I watched a bit of Sharon last night. I just came in from dinner with friends (after the graduation program) and I got home tired and hot due to the weather. I decided to sit down a bit to watch the program. It was about Teenage Pregnancy. One question that caught my attention was when… Continue Reading

Gratitudes Enumerated


Tagged by Juliana of PInay WAHM. It looks a bit hard but I will try my best anyway. I guess am going to have a hard time saying thanks to some because generally, whatever comes to my life – nice and the not so nice ones >> i still have to say thanks because i… Continue Reading

Weight Loss

I need that! Really — it’s been a long time now that I always vow to do some weight loss management but until now am not yet fully into it thus the cause of my gigantic weight this time. But thanks to Dr. Dave Nelson for introducing Calorad – a collagen weight loss formula which… Continue Reading

Am Back!

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And hopefully will be able to bloghop to blogs who left me comments. And i Know i got a long list of blogs to visit in the FSW entry. I posted my first entry but after posting i have to go on with work and when i got home, after an hour talking wiht my… Continue Reading

Sky Watch Friday # 1


March 28, 2008 ~~ 5:30 AM ~~ 6:15 AM ~~ 9:30 AM ~~ 10:45 this is my first entry to Sky Watch Friday. These pics were taken early morning today until before lunch time. early morning are cool when mid mornings are hot. I was exposed to too mych sun in the cemetery today. Guess… Continue Reading

A Quick Note


Am on the run but before I will do so let me say to friends who dropped comments that I will get back to you later tonight or anytime of the day if I can. I am going now to Cagayan de Oro for the last day before the burial of my mom’s brother. I… Continue Reading

Tuesday Toot – 3/25/08


Tuesday has come once again and honestly, I almost forgot about this. hahaha as last week i missed this meme because of too much work to do. For today, same as last week busy but i had some time to post some entries and I don’t want to miss TT again. The past week was… Continue Reading

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It is called TECHNORATI EXPLODE! Hmmm so it means if am gonna do this my technorati rank will be up from 3 to the highest. Sabi explode nga so let’s do some explosion game here. Thanks, sis! I have randomly selected 5 of you below to be tagged and I hope that you will similarly… Continue Reading