February 29 Bday Celebrants!

It’s a leap year, so your birthdate is here! I wanna say,

Birthday Myspace Graphics

I know your birthdate seldom comes (once in 4 years), so let me have this chance to greet you. I wish you all the happiness you deserve today and for the coming days. God bless always.

Special mention to Glee, a highschool classmate and college schoolmate. Sya lang kasi alam ko na may bday today. 🙂

Stay Connected with zMoGo!

One of the cool skills in this world that I want to learn is webdesigning or even just plainly wanted to be techy educated. Now I had the chance to browse and read a bit here and there about webdesigning but with my non-techy mind, I feel it is hard to understand. Then today, it seems i found the answer. zMoGo, the have it all community.

What is zMoGo?

It is a new community for webdesigners, programmer and internet marketers. Whether a pro or newbie, zMoGo Webmater Community is for you. They will help you connect to other industries and expose your business and products to the big world wide community. The nice thing about zMoGo now is that you can get registered for free. Check out their site and you can find a webmaster forum with which you can address your problems or inquiries right away. I bet, zMoGo is the one of the best internet marketing blog in the blogosphere.

Remember that at zMogo, you can find it all >> a blog, forum, and same time earn money directly or indirectly.

Friendship Chain

A new chain created by Picturing of Life and am just happy to join.


Friendship tag chain is an easy and fastest way to make your authority technorati explode, increase your google page rank and get More Traffic to Your Blog and the most make you create more friendshiop.


1. Copy from STart Copy to End Copy.
2. Put your own blog and link at the end of the list.
3. Tag as many as you can

1. Picturing of Life. 2. Life is what We Make It 3. Dancing in Midlife Tune


I am tagging everyone in my blogroll. Come on guys, let’s ride another friendship wagon.

While You Were Sleeping

Have you seen While You WEre Sleeping? I think this is an old movie (not so old) and I haven’t finished watching this movie. I was in China and that was in 2004. It was a VCD copy of a friend chinese teacher which he let me borrowed for the class but the thing is that — the 2nd disc (VCD) was broken. I can still remember the part I last saw, she was visiting that guy at the hospital. And then I really dunno know what happened after that. I am sure there is a good end to that story and I wanna see it with my own eyes. Someone telling you the story (hearing) is different from watching it with your own real eyes to make your mind work to understand and appreciate the whole scenario.

I tried to find a copy of it in the stores around the city but to no avail. Even here in my place, I can’t find it. So am calling to those who have a copy of this movie (VCD or DVD) to please burn a copy for me and post it to my postal address. Frieght charges will be 100% refunded. If you or you or anyone of you have a copy of this movie and willing to share with me a copy, please email me at arlenecollado at gmail dot com. I would look forward to hear from you. 🙂