USA casinos online playing for fun and for money. Well, in my mind, they have a lot of spare money to do that. So it sounds ok.

Not So Good

Since the lab result the other day, I find myself not eating well. I don’t mean i don’t like the food, I just really don’t feel like eating. Last night, an aunt came to make a short visit and the first thing she said was, “wow, you lose weight! What did you do?” I said I dunno. But really, I just felt it. I feel so lightweight and even light headed. I feel nauseous looking at the food. Am suppose to go to church this morning but I had a very bad tummy ache maybe because I didn’t eat even a morsel last night and this morning I don’t feel like eating too. 🙁 I still haven’t visited the bathroom maybe because I didn’t have sth to release in my stomach. hahaha

Even my sleep is not straight. Am snoring awhile and after sometime am mind woke me up and am left staring at the ceiling. I really wonder what’s wrong with me. Is it really my health bothering me or is it my someone? Today is Saturday and I am hoping he would come, but sorry, am off to nearby place in the afternoon to help the preparation for tomorrow’s wedding. I will be one of the ninangs and I hope when I come back, I got some pics to share. I will be back tomorrow night for sure.

Wishing everyone a nice week-end!