I watched a bit of Sharon last night. I just came in from dinner with friends (after the graduation program) and I got home tired and hot due to the weather. I decided to sit down a bit to watch the program. It was about Teenage Pregnancy. One question that caught my attention was when Sharon Cuneta asked the girls if the thought of “abortion” or letting go of fetus “ever” crossed their mind. Two of the girls said yes, but due to guilt, can’t do it. And the other one said “never” because of her too much love towards the baby’s father. Now, the 3 ladies interviewed were celebrities in the world of Philippine movie industry and I thought if sth happens to any of them like this, they can never think anything like that coz “money” could never be a problem. But the two girls have good reasons why at one point they thought that way.

Well, i’ve been there. If Sharon is able to ask me the same question then I would answer “yes.” But because of horrible thoughts of the outcome afterwards – i have to garbage the thought. But I can still clearly remember when I said yes and that was the time when my mom asked me this, “so, what’s your plan now.” I replied right away, “i’m letting it go.” Mom then replied, “if that’s your decision then go ahead. I will call your aunts to assist you.” Right away the aunts were called. When they arrived at our home, I asked them about the procedure, how many days, what to drink or take, will i be sick or what. They replied, “the procedure will take 2 weeks.” It was like my mouth got cut in the middle when i shouted — “whattttttttttttttttttttt?” I called my mom into my bedroom and said, “pls tell them to go home. i don’t wanna let this fetus go anymore. Am scared. I’d better face the consequence of hardship of rearing this baby than facing the guilt feeling forever.” Mom let my aunts go. hehehhe

For now, my baby is up and active and very very hard headed at times. I often joked with her that I will put her back inside my tummy if i can’t bear her ugali anymore. hahaha

By the way, i think my case was not a “teen-age” pregnancy but early adulthood pregnancy. It was like am physiologically ready to be pregnant but not yet emotionally.

Gratitudes Enumerated

Tagged by Juliana of PInay WAHM. It looks a bit hard but I will try my best anyway. I guess am going to have a hard time saying thanks to some because generally, whatever comes to my life – nice and the not so nice ones >> i still have to say thanks because i can already prove that everything happens with a reason and for that season.

1. Am so much thankful to my mother for her unselfish and unwavering love and care inspite of what i’ve been through in my life. Though she saw me me in hard situtions but i know she did not stop believing in me that I could make it to where I am now and the soon future.

2. God for continually loving me inspite I made obvious mistakes from time to time; for forgiving my sins inspite how horrible they are. It just shows that God really love His creation and that He cared for us all whenever we call on Him.

3. My sis for being my sis. My bro for being my bro – though tthere are many unpleasant circumstances in our relationship but I know u will always be my bro.

4. In a way I can still thank my father – coz inspite i could describe him using negative adjectives yet he will alwys be my father and that he has made me and my mom stronger that enables us to face life with no partners.

5. My daughter — for making me her mom though how imperfect I am as a mommy. I know it took her sometime to adjust to the fact that am her mom bt now it seems she is now easier to manage than before. She gives me the inspiration to really go on because she is there and that she will always be with me.

6. My son — for making me experience that “mommy feeling” in taking care of a baby. Though I miss his toddler years but am so proud to say I was with you for the first 1.5 months of your life unlike with what I did with D.

7. The guy of my life — thanks too. Inspite the distance that’s between us — you still able to make me feel loved and being cared for. Thanks for sticking with me all these years inspite of soooo many times I make you mad or sad. πŸ˜€

8. To my teachers/mentors — i learned something from you all.

9. My friends — you make my life more colorful.

Do you want to make your thankful list, too? Grab away! You’re tagged!

Weight Loss

I need that! Really — it’s been a long time now that I always vow to do some weight loss management but until now am not yet fully into it thus the cause of my gigantic weight this time. But thanks to Dr. Dave Nelson for introducing Calorad – a collagen weight loss formula which is found very effective in eliminating fats in a natural way. I agree that there is no easy way to lose weight especially for obese people like us but with Calorad we can still eat the foods we like to eat. Check out their site to read more of weight loss success and maybe you can join me in making a goal to lose the excess inches we have on our sides. πŸ™‚

Am Back!

And hopefully will be able to bloghop to blogs who left me comments. And i Know i got a long list of blogs to visit in the FSW entry. I posted my first entry but after posting i have to go on with work and when i got home, after an hour talking wiht my mom and my aunt, I went to bed (4 pm) and woke up 4 am the next day. Even my mom went to bed a little later after me and she too woke am 4 am just like. All of us were tired.

For now, am back, but am having a little cough and clogged nose. HOpefully I won’t have fever. I look forward to a week of not so busy, not so pressured work in the office. And hopefully too my 3 days application for vacation or leave will be approved.

Now let me end this and start my blog hopping, though i won’t finish it all today but at least I can start. Got more than 30 comments to be replied, too. haiiiii…sounds tiring but this is the warm fun time of being a blogger.

Did you know i love blogging so much now? Better than doing my laundry? hahahaha!

A Quick Note

Am on the run but before I will do so let me say to friends who dropped comments that I will get back to you later tonight or anytime of the day if I can. I am going now to Cagayan de Oro for the last day before the burial of my mom’s brother. I guess am the only one they waited for. I was just so busy at work. Still busy today but I have to make a 14 hrs leave. Our family always have this mini-reunion when someone dies. Death in our family naturally can caused us sadness but it’s more on happy feeling because you get to see people you haven’t seen for a long time.

It was my washing time last night – i finished around past 12 and I was so sleepy so I missed Yen’s meme: QOTW! Saddddddddd me. But hopefully next week I can join. I thought of grabbing the questions now but really am running out of time.

But later in the day (i am not sure) if things will be boring out there, I will lgo try to find a net bar and get back online to blog or bloghop. ok?

Wish you all a nice Thursday!

Tuesday Toot – 3/25/08

Tuesday has come once again and honestly, I almost forgot about this. hahaha as last week i missed this meme because of too much work to do. For today, same as last week busy but i had some time to post some entries and I don’t want to miss TT again.

The past week was really a horribly busy day for me. Yet, I arrived today feeling happy and relaxed and hmmmm how can I say it.

I have been in several situations here that I guess I deserve a pat in the back. hahaha! Really, it was not easy to be in my shoes thsese past days.

1. I worked almost 24 hours for 2 days and am glad i was still up until the accreditation started. It ended today and during the exit conference we learned that we have done well enough to pass for another visit on December 2010. We are all happy at work especiallly those who have spent sleepless nights at the accreditation room.

2. Last Sunday was the recognition program for the grades 1 – 4 in my daughter’s school and in spite of a sleepless night, I was able to attend and went up with her to the stage to pick her medals and certificate. She got a silver for her GPA of 91.8. Because of just one 88, she failed to get the gold. But even then, i was still happy because she was the 2nd student who got a line of 9 score in the achievement test which made her bring home a gold medal. I can feel I am a failure mom in many ways, but somehow my daughter can realize why I really want her to study hard. It’s not the good for me but it is always for the good of her.

3. After more than two months of writing about oppsss, I earned my first Hundred dollars today! hahahahaa. Although payU2blog & PPP has not (yet! i am not giving up the hope) accepted me, i still make some oppss from other affiliates. I really believe in “little + little would become Many”. hehehehe

Happy Tooting to everyone in the blogsphere!

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It is called TECHNORATI EXPLODE! Hmmm so it means if am gonna do this my technorati rank will be up from 3 to the highest. Sabi explode nga so let’s do some explosion game here. Thanks, sis!

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